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My friend just randomly ring me up out of the blue saying that he had a good Authentic Thai Chicken Rice from Thailand in Scotts Garden, KL, want me to go check it out too. I got curious and went on the weekend itself. Do take note they close on Sunday. 

chohk dee thai chicken riceIt was not hard to find as they are just located few doors away from Coco Steamboat at the back of Scotts garden.

When I saw the stall, I love the vibe of it and realize that they are part of groceries shop. Got curious and asked they are actually same owner from Thai and only recently venture into Thai Chicken Rice. 

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hainanese chicken riceThey guy certainly put alot effort in platting the Chicken rice. He tried to put all the chicken ontop of the rice to make it look nice. 

authentic thai chicken ricethai street food klscotts garden

You look at the Chicken Rice Special @ RM 11.90 comes with gizzard, blood and chicken. Chicken rice smell is certainly drooling as the fragrance of it is so good. You can get some bite of slices ginger. My favourite spare part is the chicken blood. It is so good. 
thai coffee
order their Thai coffee, Thai Ice tea and ofcourse I need my Thai Fanta too. thai combo chicken rice

Chicken Rice Combo @ RM 13.90. NO doubt that the rice is legit. Its smiliar to the kind that I had in one of a famous shop in Bangkok and the rice texture is abit like sticky rice but its not is certainly the texture to look for. Fragrant and do have hint of ginger. Their special homemade sauce pairs very well with the chicken.

Crispy Fried Chicken rice is one of their 2nd best seller. If it is served hot, I believe it will be a great plate of Chicken rice.authentic thai chicken rice klauthentic thai chicken rice pj

After finishing my meal, I go next door to check them out, surprisingly I am blown away with the Thai mini market store. All the products in there are from Thai. When walked in here do feels that I am in Thailand as all the conversation in there is in Thai. 

Then I aim on their crepe. and order 2 flavour. The famous Thai Crepe like I had it in Jodd Fair last year in Bangkok.

thai dessert klthai crepeI ask the Thai guy, what is good and he reply me in Malay that Savoury is their bestseller and of course never say no. When I see how they make it, its with Sambal, crab meat. It turns out to be better than expected. The crepe best advise to eat it while its hot to enjoy some crispiness and the texture is slightly different as its abit soft end like our Pancake.  If you are adventurous, its worth to give it a try.

sweet. – order this cuz they have one of the ingredients that I am looking at which Thai sweet desserts usually have it. I ask them they also do not know how to convert the wording for me in English , BM or Mandarin.

thai sausagethai bbq klfoi thongthis thai crepe is Foi Thong is the ingredient that I aim for last round in Jodd Fair, Bangkok and now they have it here. Certainly do order. RM 8 and it is actually quite big.

for savory I order their Spicy which turns out to be good too. Can check em out. RM 8 too, taste quite like Bangkok.thai fresh produce klYou can actually filled your Thai groceries here as they have all the famous brands like Thai Lays, tomyum maggie mee, facial products, thai cutleries and others. I am guessing that easily more than 500 items.

They do have fresh ingredients too. I ask the lady she reply me in Mandarin, saying that their fresh ingredients come in every Monday and Thursday. Thats where alot Thai people come in to grab their ingredients.

the ladies share to me that their fresh produce comes in from Hatyai every Monday and Thursday. thai fresh veggie klthai mart pjthai mart klyou can easily grab your Thai snacks, sauces, noodle and many other stuff in this groceries store. I think is by far the largest Thai mini mart that I have come across in KL.thai snacksthe scotts garden old klang road


Chohk De Thai Chicken Rice

Lot 1, 1-5, The Scott Garden,

58200 Kuala Lumpur

operating hours: 10am – 7pm (close Sunday)

Tel: 016-389 9449

When I was driving to this place, it seems like the area would not have a bar as it seems out from Old Klang Road. Indeed Sakura Den located at Off Old Klang Road is actually in Kampung Pasir area. After checking this place out, this would be one of a recommended speakeasy bar in Old Klang Road to hunt for.

