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Last night we were invited to attend Samsung Olympic Badminton Final match at Laundry Bar, The Curve as many of us are an hour early to catch a spot for the match. It is one of the most anticipated match by most Malaysians as the final again is Datuk Lee Chong Wei against Li Dan. One of the hope that Malaysia could ever pocket its first Olympic Gold Medal thru this game.

samsung event (1)

Head to media registration, given a S3 t-shirt to put on . .. and get ourselves a chance to win lucky draw, prizes are the New Beam and Galaxy S3

samsung event (2)

samsung event (3)

Bloggers and media start pouring in .. Getting ourselves the perfect spot and view on the screen . .

samsung event (4)

Some of us get our face painted so show our ‘Semangat’!

samsung event (5)

We are all here tonight to support Datuk Lee Chong Wei on his final match . .

samsung event (6)

As the game bout to begin and can start to hear people cheering and roaring to support!

samsung event (7)

Me, Anna and Wilson .. .

samsung event (8)

As to kill off some time, this is what we do . .Wilson with his pretty new hair. .

samsung event (9)

Mike and Me too . .

samsung event (10)

When the match start, a lot of public crowd are standing to support and cheering too. I am amaze on this final match . .. My dad also got very kan cheong, called me and ask am I watching the game. . 😀

samsung event (11)

Reaction from everyone when Dato Lee Chong Wei wont the first match.  . .

samsung event (12)

It was a tough final match as Li Dan is not an easy opponent and we believe we can take our first Olympic gold Medal .. . It was a very exiting match that Li Dan fight back on 2nd set. ..

Even I found this on Facebook on Nicole Chong’s Timeline as every one just stop for that 1 hour to support. It was a thrilling final game and ended up Li Dan emerge as the winner of gold medal, congrats to you ~

Many of us felt the pinch when he cried on medal ceremony, nevertheless we are all proud of you Dato Lee Chong Wei as we know you already did your best along with your recent recovery. Also proud of you that you are able to raise our flag so high in Olympic Games. Congratulations to Datuk Lee on winning Silver Medal~

Final Results are 15-21/ 21-10/ 21-19

Right after the competition, you can see FB timeline is filled with Dato Lee’s news.

Ahhh, we are spotted in the paper. . 😀

Thanks to Samsung Malaysia for organising the event and Samsung is giving 10% off for Samsung Galaxy S3 phones on 08.08.2012.

The one-day promotion is limited to one unit purchase of Samsung GALAXY S III per customer and is only available at 35 Samsung Elite Partner (SEP) brand shops nationwide. For location details of Samsung Elite Partner (SEP) brand shops, please visit www.samsung.com/my

My hair grows quite fast! I am trying to turn on a few styles to make it look trendy but I guess I still prefer short hair. It is time to visit my hair stylist Kopf Studio, as I know that he carries Schwarzkopf products for both the styling range OSiS and the hair care and shampoo range.

hair 3

I often visit him, as he charges relatively cheap for a hair cut for RM15 for a guy. So there is no complain that makes him a one man show. As I walked in yesterday with a small bag, he ask me what are the things inside the bag as he managed to see some red bottles and cans and I told him this products are from Schwarzkopf. While cutting my hair, he asked me a lot about the product range, how I feel and what is the best so far. Then I told him a few and he shared from his point too.

hair 3 (2)

After finish the whole cutting process, I bring out my Osis G-Force which has a super strong texture control , that is one of the reasons I cut my hair short to try out this.

hair 3 (3)

He just apply a small amount on his hand and use his finger tip to move here and sway around with by finishing pulling a few strand at the center to make it stand.

hair 3 (4)

 A few touches at the end, now I quite like this gel which holds instantly and dries up pretty quick which I really needed it  in the early morning to rush out for work. I love how it looks with my short hair and my face at least now look a bit more energetic with its great shine plus, easy to wash off as it doesn’t feel sticky on my hair after that compare to my last use X product previously.

hair 3 (5)

OSIS 2 – Mess UP

hair 3 (6)

