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This place had always been one of my recommended place for fine dining. One of the reason is that they are affordable and not only that, it is helm by a local chef. Chef Gary had been running Champignons at Oasis Square, Ara Damansara for abaout 5 years. His menu change accordingly to season and also base on the ingredients that he can get. Recently, he had created Summer Truffle Menu as one of the main element of this highlight menu.

since the ingredient is in season, the menu is only available from only 25th July till 31st August. This menu I find it quite unique, as not the usual Chef Gary style which is more on French dining. I find his truffle menu is quite technical and adventurous. Unique combination of French and Japanese style.

Champignons (6)

Champignons (7)

Pricing is affordable as for :

  1. 3 course meal @ RM 138 per pax
  2. 4 course meal @ RM 168 per pax
  3. 5 course meal @ RM 208 per pax

Quite an interesting menu as there are more like fusion menu over French dining menu.

Champignons (8)

Starting our meal with white wine.

Champignons (10)

Starting off, you will be serve with chef home made bread. Soft, warm and fluffy. Just do not know why at that moment, I felt that a drench of olive oil will make the bread better.


Champignons (12)

There are a few starter to choose from – Amuse Bouche – Beef Tartar and Black Truffle. bread is nicely toasted, topped beef tartar and the taste of black truffle just blends well with the tartar.

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Among the starter this Truffle Cauliflower Soup – poached Japanese Oyster, Ikura and Sun flower seed. Just simple, delightful and filled with explosion of flavor. One of my personal favorite for the Starter. Light and foamy cauliflower soup covered with the fresh oyster, sunflower and Fish roe. gives you a nice bursting of bitter sour that goes well with the ingredient and freshness of poached oyster still prominent. to me, it is like multi layers of flavors..

Champignons (21)

Champignons (17)

This is pretty interesting where layers of flavors are being developed – Seared Foie Gras with Caramelized Fig – Black Truffle, fig jam, red wine jelly, brioche and red wine jus (add RM 15). Overall I find this is more on the sweeter side, with creamy foie gras, goes well with nicely torch burn fig and hint of truffle is not overpowering. A sip of white wine, just pushes the taste more fragrant.

Champignons (22)

Carbonara with Egg Yolk Confit – Black Truffle, streaky bacon, Parmesan cheese Foam. This is also another interesting starter. Unique of its kind where when you read the menu, you really expect Classic carbonara with egg but turns out to be a unique deconstructed version. Indeed it is a clever dish that play tricks with your mind. The jelly look alike texture that resembles fettuccine, and cream sauce. Right in the middle is the egg yolk and smoked bacon that just enhance on the taste.

Champignons (23)

this is their signature dish in their restaurant. I find it is like a French style Beef Wellington. It is actually Baked Duck Pie with Foie Gras. The smell of the oven baked pastries just trail in the air, with a perfect cook meat in the middle that is soft, pink and juicy. A bite with the meat and pastry is indeed quite pefect.

  • One of a must order dish – recommended!

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Main course

Champignons (28)

Australian Beef Tenderloin – short rib tortellini, butter potato puree, broccoli and jus (add RM 35)

Champignons (29)

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Truffle Chicken Breast – Butter Potato puree, garden peas, white wine sauce and herb foam. Some they like this creamy dish too, cuz a bed of potato puree just captures their heart.


Wild Mushroom Risotto with Shredded Duck -Parmesan Cheese, tempura Oyster mushroom and jus. Among the 3 mains, I like this more. It is simple, fragrant and punch with flavors. The risotto cook to perfection whereby it is still like half cook and the soup stock cook along with its slices of truffle and mushroom, the flavours just combines well.

truffle rissoto



Both dessert are unique in their own taste..  Pandan Creme Brulee – Gula Melaka Ice Cream Both dessert. the base of Pandan is just amazing. It is taste exactly like eating pandan cake but in creamy version. The torch burnt sugar gives it a hint of bitter sweet that it needed and the gula melaka ice cream that gives you the surprise as it is infuse with hint of truffle. Weird combination but I find it pretty good.

white truffle

Strawberry Tart with Truffle Gelato: – Strawberry Sauce and Vanilla pastry ice cream. If you love strong truffle flavour, then this is the dish to hit on. the Truffle gelato is just too good. I can have this whole scoop of savory ice cream myself.

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If you think you are not full from the mains, then you can try out their interesting selection of pastries. I have tried it in their other outlet, and I am totally impress by the technical skills and layer of flavours. [click here]

Champignons (3)


Champignons (5)

Champignons (1)

For reservations and futher assitance please do not hesitate to contact 0378322629 or https://bit.ly/2VPTdvQ

Well, if I were to choose, my recommendation would be:

  1. Truffle Cauliflower Soup – option 2: foie Gras
  2. Wild Mushroom Risotto with Shredded Duck – option 2: steak
  3. Pandan Creme Brulee – option 2:Strawberry Tart with Truffle Gelato

These flavours combination gives me a pretty balance of food taste journey. Of course, I shall leave it to you on what you like for your own 3 course dinner.