This hidden bar in KL is head by Arsenio Mariano Jr., better known as Ash. Holding up as winner of the Bar Awards Luminaries 2019. With his vast exploration around South East Asia had is making his drinks quite adventurous.  A local mixologist Sabahan that did pretty outstanding drinks with local infusion.

Sakura Den (1)

A  place where the regulars come often for their usual drink with a glass or two before heading back to their home.

Sakura Den (2)

Sakura Den (3)

Sakura Den (4)

Cocktail’s Creed, which takes place every Sunday from now until March 2020, sets guests up for a surprise with every drink. Going against the grain, Ash prefers that you tell him the flavours or ingredients you don’t like, and he’ll conjure up a custom cocktail that just might make your favourites list.

Select 2 cocktails for RM70+ or 3 cocktails for RM90+ and journey with Ash through unique flavour profiles derived from using house-made ingredients such as ginseng flower and tongkat ali infusions, peach gum, and jujube syrup. Ask him about Mexican worm salt aka sal de gusano and he’ll be happy to oblige your curiosity.

Sakura Den (5)

Sakura Den (6)

Sakura Den (7)

Sakura Den (8)

For some quick snacks/bites, hit on  their :
1. Tomato Salsa Bruschetta  with feta cheese @ RM16+
2. Chili Garlic Prawns served with garlic bread @ RM18+
3. Fish Metti catfish with coriander, butter and Parmesan cheese baked with garlic bread @ RM18+

Sakura Den (9)

Sakura Den (10)

For a start, we try out his signature: Birds Nest Kinsey Gin, Birds Nest, Peach Gum Infused With Longan Jujube Syrup & Ume @ RM 48. Clever mix of flavour that gives you hint of longan jujube along with peach gum gives you the substitute of bird next texture and gin that goes well with it. A nice balance of flavour.

Sakura Den (11)

Sakura Den (12)

Sakura Den (13)

Twisted Queen – Brugal Blanco, Carpano Antica Formula, Mangosteen Juice, Pandan Syrup, Lime @ RM 36

Sakura Den (14)

Sakura Den (15)

For a simple light drink to go with, as I want to maintain my palate for the night simple. Ginza SpritzKinsey Gin, Mathilde Poire Liqueur, Nigori Yuzushu, Shiso leaves, Lemon and a splash of Soda @ RM 38 is one of a right drink to hunt for. Simple yet spot on with few flavours that linger in your mouth.

Sakura Den (16)

This is like the limited edition bottle or its supply is very limited, only 1000 bottles produce a year. Ume Hi One of a very unique flavour. Its kind of must try if you are a gin lover. A clean and refreshing cocktail that uses Benichu 19° – an oak barrel matured umeshu.

Sakura Den (17)

Kopi Jantan – an espresso based cocktail with a local influence using our house-infused Borghetti liqueuer with Tongkat Ali root. A rather interesting cocktail that gives you hint of bitterness yet liquier is not too strong but slightly prominent.

Sakura Den (19)

I am a big fan of Negroni and especally smokey negroni. However for their version  of Sakura Negroni Sakurao Original, Umeshu,Chartreuse Gentiano @ RM 48. There is a slight twist. It is refershing yet, a strong lingering flavour of chartreuse and mild after sourness from umeshu is kinda interesting twist after it.

Sakura Den (20)

Sakura Den (21)

Now I really know there is this hidden speakeasy bar that serve pretty good cocktail. Even  better if you are indecisive, just inform Ash on your flavour profile  and ask him to surprise you. I think that would be quite adventurous.

Sakura Den
First Floor,
24, Jalan Kampung Pasir,
Kampung Pasir,
58200 Kuala Lumpur,

Operating Hours: 5pm – 1am

TeL: 012-393 8627

Kimi-Ya Japanese Restaurant is like a hidden restaurant located under a residence tower at Old Klang Road. Consider as one of a mid-high end range of Japanese Restaurant that offer variety of classic cuisine.

Kimiya (2)

Kimiya (3)

You get a Japanese Zen entrance with some classic design. A classic combination of modern interior with classic touch. If you love to see chef performing cutting on sashimi, then opt for bar area.