As the Salon does sell Osis Mess Up as what he name it the Tuna can, then only I realise it really look like tuna can which is one of his favorite product to use which he constantly apply on guys hair for its ultra matt finishing.

hair 3 (7)

So coincidentally he was using this on that day as this is how he apply and look on his hair. One of the reason he use it is because of the dry texture effect that can holds on his new hair cut from the front and back to front again that gives it, a bit of rough style look. Mess Up definitely didn’t mess his hair but holds his hair by for a long period of time.

hair 3 (8)

I’ve learn a lot and thanks for all the info I needed from Leo Tang, Hair Stylist on how to use these products as he has knowledge on Schwarzkopf products.  His studio located at Desa Gembira Condo, Off Kuchai Lama.

For more product info, check out http://www.killroutine.com/

Anyone in the salon industry and especially women who use a lot of hair care product to take care and maintain their hair to ensure it looks thick and silky nice, Schwarzkopf Professional brand is no stranger to all of us. They had been in the industry long enough to make sure the brand reputation is on everyone’s mind when it comes to hair care, as sometimes when my friends ask me which hair gel is nice to use, at times I would just blurt out Schwarzkopf.

I just got to know that this company had been around for 111 years and it’s still growing strong, Schwarzkopf Professional is part of the business unit cosmetics/toiletries of the Henkel Group, Düsseldorf, and is one of the leading suppliers in the hairdressing business worldwide. Based on a professional partnership with the hairdresser, the focus of Schwarzkopf Professional is to provide innovative concepts and services, which match the needs of international salon businesses. Schwarzkopf Professional is present in over 120 countries.

At present Schwarzkopf, Osis is announcing their rebellious re-launch on their new hair products Osis, to the style, no matter you are rocker boy, a slick and stylish girl, or punk at heart and inspire you to ‘Kill routine’ with this impressive range of new products. Under the Osis collection there are Style, Texture and Finish range to offer maximum flexibility and creative styling for all individual needs. Each styling process provides great support for your creativity with Control Level 1 – Light control, Level 2- Medium Control, Control Level 3- Strong Control, Control Level 4, Ultra-Strong Control.

Style Collection, Texture Collection and Finish Collection with their new packaging will be reveal soon. . .Lets start off with some of the fantastic product available in the market, I manage to try out a few with one of my first wax, Thrill stage at Level 3 with the effect of strong hold. I just love how they create the size of it in a small cylinder to make it lightweight and easy to pack along for travel too. After I open the bottle, a strong scent burst smelling like rose and I just love it. It’s a fiber gum that makes it non sticky on hand and a bit water than the normal paste like


Osis, Level 3 – Strong Control – Thrill (WM RM57)

ah bok

After I applied it on my hair, I just love how it curve my hair along, it is a bit wet in look that I think 50-dry 50%-wet make me look energetic  for the day, just suits my working casual day on Friday.

New Folder31

Flexwax for only WM RM57 and I love the texture of the wax which is soft, easy to spread on palm and just gel on my hair, at the level  4 of the wax means Ultra Strong Control which I really need it for my hair as my hair now is quite long. Ultra strong will hold the style of it.

draft 1

Flexwax is impressive with its ultra strong hold as I had applied on the gel since morning and the shape is still there holding on it strong after 9 hours later.

draft 1 (3)

As I was quite tired that day and took short nap, when I woke up, my hair was in a mess. ..

draft 1 (4)

Went to bath and getting ready to go out for dinner then I remembers the style when my hair was short by trying out Mohawk style and to my surprise it stands out firmly after such a long day. Of course I wont go out with this hair style that I believe my friend surely will criticize me badly for do not know how to style my hair.

draft 1 (5)

Then go back to my old classic style, go side way by using my fingers slide through it and just pulling the tip of the hair to make it look with sharp end. No doubt that, so far one of the best wax I have used to hold firmly for such a long day as it was about 9pm now. .  (more than 12 hours effect)

If you are out of creativity then you can find more at www.killroutine.com/

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