Celebrate the Year of the Snake and usher in the Lunar New Year with us as Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur’s Celestial Court goes all out to tempt your eyes, satisfy your senses and whet your appetite with a variety of sumptuous delights.

The Lunar New Year is the most important date in the Chinese calendar and is an elaborate celebration in many parts of Asia. Additionally, there are 12 Chinese Zodiac signs and for the year 2013, it is the Year of the Snake. The Snake carries the meaning of malevolence, cattiness and mystery. In certain places or culture, people believe that if they found a snake in their court, the family will be delighted. Also, people like to paste the paper-cut ‘Fu’ (wealth) character in an upside down position on their doors or windows, combined with a snake twisting around a rabbit as a popular pattern to indicate wealth.

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The warm, soothing yet festive atmosphere at our award-winning Celestial Court provides the perfect ambience for catching up with your loved ones and friends, who have travelled afar and wide to meet on this auspicious occasion. Our master chefs have sumptuously tailored an exquisite range of Chinese cuisine to be savoured upon. Indulge and feast on ‘auspicious’ dishes like Double Boiled Soup with Baby Abalone, Fish Maw Dried Scallop and Chinese Herbs; Braised Assorted Dried Seafood and Sea Moss Served in Winter Melon; Braised Yu Fungus, Bamboo Pith with Australian Asparagus and Janapnese Bean Curd and Roasted Chicken with Ginger, Garlic and Spicy Flavour, to name a few.

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日式什锦捞生 (蒸蒸日上)Yee Sang with combination of crispy soft shell crab @ RM 128 (Half) & RM 258 (whole) Slice salmon, Japanese octopus served with mango plum sauce

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玉环聚宝盆 (百家欢庆)Braised assorted dried seafood and sea moss served in winter melon
Small- RM208
Medium -RM308
Large -RM408

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夏果海中宝 (满屋生辉)Wok fried assorted seafood with macadamia nuts served in nest
Small -RM80
Medium -RM120
Large – RM160

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天宝辣味烧鸡 (新春报喜)- Roasted chicken with ginger, garlic and spicy flavor
Half Chicken -RM50
Whole Chicken -RM100

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榆耳竹笙露笋卷 – Braised Yu fungus , bamboo pith with Australian asparagus  and Japanese bean curd
Small -RM68
Medium -RM102
Large -RM136

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芝麻虾球 (欢乐满屋)- Deep fried prawns served minced nutmeg, sesame and mayonnaise dressing
Small -RM88
Medium -RM138
Large -RM178

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XO 酱炒桂花蚌虾仁 (桂花飘香)- Sautéed osmanthus clam, shrimps with XO sauce and garden greens        
Small- RM88
Large- RM176

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Pumpkin puree with Coconut Ice Cream and Red Bean

Genre: Mystery/ Sci-Fi/ Thriller

I find that this year have quite a number of alien movies as is it true that we have discover other planet lifeform? Well, this is another show that is on Love or Hate relationship as some find it nice movie to watch and some just hate it . .

Its  movie on a alien got stranded on earth around 1968 and trying to get back to its planet then been capture by human to do testing . . as it was transported to another camp for another test whereby a group of kids were doing videoshoot and there is where all things happpens. Some human trying to free the alien and trying to help IT get back to its planet and some just want to capture It back to do more discoveries. .

For me, I find that its quite a nice movie to watch . .

– Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped –

Overall ratings 7/10,Quite nice aa . .

– The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk –


Genre: Fantasy/ Horror/ Mystery

A beautiful girl was being loved by two men in her village and her parents arrange marriage for her daughter to marry a wealthy man and the village have been lived with a a mysterious creature warewolf, every month with full moon the villagers will hide in their house to avoid being beaten. .. and now with Blood Moon where the warewolf need to find its next kin to pass its tradition to next person. .  Where the Red Riding Hood was the next person.

Movie so so only la, recommend to watch on movide day.  .

– Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped –

Overall ratings 5/10,so so only!. . .

– The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk –


Genre: Action/ Thriller

Who is SALT? One of the latest show by Angelina Jolie that she is one of a great Spy for Russia to be send to America to launch on them and had been well trained to do her task. Turns out to be she do not want to go according to mission and rebel against her clan. That is SALT.

Not a bad movie  with some action scene . . . 

– Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped –

Overall ratings 6.5/10,so so only~

– The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk –



Genre: Fantasy/ Horror/ Thriller

This movie had been in our comic reading since when we are in primary school. The latest flick that show Freddy Kurgger had appear in their dreams and make him even stronger that most of the dreamer believe it is real till one of them got killed one by one. Lead by the dream and mystery, 2 kids went to find out what happen to the original scene as all the kids that were killed in the dreams are actually were from a kindy school until their parents took revenge on that guy(freddy Krugger) and he revenge on all their kids.

Not a bad movie, there are a few scenes that make me jump. . .

– Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped –

Overall ratings 7/10,not bad lah~~~

– The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk –


Genre: Action/ Drama/ Adventure/ Thriller/ Mystery

After I have read a few review from bloggers saying that this a good movie, and by watching the preview and their comment so we give it a try since there is nothing much to do for the day.

The movie is about, a special op was operate in Bolivia and then the mission changed when there involve kids, till when the chopper arrive, 5 of them suppose to be in it then a missile hit the chopper full of kids, that want them to die, the story continue from there, where they go and head back to US to hunt the guy.

Quite a nice movie, with a few cool actions involve.

— Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —

Overall ratings 7/10,quite a nice movie~~~

— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —

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