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Good night sleep is very important for each of us. A good sleep gives us a great energy the next day. To find a mattress that suits you is actually hard and especially to buy online. Good thing is, Origin Mattress is actually a new Malaysian homegrown brand that would want us to get an awesome sleep mattress that do not cost a bomb.

Origin Mattress

Mattress is also very important whereby we spend nearly 1/3 of our day on bed or sleeping. what I am saying is like 6-8 hours you will be on your bed. Hence a good bed will be one of factor you should consider.

Origin Mattress comes with a few sizes which is the usual and there is a special promotion running at the moment:

  1. Origin Hybrid Mattress :Single (90cm x 190cm) @ RM 2,145 (now : RM 1,225)
  2. Origin Hybrid Mattress: Super Single (107cm x 190cm) @ RM 3,066 (now : RM 1,531)
  3. Origin Hybrid Mattress: Queen (152cm x 190cm) @ RM 3,987 (now : RM 1,839)
  4. Origin Hybrid Mattress : King (183cm x 190cm) @ RM 6,137 (now : RM 2,487)

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For any assistance with your order, you can reach Origin’s customer support team directly at [email protected]

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I am fascinated on how they manage to compress this into a roll. Which do have pocket spring too. It is vacumm packed and once you cut open, it will take about 1-3 minutes to get it inflated.



with every purchase, it comes with free delivery. For a bed with such weight, i am sure it would not come cheap. However the best part is that, it comes with 15 years warranty. And after 3 months or 120 nights of trial, you felt that you do not like it. You can opt for return and refund. They will come pick up from your home.

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Origin mattress do fell like it is an expensive product and of course a bed will be like your own preference. some like it soft, some like it hard. For me, the best will be like those kind of 5 star hotel, where once you sleep it will sink in. The top layer is so soft. However, this mattress is just a nice fit for the price that we are paying.

mattress review

This Origin Mattress is an award winning mattress with its Origin hybrid technology.

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A combination that makes your sleep sail like a smooth ship to its destination. It is also design for Orthopedic. My dad love this bed so much and asking that should we get another one?

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The 6 layer mattress comes with :

  1. Top layer:

    Origin® Airflow Tencel : Hypoallergenic premium surface layer that’s ultra-soft with extraordinary breathability – making it feel like you’re sleeping on a cool cloud.

    • Odour Free • Anti-Fungal • Anti-Dustmite • Anti-Bacterial • Hypoallergenic

  2. Follow by Second Layer:

    Natural Latex Layer : The natural latex layer dissipates heat while providing the mattress with a natural bounce and supportive firmness.

  3. Origin® Cooling Gel Ventilated Memory Foam : Our Hypercool™ cooling technology provides best-in-class cooling with super efficient heat dissipation in high-density, high rebound memory foam.

  4. Origin® Reflex Support Layer : Made with a proprietary blend of high-rebound open cell foam and latex, the reflex support layer gives that extra support that creates a pain-free sleep experience and allows our pocket springs to work at their best.

  5. Corner Support Design : We solve the problem most memory foam mattresses face by adding an innovative edge support technology that prevents slipping & dipping at the sides.

  6. Vanadium Calico Encased Pocket Springs: The highest quality of individually pocketed springs form the foundation of the Origin Hybrid Mattress. Long lasting and highly responsive, these springs are made with state-of-the-art motion isolation technology, making motion on the mattress quietly isolated.

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Origin Mattress unboxing

Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow is also specially design. If you like slightly firm pillow and is on the high on neck, this could be your choice. My dad know treat this as his main pillow as he loves firm pillow.

I like those featherlike with 2 stack on top  also check out  30 Best Comfortable Pillows in Singapore

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Origin Mattress review

I have tested this for a few nights. Slept soundly and the top layer of its softness, I quite like it. If you move around alot, the bed does not vibrate or move alot. It will not affect alot to your partner next to you.

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this is also how I spend my time on bed by scrolling through alot on my phone. It is quite important that a comfy bed is crucial where you will spend nearly 1/3 of your 24 hours on bed.

To give yourself a new mattress or at least a 120 days trail, click here to purchase. 

For any assistance with your order, you can reach Origin’s customer support team directly at [email protected]


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