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No no, I am not in Korea. Super Boring Club is one of the latest addition into this happening row at Jalan Mesui. It offers Korean Japanese fusion food. Happy to see that this row are growing to a standard of a nice neighborhood bar and eatery like those in Bangkok or Korea. They are sited just right next to the famous No Black Tie bar.

On the outlook itself, it felt that you are in Korea at one of the small alley eatery.

Super Boring (3)

Love the ID of this place as it is modern hip chic, with jade titles and neon lighthing on the wall do add in the ambiance.

Super Boring (4)

Super Boring (5)

Super Boring (6)

Super Boring (7)

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They do have merchandise to sell too. Super Boring Club t-shirt or Super Boring Club Apron

Super Boring (9)

Super Boring (2)

menu is pretty simple and direct. But I am quite suprise on the pricing of food in this outlet. Decently price and affordable, also the cocktails only start from RM 26.

Super Boring (10)

Hello my friend, time to take your chopstick and dig in.

Super Boring (11)

Their cocktail is indeed very impressive and creative. I had off the menu cocktail as the mixologist just mix one of his creative mix. Top with grill garlic that give you a slight charred taste with lychee.

Was thought on how to drink this.
1. Put the garlic and lychee stick into the drink
2. Smell first then sip

outcome: a very confusing drink to your brain as you smell garlic but you dont taste garlic. If you are adventurous, this is indeed a refreshing cocktail that you should give it a try. At the end, I bite off the garlic with lychee and a sip of it, it gives you a nice aroma that did not overpower each other.

Super Boring (12)

These 2 are their signature cocktails:

  1. Sake Asamboi @ RM 26 – love the mixture of this cocktails as it give you a nice balance layer of asamboi that give you the sour punch it needed yet end with a hint of sake aroma which is good to balance off.
  2. Sake Yuzu @ RM 26 – in our hot weather, this is the best drink to down it. If it were price at RM 16, I will down a few more glass. Simply refreshing, and love the acidity from yuzu and spice from ginger.

Super Boring (13)

Starting off with Miso Grilled Egg Plant @ RM 16.80 – deep fried egg plant with special home made miso. This is one of the best made eggplant dish that I have come across. A cleverly done dish that cut into cubes, charred nicely with hint of burnt taste. Nicely presented in a basket yet the magic is the miso glazed. It is so thick and caramelize that taste like honey but it is made from miso. The best part of this dish is the whole basket skin of egg plant.

Super Boring (14)

A seasonal dish to recommend too, which is off the menu. Beef tongue with this seasonal ice vegetable from Japan. Tongue marinate and cook to perfection. Nice balance of bbq and special sauce yet the tongue grill to perfection. Soft and juicy yet not too chewy. A perfect bite is with icy vegetable, tongue and egg. Give you a nice mouthful balance from crispy, soft, sour, spicy, chewy. Good!

Super Boring (15)

Some of you see me preparing Watermelon salad through my insta stories. This is whole new level. Yummy Spicy Baby Octopus @ RM 16.80. Baby Octopus with mushrooms, watermelon,cld spicy lime sauce. A dish that give you explosion of flavors. You can taste the freshness of baby octopus yet soft. Crunch it with a piece of watermelon that gives you the sweetness of juice that add another layer to cover up the taste octopus, yet the dressing in it give you a nice mild layer of sourish taste and heat that is need.

Super Boring (16)

I take this dish to pair with the Garlic Cocktail. Indeed an interesting combination.

Super Boring (17)

Order grilled Platter combo 2 @ RM 78Lamb char siew, Chicken, squid, wagyu striploin . In this dish, I am quite surpise with the house marination of chicken. It is so tender, juicy and fragrant. Eat with a slice of vegetable with a slice of their seasoning garlic and slide into your mouth. Bam!

Another interesting dish is the Lamb Char siew, season with house special char siew sauce, is just unique.