Kimiya (4)

Kimi-Ya menu has huge varieties, covering dishes from appetizers, salad to sushi, sashimi, agemono, teishoku, udon, soba, Japanese curry, nimono, yakimono, dessert, among others.

Kimiya (5)

Sashimi Mori Ume (7 Kind) to start off with. The fresh ingredient of chef choice will be serve in this portion.

Kimiya (6)


Kimiya (7)

Something more premium, then Maguro Don would be one of a good choice, love the cut of the fish and just hit the sashimi spot that I crave.


Kimiya (8)

The classic that I usually order for sharing portion is Unagi Cheese Roll and Avocado Ebi Mentai Roll.

Kimiya (9)

Kimiya (10)

Japan Ayu Shioyaki

Kimiya (11)

Another great dish for sharing portion is their Ribeye Shabu Shabu. Love the shoyu sauce that they add in it, and the clarity of the soup. Sweet and fragrant, dipping along with finely cut thin slice ribeye is just nice

Kimiya (12)

Kimiya (13)

This is my favourite of the day. Something very simple yet a perfect classic dish that I have been looking for. Zaru Somen is handmade daily from premium flour from Japan, and serve with quail egg and home special soy sauce.

Way to eat 1:
What I have been thought to eat this is: to pour the quail egg onto the noodle to make it creamy, then lift the noodle, dip it into the soy sauce and, stir it for quick 1-3 second and eat it.

Way to eat 2:
in this restaurant the chef thought me the other way. Add in the quail egg into the soy sauce base without breaking the yolk. This is to preserve the smoothness of somen then take the somen and dip into the soy sauce for 1-3 second. This will give you the best taste where the somen is smooth, make it slightly creamy and soy sauce fragrant coat nicely onto it. A nice balance of noodle, soy sauce and egg.

you can try both ways to see what is the different.

Kimiya (14)

Kimiya (15)

If you got budget, this is the best of the day. A5 Wagyu (120 grams) @ RM 128 A perfertly grilled wagyu that outer layer is just thinly grilled and inside is still medium rare. the fats that it have that near to melt in your mouth texture. Recommended.

Kimiya (16)

After visiting Tokyo, I have been looking out Dashimaki Tamago Yaki. Still looking for one that cooks pretty good.

Kimiya (17)

Mizu Shingen Mochi

Kimiya (18)

Yuzu Sobet, Goma Ice Cream,  Matcha Shiratama Zenzai

February 2018 Special:
Akimo (Monkfish Liver) @ RM26
Valid from 1st February 2018 until 28th February 2018

G-2, Avantas Residences,
162, Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +013 239 3406

Parking: Free Valet parking (when dine in at Kimi-Ya), indoor visitor parking

Facebook: www.facebook.com/KimiYa.Malaysia/

Business Hours:
Mon to Thurs Lunch: 12.00pm – 3.00pm | Dinner 6.00pm – 10.30pm
Fri to Sun Lunch: 11.30am – 3.00pm | Dinner 6.00pm – 11.00pm

One of a local Korean Bar – PowerPlant is one of my favourite place to dine and hang out. Great Food, music and ambiance along with excellent service. PowerPlant sits inside this new neighbourhood mall – Pearl Shopping Gallery at Old Klang Road.

Power Plant (1)

Power Plant (2)

Power Plant (3)

Power Plant (4)

Power Plant (5)

Power Plant (6)

Instead of a bucket of beer, we order a bucket of soju as we are here again for Marcus’s Birthday.

Power Plant (7)

Power Plant (8)

Power Plant (9)

One of my favourite is their Signature Garlic Soy Chicken wings @ RM 24. Deep fried chicken wings coated in their signature garlic soy glaze with pickle at the side.

Power Plant (10)

Charcoal Grilled Pizza – Power PLant Luncheon Meat and Kimchi Pizza @ RM 31.80. – pork luncheon meat, kimchi, green & yellow onions, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and power plants special gochujang marinara sauce.

