Last round on the featured, its on 2 young Malaysians and this round, lets get up close and personal with Zamri Baba fromPETRONAS Syntium Moto Yamaha AHM Team with 28 years old already making progress in this motorsports industry.

Growing his interest in this motorsports that kick start off from a hobby then later he found his love towards it and started to grow and now he had makes his name in this industry.

If you do have a passion and would want to be a great rider like him, just click on the video below to see how he turn to be one of the pro’s

I have always love F&B industry. I just do not know why, as my passion grew stronger in this industry. Just wish one day I can own one cafe too. Its like how I feel very happy when I heard any of my friend are into F&B business, with most of them are quite successful. Another friend that I am proud off that he started his small little cafe Coffee Chemistry Signature  which is quite well know among my circle of friends that located in Sunway Giza (click here) and now he had expand to a new classy and bigger outlet.

Since he just open his new outlet, me and my friend just head there to had a simple dinner and also to try out some of their new range of food.

Coffee Chemistry (1)

With new rebranding under Coffee Chemistry Signature that located on the ground floor of newly open First Subang Mall that host a few famous brand like Overtime, Library, Chatime and a few more.

Coffee Chemistry (2)

Coffee Chemistry Signature had a totally new concept compare to their first outlet as I guess that they have improve more and had turn to a more serious restaurant now.

Coffee Chemistry (3)

A place which is more for dining purposes that had divided into two sections.

Coffee Chemistry (4)

They also have a more private sections which can host about 8-10 pax at one go.

Coffee Chemistry (5)

For students or more leisure working people who like a place to chill can head to their cozy sofa area, sunk your ass there, order a drink and you can just relax there or can make yourself busy.

Coffee Chemistry (6)

Busy as in they have many types of board game for you to play.

Coffee Chemistry (7)

Flipping thru their menu, they have extend more food and choice of drinks already.

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For most of the guys, we always do have a wish list that a few items that we must have. One of the item in my wish list is definitely a nice glam watch when I can afford on later stage in my life. Whenever I accompany my friend shopping, I always tend to window shop for watch and dream of getting one of those.

Well, when comes to watches, any guy sure can name you at least 5 brand names and I am pretty sure that this brand is no stranger to all of us. TUDOR!

Many regard this brand as a exclusive brand and I just got to known that TUDOR is a swiss made watch that actually park under a big company of a well know old classic brand, Rolex as it is targeted for younger trendy market and the brand is actively market around the world, especially in motor sports.

I mean motor sports as one of the motor sports that they have engage in is, they have been partnering with Porsche Motorsport that you can view more details at their TUDORporschemotorsports website.

When I get to know more about the brand, I grew the interest in checking up their official website on the watch collection that they have and I like the details of the watch, which is simple, elegant and sophisticated.

For year 2011, TUDOR redefine the brand to suits current resolution and sophisticated modern identity to balance up style and technical performance. As for this year, TUDOR launch and updated version of the TUDOR Heritage Advisor model which is one of the brand emblematic pieces also to maintain its unique value with six decades heritage homage.

With its new look and dimension, TUDOR is giving a new look to its existing GRANTOUR line collection which is specially devoted its passion on motor sports by redesigning its previous two collection Grantour Date and Grantour Chrono models along to introduce their new masterpiece Grantour Chrono Fly-Back.

 Grantour Chrono Fly-Back

What’s the unique element that added into this new watch is allow consecutive time intervals to be measured rapidly with its fly chronograph reset and instant reset functions.

TUDOR Grantour Chrono

 TUDOR Grantour Date

Check out the video below. . .



Genre: Drama/ Musical/ Romance

For those who love musical movie like Moulin Rouge or Chicago as Burlesque is one of the latest movie with good dance coordination and singing in the movie that will amaze you .. .

The movie is about a young girl went into Los Angeles to look for better career in dancing where her passion is. . .till she walk into this club Burlesque she was stunned by their performance and wish to get into the group. With her hard work and determination she had made it the best in the club. . .

Quite a nice movie to watch if you enjoy musical and dancing movie ..

– Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped –

Overall ratings 8/10, enjoy myself throughout the movie~

– The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk –



Genre: Action/ Drama/ Adventure

I heard quite a few feedback that this movie is actually good, Sanctum which is directed by the director who film Titanic and Avatar. . . his movie is certainly worth to watch . .until I watch this movie only realize that it is a true story . .

Movie about a group of people that is so keen in exploring places where no man had step before on our earth planet that makes themselves caves explorer and cave divers, that this team had discover the largest cave system on earth which makes it lease accessible. As when the tropical storm approach which the team had lost connection on the surface, without realizing that rain pour heavily and start drowing the cave with the rest of the people down there fighting for survival.

Filled with kan cheong’ness and to watch in 3-D had good effect. Nice movie to catch for the weekend.

– Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped –

Overall ratings 8.5/10,watch in 3-D you will be amaze. .

– The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk –



Genre: Comedy/Love

i guess this movie need not to reveal much as the title had mention everything .. means more like a ‘friends with benefits’ which is happening everywhere around the world. . . that turn that their affair had turn to love. . .

if you feel bored or down, a good movie to watch as you will enjoy the jokes if you understand as me and my friend the only people laughing in the cinema most of the time . .

– Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped –

Overall ratings 8.5/10,good n funny~

– The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk –


One of the hope for local F&B industry that one day a publisher will come out with a book for food guide that I did own one when I was in Melbourne, that every time me and my housemate have no idea of what to eat, the food surely comes handy as the recommended food in the book never fail to impress. My version was Cheap Food Guide by The Age year 2005 and they have a few versions of it, one which is Good Food Guide.

I am very happy that recently I get to know that actually we have a local author with a passion to eat and that she was actually involve in hotel management, that is where she began to fall in love with food and since then have been a food hunter and become a blogger since year 2005 ( jommakan.blogspot.com ) and with her compilation throughout the year, she is the author of a new book that recommending all the nice food around KL area, Not Only a Good Food Guide.

Front Cover

Her new book are available now in most of the bookstores in town that cost around RM42 per book, that will comes in handy to hunt for food.

NST 10 May 2010


And not until yesterday night, we manage to catch up with the author herself which is very warm and passionate to food, of course as a foodie, her signature is a must in the new book that I just got.

Me and Alice Yong (the author)

Genre: Ducumantary/ Music

After this watching this show, I am really amazed what he did, choreograph, lead the music and dance move with his creativity and how he do the whole performance with such passion and with a great love of music in it. He is truly a legend. With his age now and he is still able to dance like what he did back in those days and I felt his hard work and practice and I even just realize that no wonder so many people are willing to pay so much just to watch his concert and the audience is just amazing. It’s a amazing show.

Would actually recommend watching it on movie day or grabbing an ori DVD to keep and watch it with got surround system.

— Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —

Overall ratings 10/10, Good Documantary show, Recommended~

— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —

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