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One of the most recent hype I see it happening over instagram over a few of my Penang friends is this new Spanish bar – Patio Bar de Tapas. Looking at their pictures, the whole environment is really impressive and I was back to Penang over last weekend and arrange all my good friends to have dinner & drinks there.

This place is quite easy to be located as if you are coming from the coastal highway, once you reach the Tan/ Chew Jetty is on your left, whereby also hard for you to miss it as this is one of the most classy yet outstanding frontage you can get in the whole stretch of shoplot.

Patio (1)

Some of my friends reach early and I made my reservation 1 week ahead which I normally do if I arrange any group of friends to meet up and I was furious that they told me my name was not in the list yet I got their confirmation thru FB page. Nevertheless when I reach, luckily the situation already sorted out, if not I will be cursing them for inefficient of handling my reservation, also I was there early and I manage to pick and choose my table locations. Then only understand further that there are 2 different people that handle 2 things without a proper communications as the guy that confirm my reservation he is in oversea and the floor staff was not inform. Well well, this is what happen when the outlet is new.

Patio (2)

As upon I step into this outlet, I am impress with the whole interior that they really convert this mini area into a whole new dimension that really have Spanish influences. I Google what does Patio means in Spanish if they really reflect on the meaning which is courtyard. Well, it do look something similar as with little tress being buried around the corner also filled with wooden furnishing backed by rustic, brick walls.

This outlet is divided into 3 area to be exact, one which is the picture above outdoor and its pretty warm . .

Patio (3)

Love the bar area as with the lighting and its very comfortable and when it hits after 10 pm, this place is super crowded.

Patio (4)

Patio (5)

Another area which is upstairs which I think more for private or want to be away from all those massive crowd, it would be a suitable place or even host your little private functions. For my dinner, I have requested it to move up for me.

Patio (6)

 Not a huge space, only with 5 tables and max can  host about 30 pax. Since I am here for the dinner, the menu is rather simple, and its easy for me to order, we ordered the WHOLE menu. Yap. WHOLE but then its only 15 items.

Patio (7)

Food came rather quick which suprise us as we never thought it would be so efficient. My whole order came less than 15 minutes. Gambas @ RM18 . Chargrilled garlic prawns were served on a black plate and came sprinkled with cilantro, red chilis, garlic, parsley, olive oil and salt.

Patio (8)

Calamares @ RM 18 – Pork stuffed calamari with squid ink
Bombas @ RM19 were presented in a line-up on a wooden chopping board. .

Patio (9)

Almejas @ RM 18 – clams with white wines

Patio (10)

Barriga @ RM 19 – Pork Belly with apple and carrot purree

Patio (11)

Her Favourite @ RM22 – Baked chorizo with tomato, mahon, and egg (limit to 5 per day)

Patio (12)

Hongnos @ RM 12 –   Garlic Mushroom

Patio (13)

Char Grilled Pork Ribs @ Half (RM 35)/ Full (RM 60)

Patio (14)

If you are here for a drink and 2 things that you can only consider for snacks are their Pollo @ RM 15 – fried chicken fillet with alioli & Pierna @ RM 11 – Squid leg with spicy sour sauce that pairs quite well with beer.

When they forgot about my last this which is Paella, we quickly cancel it as the food experience were rather a straight forward, or in a way its a disaster that most of us that comes to a conclusion that their food is a failure. For the first time in our dining experience, non of the item impress us. They really have to buck up their kitchen and serve something which do impress for food and looking at their menu, guess this arent their main concentration. Hopefully they will get better in few months time. After that we still head to Line clear for more food.

Overall if you are here for to catch up with friends and hangout, surely its one of a nice place to drop by and do aware that this place is easily overcrowded cuz its small. Do grab their cocktail as some of my friend say its pretty good and currently they are doing Happy Hour promotion all night long for beers till further notice.

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-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 2/10, food is disaster  -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Patio Bar de Tapas
49F, Pengkalan Weld,
George Town, Penang.

Tel: +6012 311 0442

Opening times:
Tue-Sun, 5.30pm till late; closed on Mon

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