Power Plant (11)

This was favourite of the night or usually we would not miss this if we are here. Their signature Hot Pot. We tried both before :

  1. Pork Belly & Pork Luncheon @ RM 37
  2. Baby Shrimp & Squid @ RM 44.50 

Power Plant (12)

This hotpot is actually one of the best if were to compare the places I have tried. Love the punch of instant spiciness, slightly thick soup base which is so flavourful and refill soup. My personal favourite is the one with luncheon meat.

Power Plant (13)

Galbi Quesadilla @ RM 26.50 – Korean style wrap, gochujang pork, yellow onions, bacon & cheese sandwich in between a warm wheat tortilla.

Power Plant (14)

Since there were many of us this round, we also ordered their Pork Knuckle with an interesting name: PowerPlant Kaki Babi @ RM 65.50. Not really that fantastic but the skin crust is pretty good.

Power Plant (15)

PowerPlant Ribs & Frieds @ RM 67.50 – Korean pork ribs, slathered with sticky & spicy sesame dakgalbi glaze.

Power Plant (17)

Bailey Cheesecake @ RM 26.50 is quite an interesting one. Frozen cheesecake cubes tossed with fruits and almons in a Nutella laced cup served with a shot of Baileys.

Power Plant (18)

Power – Plant @ RM 18.80 

Power Plant (19)


Power Plant (21)

Hot pot that I added cheese in it.

Power Plant (22)


Power Plant (24)

PowerPlant Kimchi Bacon Bombs @ RM 27.50 – perfect for bacon lover, kimchi and mozzarella cheese, wrapped with bacon, then breaded and deep fried.

Power Plant (25)

Power Plant (26)

Fun night with the usual great bunch. If you are here, you can consider avoid ordering their mains as the price are slightly on the high side. However, there are a few items is worth for you to order if you are first time visiting this place:

  1. HotPot
  2. Chicken Wings
  3. Pizza


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8.5/10, pretty good – !! -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Powerplant Malaysia
Ground Floor, Pearl Shopping Gallery,
Jalan Sepadu, Off Old Klang Road,
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-7971-6732

Operating Hours:
Daily : 10am – 1.30am

Just found out that I have been to this restaurant 2 years ago during my birthday celebration in this Chinese restaurant, Youmiqi Cuisine at Old Klang Road, KL. It is also a cuisine from a small province in China which is pronounced as Shunde (顺德), is a district of Foshan in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong. It is also the birth place of Canto Cuisine.

This place is indeed a hidden gem in KL that serve pretty good China food.

Youmiqi Cuisine (1)

Parking space here is very limited, however one good added point is they do have jockey service.

Youmiqi Cuisine (2)

If you do swing by here on weekend, do remember to put up a reservation as it is constantly fully book.

Youmiqi Cuisine (3)

As we arrived, we were very hungry and this is the first classic dish we hit on while waiting for others. China style Chee Cheong Fun. Smooth and fragrant yet it is indeed simple and nice.

Youmiqi Cuisine (4)

Youmiqi Cuisine (5)

Simple fried long beans with black bean sauce.

Youmiqi Cuisine (6)

Youmiqi Cuisine (7)

A plate of classic China Fried potato is a must. Shreded into slices and fried with chili oil is indeed simple and good.

Youmiqi Cuisine (8)

Another classic dish of their signature is Claypot with Chinese Sausage @ RM38 /portion. that is topped with a lot of greens. Till it is a bit dry then stir it around and mix well. You will get then the even taste of flavour with some minir burnt end which makes it good.

Youmiqi Cuisine (9)


Youmiqi Cuisine (10)

Classic steam pork ribs with black fungus. Soft, juicy with hint of ginger and nice fragrant soy sauce is good!

Youmiqi Cuisine (11)

One of the famous item in YouMiQi is their Hotpot of Seafood (太古火焰鱼) that is serve in a big work filled with seafood, then filled with their special broth and cook for 5 minutes before eating.  Love the taste of the broth. Thick, smooth and creamy yet rich in flavour.

