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Penang is indeed my hometown. Little did I know that there is actually a hidden gem inside Fort Cornwallis, a fort that being build during Captain Francis Light era. It is not only a heritage fort but also house a restaurant, Kota Dine & Coffee – when Francis meets rempah. This is what happen when Western meet East. A casual dining that focus on modern Nyonya Cuisine with a slight twist.

Kota (1)

To access into the restaurant, first you have to pay an entry fee like any other tourist whom is visiting the place.For adult you are paying RM 10 for adult and RM 5 for children whereby the fee is only with MyKad. (The fee is redeemable back upon minimum spending of RM 30, which can be easily achieved)

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the British colonial guy is here to stop you.

Kota (5)

Honestly, this is my first time entering this heritage place. Quite a cool place, just a set back where if this place could turn into a weekend night market with pop up food store, arts and music would certainly be ideal .

Kota (6)

Kota (7)

Kota (8)

Kota (9)

Kota (10)

Kota (11)

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Quite a nostalgic area.

Kota (13)

As you enter the restaurant, it is nicely preserve and maintain with beautiful heritage ambiance that gives you plenty of room for instagram shot.

Kota (14)

Kota (15)

Kota (16)

Kota (17)

Best of all, it is a HALAL restaurant.

Kota (18)

Kota (27)

For their new signature drink, it is quite interesting and personal favourite is  Singature. Sunrise: Orange, Lime, Mint, Mango, Sprite, Signature: Lemongrass,Lime,Min, Chili, Sprite, Sunset: Watermelon, Mint, Lime, Sprite, refreshing and thirst quencher after you explore the fort. As for the snacks, Prawn Bean Curd Fritters @ RM 15 – prawn, beancurd, cucumber, garden greens. A simple dish that fried to perfection and the dipping sauce lifted the taste. Great starter to kick start off with.

Kota (30)

On this tray platter, it is actually all their signature snacks from all the ala cart menu. They created this combination to allow diners to enjoy all their signature item under one tray. Jumbo Platter is served with – Pai Tee Cup, Chicken Lolipop, Samosa (Spiced Dumpling), Kerabu @ RM 38.

Kota (32)

Kota (36)

Love this presentation, as it resembles classic nyonya and however there is a simple twist and different interpretation for this dish. This is LAKSA – Kota Version. Filled with Kesom, Cucumber, Pineapple, Mint, Macakerel, Galangal and Rice Papper @ RM 25. I call this a deconstructed Laksa and it is clerverly done. Laksa noodle is roll with vineamese popiah skin and another half of the noodle is being dip fried. Shrimp paste is replace with rojak sauce top with pomegranate to give it slight sourish fruity end on top of the fresh cucumber and pineapple. Love the soup base as it is pack with flavours and a classic combination taste of chinese and malay laksa.

A recommended dish to start off with too.


Kota (40)

This is a new version of stay. Satay @ RM 25

Satay is not always about skwers as the chef cleverly play it to make it like a sushi roll and top all the gravy on the top. Chicken is tender and the peanut sauce on the top is good enough to balance out the aroma of the seasoning.

Kota (41)

Nyonya @ RM 25
Next on the line is this cleverly platted where it is colourful and pop out from the classic plate. the signature nyonya rice plated with the blue pea flower rice sandwiched in the middle with the rendang chicken on the top and otak otak at the below. Each bite is burst with flavour which is not overly powered yet I can finish the whole plate by myself.

Kota (42)

Kota Chili Crab @ RM 25. Oriental Chili crab sandwich with soft shell crab, crab meat, tomato, chilli, mantou, ebiko, cucumber papardelle.

Kota (46)

Love their presentation of dessert, that is filled with creativity. Presenting you Nasi Lemak Cake , yup not burger but cake.@ RM 19. Cakes that is build with layers from inspiration of our traditional breakfast. Quite interesting taste profile and it is a love hate relationship. Either you like it or you dont. The cake is nearly there just thought that they might be missing 1 or 2 more element or ingredient.

Kota (47)

Kota (48)

Among the desserts, this is my personal favourite. Classic with a simple twist where The Nyonya Tiramisu is the Italian dessert with its ingredient of mascarpone cheese switched with local kopi-o (black coffee), coconut milk and coconut flakes cooked with palm sugar. It is airy, and pack with flavour. The Kopi o is NOT for you to pour it in but for you to sip after you have a spoonful of tiramisu.


Kota (50)

Kota (49)

Kota (51)

Crème Brulee @ RM 19
This is not creme brulee 3 ways but 3 different types of Creme Brulee.  Pandan Crème Brulee, Egg Cream Brulee and the Gula Melaka Crème Brulee with local twist. To end with this last dessert, I also order one of their signature pour coffee. The coffe profile is rather mild and direct that I think pairs well with this dessert.

