Otsukimi Mooncake 2016


time indeed is fast forwarding in a pace that I could not recognise, especially for year 2016. Just in a blink of an eye, Mid Autumm Festival is just around the corner where me and my friends jokingly said, Pikachu lantern will be the best seller character for this year. Besides lantern, mooncake  is then next highlight where Komugi had come out with their Otsukimi Mooncake series.

Komugi Mooncake (0)

Love their packaging as they created rabbit as their main character with a story around it. Love their Baum which is soft and fluffy.

Komugi Mooncake (1)

Komugi Mooncake (2)

Komugi Mooncake (3)


Now they have early rabbit discounts with additional 10% if you take a box of 4. Valid till 2nd September.

For more info, you can check their website – www.komugi.com.my or FB – www.facebook.com/KomugiMalaysia

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