Youmiqi Cuisine (12)


Youmiqi Cuisine (13)

Another signature item from this restaurant is Roasted Standing Ovation Chicken (顺德栋企) @ RM 88.00. Standing tall like a flag pole is this nicely placed chicken that smells very good upon serving. Golden skin is indeed tempting and it is crispy. The drip of chicken stock is at the side and you can use to dip it with your meat. Stock is fragrant with slight herb taste, and dip it to enhance the taste of the chicken.

Youmiqi Cuisine (14)

Youmiqi Cuisine (15)

Youmiqi Cuisine (16)

Happy birthday to myself 2 years ago. 😀

This place indeed do serve good food. Will come back again.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, pretty good food!.-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

57 Batu 3 Jalan Klang Lama
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-7980-0855

Open: 11.00am-3.00pm; 6.00pm-11.00pm

Drove pass by this nice building at Old Klang Road a few times and very curious what is it about till recently we went to check it out aas they are  1st authentic Taiwanese imperial served-to-table hot pot buffet in Malaysia known as Taiwanese Chun Ciou Hot Pot Buffet (台湾自助式火锅 春秋战锅 ) at RM 75++, only 2 hour dining time.

[27.3.2018: Was told by my friend recently that their quality had dropped] 

Chun Ciou Hotpot (1)

Chun Ciou Hotpot (2)

As you walk in the main door, I am amaze on how they transform the place into such a classic place.

Chun Ciou Hotpot (3)

Chun Ciou Hotpot (4)

Love the ambiance and it is quite spacious between you and next table. They have 1st floors in this building as I felt that if you love nice ambiance then ground floor do give you a lovely ambiance. If you love more privacy then 1st floor would be more ideal. More quiet and table is quite far apart from each other.

Chun Ciou Hotpot (5)

This buffet is quite similiar like Sukiya, just that they have more variety.

Chun Ciou Hotpot (10)

特选肉品 Specially Selected Meats
将军霜降牛 Australian Striploin
霜王雪花牛 Australian Ribeyes
诸葛嫩肩里肌羊 Lamb Shoulder Roll
干将梅花猪 Pork Belly
莫邪烟熏猪前腿 Pork Shoulder
春秋鸡柳条 Chicken Fillet
金陵樱桃鸭 Duck Roll

Chun Ciou Hotpot (11)

One of their signature is this Australian Striplion serve in a rack that do have a little gimmick with dry ice upon serving.

火锅料 Other Steamboat Ingredients
章鱼烧 Taro Fish Ball
诚心丸 Sincere Ball
咖啦鱼丸 Curry Fish Ball
芝士海鲜豆腐 Cheese Seafood Bean Curd
芝士虾丸 Cheese Prawn Ball
虾球王 Premium Prawn Ball
红心丸 Red Heart Ball
香菇鱼丸 Mushroom Fish Ball
精品墨鱼丸 Premium Cuttlefish Ball
鱼包花枝 Fish and Squid Mixture
火腿肉丸 Ham Ball
白 鱼丸 White Fish Ball
鲍鱼片 Abalone Slice
百页豆腐 Special Tofu
玉字烧 Tamago

Chun Ciou Hotpot (11.1)

副食 Side Dishes
乌冬面 Udon Noodles / 冬粉 Dongfen / 菠菜面 Spinach Noodles /
腐竹 Beancurd Skin / 豆腐卜Beancurd Puff / 油条 Fried Breadstick
蔬菜类 Vegetables
红萝卜 Carrot / 白萝卜 White Carrot / 南瓜 Pumpkin / 卷心菜 Cabbage /
鲍鱼菇 Abalone Mushroom / 金针菇 Golden Mushroom / 香菇 Mushroom /
西红枣 Tomota / 山药 Chinese Yam / 红薯 Sweet Potato / 毛瓜 Chieh Gua /
木耳 Chinese Fungus / 大白菜 Bok Choy / 油麦 Yau Mak / 茄子 Eggplant

Chun Ciou Hotpot (12)

Their “Nu Rou Rice” is damm good too as it is pack with flavours.

Chun Ciou Hotpot (13)

As for your drink counter, it is free flow and do try out their Taiwanese tea.

