nasi beratur


Hameediyah Restaurant is one of the oldest Nasi Kandar In Penang located in Campbell Street. . It could also be one of the first Nasi Kandar In Penang if I read correctly. However, this is one of a famous Penang street food.

nasi kandar beratuur

be prepare to queue if it is normal days and even longer as far as 4-6 shops if its on long weekend. My queue was during CMCO and it is easily 15 minutes queue.

best nasi kandar in penang

They are famous for a certain reason. Their colourful dark colours of curries. When you stand at my spot, you will start to swallow saliva as the smell of curries just poke thru your nose and make you instant hungry. All curries looks super appetizing. A slight close up for you below.

best murtabak in penang

Do note and take at your own risk:

  1. If you take seafood or Lamb, your price to pay might be expensive.

hameediyah nasi kandar

I took lamb and it is not cheap, with lamb curries, veggie and beef. NO doubt that the curries are pack with flavours after our Penang people favourite style: kuah banjir. I did have a side small request package of mix curries to be brought back home.

My damage for those is aready around RM 38 which is more expensive than many others out there.


While I was queueing, this is no doubt maciam best. SO bought 1 Martabak ayam back. Turns out to be better than expected. If you dine there, I believe it would taste better. Something worth for you to explore.

oh well, some people would regard this as the best nasi kandar in Penang. What do you think?

164, Lebuh Campbell,
George Town, 10100, Penang

Tel: 042611095

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

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