Super Boring (18)

Super Boring (19)

Awesome beef tataki  @ RM 28.80.  Love how the beef is being taken care off. Shining from the oil and a nice decent cut that give you a good chew in your mouth. Grill to perfection that it is slightly above medium rare. The fried garlic slices give you the crips and soft veggie to balance it off. Eat it 4 ingredient at one go.

Super Boring (20)

Smoked duck @ RM 20. Just look at the look of the quality of smoke duck. A nice layer of skin fat and the meat looks good. It is quite thick too.

was told by the crew that the best way to eat this is just put on the pit for about 1 n half minute each side then top with the house special sauce on top. Put on your plate to cool it down then eat the whole piece at one go. Give you a good mouthful of bite that burst with flavours.

Super Boring (21)

Super Boring (22)

It is always too tempted for me when I see in the menu got Shoyu Ramen. I am a big fan of shoyu soup base Ramen. The soup is indeed very interesting. Pack with flavour yet it is vegetable base soup. It does give you a hint of flavour that we are missing out when we were as a kid.

Super Boring (23)

this is not a sauce jar. Presented in a way that it looks like one. End my night with another glass of cocktail. This would be my favourite as it is stronger. Suntory Lover @ RM 32.

I can taste a few layers of flavours at one sip. Great mixologist mix.

Super Boring (24)

Super Boring (25)

At the end of the night, wanted to try something sweet. Ordered Yuzu Sorbet @ RM 10 & Cornflakes @ RM 10. Cornflakes is indeed very interesting. Do try it out.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-02 at 15.24.07

Find that their Happy Hour is quite worth it.

Finally, a eatery that give you a nice food journey of flavours. There is flair in their marination or cooking. Simple yet flavorful. Loving it. Will certainly come back again. If you put it Korean fusion or Japanese Fusion still the same. One of the best place for Korean Japanese fusion restaurant in KL. Certainly will be one of my recommended place.

Super Boring Club
15, Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours:
12pm – 2.30pm / 6pm – 11pm
(close Monday)

Tel: 03-2110 4919

Live music has some exceptional ability to soothe someone’s soul. Perhaps the change of voice singing to a familiar tune gives it this ability. Alternatively, maybe this ability comes from the amazing sound quality delivered by the sophisticated musical instruments present at live music venues. However, regardless of the reason, live music has a soothing effect that people love. It seems to understand people’s stresses from all-day toiling and calm them down at the same time. This makes the evening better, and the audience simply relaxes due to its melodic, soothing tunes.

Kuala Lumpur has been and still is a huge live music arena. If you are a music lover and just so happen that you are looking for a condo for rent in KL, you might want to move as close to these venue as possible. Recently, the live music arena has witnessed growth with the rise of more live music bars. In this article, we’ve included the best venues in this category. Get to know them.

  1. No Black Tie

no black tie

No Black Tie, commonly referred to as NBT was established by pianist Evelyn Hill in 1998. Over the years, this venue has turned out to be a great venue for live music in the city. NBT hosts various top-notch musicians from Malaysia and the neighboring regions. To cater for the different music-lovers visiting it, NBT hosts a variety of music; be it jazz, classical, blues, and folk.

The bar also offers a variety of special food and wines menu.

Jalan Nagasari & Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur,
Operating Hours: Daily except Sunday: 5PM–1AM
Phone: +60 3-2142 3737

  1. Alexis Bistro Ampang


Alexis is a cool bar with a wood-fired oven offering a wide variety of western and Asian food, an extensive variety of wines to choose from, fresh cakes and pastries and live jazz performances that host local and international artists.

However, two factors bar Alexis Bistro from getting the best appreciation from its customers. First is the soft drinks offered here. After paying an enormous amount of money, you get served with a canned soft drink in a tiny glass full of ice. The dishes. Another trick employed at Alexis is a reduction of serving portions. Although everyone is out to make profits, the food served at Alexis is way too little than it was in the last years. This mainly happens in the Great Eastern Mall outlet.