Kota (58)

Kota (60)

Kota (61)

Kota (64)

Honestly, I am proud that eatery in Penang is moving a notch up, as Penang is not only an island is famous for street food but a good flair in food is what we need to grow the F&B industry to another new level. For such Penang Nyonya cuisine with a modern touch. This is indeed will be one of my top recommendation restaurant if you are looking for some exploitative taste whereby the price is very reasonable. Hope they maintain the quality over the years.


Kota When Francis Meets Rempah
Fort Cornwallis Fort Cornwallis,
Jalan Tun Syed Shed Barakbah,
10200, Georgetown Penang

Operating Hours: Daily : 10.30am – 10.30pm Daily

Tel: 04-2519420

[Close down]

As time pass by, more and more of my friends are venturing into F&B which is a good thing, that I can get to enjoy many different food. One of the latest addtion to the list is my best friend opening a Nyonya food at Pulau Tikus. Location is not hard to find as it is located directly opposite Lanchia Holdings (2nd hand car reseller) – Burma Road.

home chef garden (1)

Restaurant Homes Chef Garden – Famous Traditional Chinese Home’s Recipes by the name itself already know its a homecook style version which is my friend’s mom is the main chef behind the whole cooking. Her mom inherit the recepi from the family and pass down and now, we are able to enjoy good home cook food mostly on nyonya style. Manage to pop by on my last trip back to Penang as this outlet just operated less than a month and already gaining popularity to family crowd.

home chef garden (2)

Operating two shoplot and that creates ample of dining space and for families that wanted to have slightly more private section, the restaurant do offer two table right at the top corner.

home chef garden (3)

home chef garden (4)

Selection and price in here are pretty decent. As my friend is working on the day, so we skip the menu and ask her to shower us her best dish, and she scolded me, nearly everything is good as its homecook version. I was like *ohhh then I requested what is best for the day.

home chef garden (5)

Here it comes with our first dish. Tophat (Pai Tee) @ RM 4.80. Add on with jiu hu char top with crispy garlic and freshly fried base. Eat it while is fresh as I did leave my second one for quite a while, as its not crips anymore, become sligtly soggy after the jiu hu char create some water in it. I munch the whole thing in one bite and taste good, best of all must add on the sambal to add in extra kick.

home chef garden (6)

Inchi Kabin @ RM 17

home chef garden (7)

Typical Jiu Hu Char ingredients must be finely slice or chop and not over cook yet can still bite on the sengkuang and moist upon serving. Just as how I like it.  RM 18

home chef garden (8)

Pork lover must not miss this. Too Kha Chor cook to perfection that the fats and meat are soft and juicy yet the taste of it is awesome. Slightly strong in vinegar taste yet pair it well with my rice. Highly recommended! @ RM 15

home chef garden (9)

I used to love this alot as I cant take too much of it as I am allergy to the combination. Kiam Chai Ark (salted vegie Duck soup) its a very well balance soup, with sourish taste, slightly pepper spicy and soup is strong in salted vegie taste. Love it. @ RM 17

home chef garden (10)

Too Thor Thng Penang version is more towards white pepper spicy as she added in small little pepper balls to cook along, with pork to make the soup taste sweet and too thor is wash clean without the strong musk taste. Dipping with some soy sauce and chew it just nice. @ RM 15

home chef garden (11)

Prawn Coconut Milk is something new to me, shower with creamy coconut gravy and fresh chewy prawns with bitter gourd taste is just unique and good. @ RM 15

home chef garden (12)

Steam Fish is one of the fast moving product on the meal as the soup base is sourish enough to make the girls take more and fine chopping garlic cook along and the fish is fresh. @ RM 38

home chef garden (13)

Kai Lan with Salted fish @ RM 14

home chef garden (14)

I don really like to eat this desert but I must rate it as Super star of the desert is this Bur Bur Cha Cha/Bubur chacha. One of the best I have come across so far, not too creamy in coconut taste yet  ingredients like taro, sweet potato, carrot and some other items being boil till its near soft. Perfect and its cook fresh on every dining sessions with limited quantity.

If you do plan to dine there, remember to call in and reserve x amount of bowls you need. We were lucky as these were the last 2 bowls. As she have many orders specially to take away for this desert only. – Highly Recommended!

home chef garden (15)

Here we are all of us enjoying a great meal at my friends place. Total bill came out about RM 180 which is reasonable.

If you are lazy to cook and plan to enjoy home cook food, definitely here is one of the place to recommend.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, drop by for home cook food~~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Home Chef Garden
Ground Floor Premier Center
Burma Road, 10350 Penang

Tel : 04-2277 881

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