Right before Raya, I was privilege to get an invitation to attend one event with pretty well known person, Chef Amia El Shafei if you do watch Masterchef Australia in this meet and greet session. I have to thank Nuffnang for extending the invites to me that attended at Blu Med, Mid Valley.

[UPDATE: Close down since 2015 Jan]

masterchef (1)

 The event took place in one of a new restaurant, Blu Med Ristorante at The Gardens.

masterchef (2)

Some Buffet Spread dishes being prepared for all the guess that arriving.

masterchef (3) masterchef (6)

 Food were pretty decent.

masterchef (4) Those of you who watch Masterchef Australia which is aired on Astro Lifetime Channel, this person certainly would not be stranger to you as after being as a contestant in Master Chef Australia, Season 4, she have huge follwers worldwide since then with her bubbly personality and leads her to win ‘Woman of the Year Award’ in Australia. masterchef (5) Born from mixblood that Dad is Egyptian and mom is from South Korea, Chef Amina learn quite a good recipe from both country. Her great culinary skills that impress by family members that had encourage her to apply in this show. masterchef (8) Well, in this event we are being thought how to cook simple meal that can be prepared just within short time frame. masterchef (9)

Tamarind, Chili and Lemongrass Prawns

masterchef (10)

To prepare this great dish, all we need to hunt is fresh tiger prawns, follow by just pan fried it.

masterchef (11) I love the taste of the prawn which is juicy and succulent with the tamarind sauce his slight sour and spicy that makes it a perfect dish to go along. Near to our Prawn sambal but this have its own kick. masterchef (16)

 Here you go on the recipe for you to cook along on this dish.

masterchef (13) Next dish to be cook is Pandan Cake dessert, and she randomly ask one of the crowd to assist her in scooping out the pandan cake from the Chinese tea cup. If you mix it in a right way also by spreading some oil in the cup, it should not be sticking on the cup and easy to come out with a gentle push. masterchef (14) Masterchef Australia Amina El Shafei preparing Steamed Pandan Cake with Lychee, Rambutan and Longan. However I think its something similar to our Chinese version of Huat Kuih, the pinky type. masterchef (17)

 Another recipe for you to follow ..

masterchef (15) Its a pleasure to meet such a well known chef as when I posted up in my Instagram (taufulou) my friend were like OMG, you are with her, please tell her I love her. . This is how well know is she to the MasterChef Fans. Those of you who love cooking, chef Amina wishes to write a recipe book and host cooking lessons. Not only that, as one of her wish is to open a Middle Eastern mezze restaurant with her sister, Eman. Catch MasterChef Australia, first and exclusive on weekdays at 7pm, with same-day repeats at 11pm on Astro Lifetime Channel 709.

The Asahi event kicked off last week at the Carlsberg Brewery and upon arrival we were greeted by Mr.Asahi the robot~

asahi (1)

I believe many of you have not met Mr.Asahi, the World’s First Ultra Robotic Bartender which can serve a lot more than a normal bartender can at a time. He is capable of opening bottles and pulling 300ml pints and can, serve up to 16 half pints or bottles at a time in less than 2 minutes.

asahi (2)

Asahi is a very well known brand in Japan and Asahi Super Dry is now available here, brewed exclusively by Carlsberg Malaysia in Shah Alam.

asahi (4)

Before the event started, those who came early were lucky enough to catch the Brewery Tour. But that was just the beginning of an eventful night!

asahi (5)

And of course, what better way is there to start off the night than to have a pint of Asahi Super Dry fresh from the tap.

asahi (6)

It is brewed with a unique karakuchi style to give a clean, crisp & refreshing taste with no bitterness at the end.

The event officially kicked off with a welcoming speech from the gorgeous Emcee.