Champignons at Oasis Square
B-G-02, Oasis Square,
Ara Damansara, 47301
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-7832 2629

Operating hours: 11am – 3pm/ 6pm – 10pm

When Coffee hype first started, I still remember clearly that Coffee Et Cetera or known as Coffee ETC is one of the earlier player in the scene that is well known for their Belgian Waffle. Back in those days, tried a few times to visit this place while on the way dropping or fetching my friend from Subang Airport where I did not pay my attention to their operating hours which cause me visited them 3 times on Sunday and it was closed. Soon only realize, their business is base on commercial crowd and neighborhood around the area.

Coffee Etc (1)

Coffee Etc (2)

Coffee ETC ambiance sure do give me the hint that they are more like a fast coffee concept, where you do place your order at the counter and also found out that they are a locally establish. Over the years that they have been operating, they have created a unique concept where Café by day, Bar by night .

During night, they have live band to add on the vibe of a little music cafe/bar where service is also different. They do have a service floor staff to take order at your table instead of self service concept in the morning.

Coffee Etc (3)

menu 1

For Coffee lovers, you get to choose 3 different types of beans, from Medium Roast, Dark Roast And Darkest Roast. 


Coffee Etc (5)


Coffee Etc (4)

Lots of magazine for you to flip through

Coffee Etc (6)

Like any other fast coffee chain, self service counter with all the sugars and syrup is at the side and they do have merchandise for you to hunt for too.

Coffee Etc (7)

Coffee Etc (8)

For coffee on that day, we tried Latte Medium Roast @ RM 13.50, Dark Roast and Darkest roast along with Mocha and Chai Latte. To my suprise, their coffee is actually good where I love their Medium roast with mild hint of bitterness and sour at the end is what I prefer. Heavy coffee drinker or taste bud, Darkest roast would be your ideal. I would rate their Chai Latte @ RM 15.50  is more like a entry level, with mild hint of spice yet it is very smooth to drink.

I think their Ice Chocolate @ RM 16.50 blend beats many cafe out there with strong taste of chocolate and well balance.

Coffee Etc (9)

Coffee Etc (10)

To me, this is one of the star drink in the outlet. Icy Fruit Beer is so refreshing that it is quite similiar to those that I drink in one of a night market in Bangkok. It is a well balance of taste of fruit that gives you the sweetness in the blend of beer. A great thirst quencher. RM15

One of a newer item in their list is this soft fluffy pillow buns. Among the two, I prefer Grilled Chicken. Marinated well and love the sauce. Others love their Crispy Chicken with their special home made sauce. Pair it with Icy Fruit Beer, is just perfect. RM 13.50

Coffee Etc (11)

Coffee Etc (12)

Croissant sandwich is one of their best seller in the morning, either Scramble Egg or Tuna.

Coffee Etc (13)

When it hit lunch time, Nasi Lemak is one of their star where chicken is fried to perfection where the skin is crispy and best of all, their sambal do not look only in fiery red, it is indeed spicy enough to make you sweat and go numb.

Coffee Etc (14)

This is something new to me where Spicy Seafood Aglio Olio serve in special bread. Pan Fried Spaghetti with house chicken broth, olive oil, garlic, mushrooms, herbs, chili padi, shrimp, squid and light parmesan cheese @ RM 21.90

Tom Yum Seafood Spaghetti @ RM 17.90 is new in the menu, Pan Fried Tom yum Spaghetti with olive oil, straw mushrooms, herbs, chill padi, shrimp and squid.

Coffee Etc (15)

Coffee Etc (16)

Of course to tried out their well known Belgian Liege Waffles, starting off with original, with Haagen Dazs ice cream is top with Crushed Cookies, Chocolate Syrup & Whipped Cream.

Coffee Etc (18)

Among the four, I love their Original where I like the taste of little sugary and slight crips on the outside yet it is slightly chewy in the middle. The rest might be a little too sweet for me.

Coffee Etc (17)

their Best Seller – Crushed Cookies with Haagen Dazs ice Cream @ RM19.55

Pillow bao_blogger promo

T&C apply: Promotion valid till 9th September 2016

Good news is to all my readers, you get to buy their Pillow Bao for Buy 1 Free 1 just by downloading the coupon or flash the visual to their cashier through my blog. If you are here between 9pm to 11pm, you also get to order their freezing cold beer @ ONLY RM7.50.

Coffee Et Cetera
E-G-08, Oasis Ara Damansara,
Jalan PJU1A/7A, 47301, Petaling Jaya

Tel : +6 012 – 398 7259

Operating Hours:
Mon – Fri                   : 8am till 1am
Saturday and ph     : 11am till 1am
Live performance: 9pm till 12mn daily
Sunday: CloseD

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