Chun Ciou Hotpot (14)

酱料 Sauces & Condiments
青葱 Green Onion
大蒜 Chopped Garlic
辣椒 Chilli Sauce
泰国辣酱 Thai Chill Sauce
水果酱 Fruit Sauce
沙茶酱 Satay Paste
酱油 Soy Sauce
香菜 Parsley
芝麻酱 Sesame Sauce
豆腐乳 Fermented Bean Curd

Chun Ciou Hotpot (23)

6 types of soup bases available ~ Sukiyaki Soup, Lakesalt Soup, Tonkatsu Soup, Spicy Soup, Herbal Soup, Tonyam Soup

Chun Ciou Hotpot (15)

We try their  Sukiyaki Soup, Lakesalt Soup, Tonkatsu Soup, & Spicy Soup as we felt Taiwanese steamboat choose tomyum is very weird.

Their Signature soup is Sukiyaki Soup & Lakesalt Soup and I believe alot of customers like me will eventually choose Tonkatsu Soup, & Spicy Soup.

Sukiyaki soup is pretty solid in taste that you can taste hint of nice aroma of soy with sweet end. If you soup is too thick or too sweet, there is a bottle of water for you at the table to add on to dilute. For Lake Salt Soup is pretty interesting is more like a clear pork bone soup. First when you taste it is pretty clear as the more ingredinets you dump into it, the soup become more solid. (these 2 soup start off with clear version as you dip more the soup become more solid and tasty)

Tonkatsu soup itself is already very strong, slightly creamy and aromatic as like eating Ramen. As the more you put ingredient in, it will become more salty. Do note that that Taiwanese Spicy soup is not meat to be very spicy like Sze Chuan. Their verison is slightly clear, and fragrant with mild spices. (these 2 soup base will become more salty as you add in more ingredient)

Chun Ciou Hotpot (7)

Each of us are prepared with a mini slim tray of ingredient.

Chun Ciou Hotpot (16)

This is their signature sauce known as  Chun Ciou Signature Sauce (招牌酱汁) from the raw ingredients!
Just follow these 4 simple steps below:
Step 1. Put Sesame Sauce into the bowl (Put more for sweeter taste)
Step 2. Add Egg Yolk for a smoother texture
Step 3. Add finely-chopped fresh Spring Onions (Add more for better texture)
Step 4. Sprinkle some Shichimi Powder (Add more for spicier flavour)

This golden egg yolk sukiyaki sauce which helps enhance the meat texture and juiciness while bringing down the hot pot heat on the meat.

Chun Ciou Hotpot (17)

Tommy helping us out to dump all the ingredient into the hotpot.

Chun Ciou Hotpot (18)

This is also one of their signature as this might sound weird but their Muar Chi is air flown from Taiwan into this restaurant and purpose is to put into hotpot. Just put about 1-2 minute then you can take it out and eat. Do be caution as the sesame filling in it is hot. It is more like a dessert for me. Love the chewy texture and not too strong sesame taste.

Chun Ciou Hotpot (19)


Chun Ciou Hotpot (20)

Their wasabi ball is a must have too as it burst with aroma and makes you burst into wasabi flame too. Do eat with caution too as in there is a little soup base in it. Do take insta story of your friends expression.

Chun Ciou Hotpot (21)

This is my version of sauce, as another of their local favourite is their fruit sauce. Fragrant in fruit aroma yet little sour and spicy/.

Chun Ciou Hotpot (22)

When you are done, they do have in house dessert such as:

甜品 Desserts
柠檬砂糖片 Sweet Lemon Slice
红豆汤 Red Bean Soup
冰淇淋 Ice Cream
Chun Ciou Hot Pot Malaysia Price List 
Adults Lunch: Mon to Fri from 12noon to 3pm RM60++
Adults Dinner: Mon to Fri from 5pm to 11pm RM75++
Adults All Day: Sat & Sun RM75+


Chun Ciou Hot Pot (春秋战锅)
Lot 306, Batu 3,
Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: 012-6882860, 016-5454348, 018-2776503
Facebook: fb.com/chunciouhotpotmalaysia

Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/uFzzyRNQ2WN2

Chunciou Hot Pot 马来西亚春秋战锅 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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