After everyone had their meals and were all ready with a pint in hand, the first round of performance by the Asahi dancers performance started and it was pretty impressive!

asahi (7.3)

My own dance performance was nothing compared to theirs 😀

asahi (8)

Here comes the participant contemplating on whether to join the dance-off or not. Jackie was being persuaded to join. .

asahi (7.4)

All of us cheered for him . . His dance moves were pretty good too, which I think is definitely better than mine. (click here, my previous Asahi post with my robot dance video)

 (click here)

asahi (7.5)

Jackie won himself a prize too along with all the other participants. It might look easy to dance but it’s actually really tough as this dance move takes up a lot of body energy, and is challenging yet interesting. Groovey~

asahi (10)

Last but not least, here’s a picture of the great people behind Nuffnang. Great to see some of them there 🙂

Before we left, we were given a special door gift containing a can of Asahi, a coaster as well as their really cool signature glass.

Special thanks to Asahi for the wonderful night, and I hope there are more events to come!


I remembered when I was young and Toy Story came out for the first time I was so excited as it was one of the animation cartoon that we don normally get to watch every day, and I fell in love with it and watch over many times with my brother when we got to do. Toy Story 3

With Toy Story 3 coming back on screen, I definately would want to watch it again as I still remember how Woody and Buzz Lighthers went through all the hassle and adventure together. A great memory how this show captures our heart at that time and I believe part 3 would be a great story.

Definately I am picking this ‘Chatter Telephone’ as I believe this character would be very cute, cannot resist friendly face till roll its eyes up and down and the pleasing sound keeps every one happy, cannot deny that now its one of the item that ideal for our hands, which I am looking forward for Nuffnang to give me a ring on the tickets.


I am hoping to meet all the Toy Story fans, consider it a reunion on that day.. C ya~


For the very first time I won a pair of movie tickets from Nuffnang. It was a premier show and gladly manage to watch it first before everyone.
This is my special invites that I got from Nuffnang.

and of course trying to learn Bob, swallowing the words, me trying to swallow my tickets. The quote that I learn from him. ‘I might have no brain but I have ideas’
The movie is about a girl, Susan got hit by a meteorite and not long after that she had grow to a giant and was capture by the government where they think she is a monster now, imprison in a facility. There she met Dr. Cockroach a mad scientist accidentally transformed himself into a roach-human, B.O.B a gelatinous, brainless, but talkative mass brought to life in an experiment gone wrong, Missing Link a Creature-from-the-Black-Lagoon-like lizard man and the skyscraper-sized mutant larva Insectosaurus.
Then in order for the alien overlord Gallaxhar to conquer the galaxy, he had follow the powerfull meteorite to the earth and there is where he invaded the earth.
For the end of the movie, I would say that this is sure a damm funny movie, especially Bob during the last part of the show and of course he was the eye catcher in the movie. You will laugh till you drop. After came out from the movie my friend told me I am just like Bob..Shit!!! but then still don mind a person that make every 1 laugh in the whole movie. We watch it in 3-D version.
But sure think that watch in 3-D would be better than 2-D. It does not matter. Both is good as long as long as you MUST watch this movie.

Thanks to Nuffnang for the invitation~

Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —
Overall ratings 9/10, A Great Movie, Recommended~
— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —

Genre: Science fiction

As in the preview I thought this movie would be something like Harry Potter style just without the magic casting~ As thought, I would be interesting as they find they way out from an underground city up to the world again. As in the beginning, they showed that it is very high tech and through out the whole movie showing that they city is goin to collapse very soon after 200 years. As thought the 2 young kids believe that there are and escape route out from the city itself and manage to find it. Very interesting as how the ‘builder’s have build their exit route to the real world and although the escape part is very fake but then still okay la~ As shown in the last part of the movie, its expected. Nothing special.
Of course as mention by nuffnang, definitely I am hoping to catch the movie premier organise by them as it would be my first also plus its a very good movie that I am looking forward and every one been waiting for to watch:
‘Fast & Furious 4 is ON April 2’
Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —
Overall ratings 5.5/10
— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —

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