Mongolian Steamboat


This is something new to me, as I am always a big fan of Szechuan food but China is so huge and with many different ethnic background and dialects that being convey in such a country. I did not know that this place serve Mongolian Steamboat till I read in some blogs. Xiao Fei Yang in Uptown Damansara.

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This restaurant is pretty easy to find and if you are coming from Damansara toll heading down to Eastin hotel, its hard for you not to notice this restaurant during night as its one of the few outlet that have bright light show to its board and most of the time there are people in the restaurant. Parking here is very convenient after working hours as there are tons of it.

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We Order little starter to kick in first as this toufu is soft, flavourful and being done well. love it.

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The usual I order what I like. .  Pork ball of course its a must, Special Pork Ball @ RM 8.80. Love their Bamboo Fungus whereby not every place also serve that @ RM 12, its crispy and good as I prefer. Guess they import it from China. Young Bamboo Shoots @ RM 8 which is slightly thinner compare to the other one. The young one taste a bit sweet. Bamboo Fungus @ RM 12, Pork Belly @ RM 13.80 & Pig Intestine @ RM 8

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Beef slices, lamb slices and pork blood slices is really huge as there is only 2 of us we over ordered. These meat slices all serve fresh and once serve could not refund or return order. Sliced Mutton @ RM 18.80,

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We end up could not finish the fresh handmade noodle @ RM 4.80, we ta bau back to make own soup base noodle.

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Soup Base can be in single flavour or double as each of the soup base will be charge seperately. Tried their Malat & Pork Bone Herbal Soup base. When its place down, Anna just could not wait and directly took her spoon dip into the soup and try the base. She took a few rounds means already pass her expectation.

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our Yin yang soup (combination Soup @ RM 23)

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I love the Pork Bone Herbal Soup more as its more aromatic as the taste of herbal is very visible and strong and I think also perfect when you got a flu . .

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For the Ma lat flavour it taste pretty much compare to what I like on Sze Chuan Flavour as again they are two different types of area therefore the taste will vary. Not as spicy as I thought as the spiciness is very different, and end with pappercorn aftertaste. Good luck to you if you bite on it.

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Their own homemande sauces is good with sesame and spicy mix it together and will be a perfect combination for dipping in your meat.

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Chinese style steamboat of course I must have my TsingTao Beer @ RM 16 for big bottle along too . .

Certainly its not cheap for 2 of us as we with a total bill of RM150. 😀 If another person came along that would be a perfect numbers.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, pretty good -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Xiao Fei Yang Restaurant
No. 40G & 42G, Jalan SS21/ 62,
47400 Damansara Utama,
Petaling Jaya

Tel : 03 – 7728 7633

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