However, although the serving portions are less, it gives you an opportunity of tasting their excellent cakes.

Despite having these bugbears, Alexis is still a cool, stylish bistro. The chefs are here well known for their skills that deliver nothing but delicious dishes.

If you’ve not visited Alexis, make a point of attending to enjoy the super cool jazz live performances.

303, Jalan Ampang, Desa Pahlawan,
55000 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating Hours:
Sun – Thurs: 11AM – 12AM
Fri – Sat : 11 AM – 2AM
Phone: +60 3-4260 2288

  1. Live House

live house

This newly-opened bar at Jalan Tun Razak has a wide variety of entertainment options. The bar has two sections, the Main room downstairs and the Live House upstairs. The main room hosts the live music while the Live House hosts comedy shows. The Main Room features DJs and live bands from Malaysia and the surrounding regions.

The bar offers burgers from the Killer Gourmet Burgers as the main meal. However, you can also order sandwiches, sliders, quesadillas, and chicken wings. For drinks, the pub offers a variety of spiked milkshakes.

E-G-07, Electric Boulevard, TREC,
Lot 434, Jalan Tun Razak, Kelab Golf di Raja Selangor,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.

Phone: +60 3-2110 3962/ +60 12 3722 374

  1. Hide at The Roof

the roof

Hide at The Roof is your favorite hideaway in Petaling Jaya, it features various live bands from Wednesday to Saturday gracing every night with a different band. Acoustic Fourplay also takes place on Thursdays featuring music from the ‘60s and the current hits. Black Velvets plays on Saturdays with a lot of blues, soul, and rock. The “Rock The Stage” program allows aspiring and upcoming musicians to grace the stage on Wednesdays to keep the audience live.

First Avenue, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Operating Hours: 5pm – 1am

Tel: +60 3-8605 3388

  1. Mezze


Mezze is a bistro serving modern tapas and Mediterranean dishes. Other than the outstanding dishes, Mezze also serves as a live music venue that hosts countless local and international jazz artists every weekend. Since it was started in 2011, Mezze has been hosting various local and international artists staging mainstream and jazz performances. Every weekend, people enjoy their meals and live music performances that are well organized by Michael Veerapan, Malaysia’s popular jazz pianist.

  1. The Merchant Live

merchant live

A walk through the short neon tunnel lands you into The Merchant Live. Here, the walls are graced with changing backlight colors. This club new club in The Armada Petaling Jaya is spacious and provides a raised area with a mix of bar stools, tables, and couches next to a DJ console, this gives you the choice of sitting near the DJ while sipping your drink or moving down to the dance floor for an enjoyable workout.

The setting indicates an atmosphere pumped up with throbbing beats and loud remixes. This club has live performances from local artists it’s the main form of entertainment. Artists take the stage daily from 9:30 pm till dawn. You can get access to drinks from the illuminated bar beside it. The bar offers a variety of cocktails and chicken chimichanga. If you don’t like relaxing in a crowd, the club offers three private suites available for booking. However, you may choose to relax privately with a group of friends since each suite accommodates a maximum of thirty people.

Hotel Armada,
Lorong Utara C, Pjs 52,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Pj New Town,

Operating Hours: 6pm – 1am

Tel: +60 3-7954 6888

  1. Tom, Dick, and Harry’s Live

tom dick and harry live

The Tom, Dick and Harry’s is a branch of the cozy tavern at the Pavilion that helps to cater for the patrons of the mall. Unlike the other two outlets, Tom, Dick and Harry’s features live band performances making it better than the rest although everything else remains the same. This bar is popularly known for their great choices of tap and bottled beers. The bar’s small space gives the snug atmosphere we most like. The bar’s award-winning mixologists compose great, original cocktails that include specialty drinks like Harry’s Fling and Dick’s Margarita. This allows you the chance to sit back, enjoy the beer and the soul-soothing music from the live band performances.

Pavilion Kl,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +60 3-7731 2265

Operating Hours: Daily: 11AM – 1AM

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