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I am sure many of you are as confuse as I am. is Robert Char Koey Teow a Franchise? Not only till recently a few people share with me that its actually a family chain and I was introduce to visit the Original Famous Penang Robert Char Koey Teow in Damansara Kim, PJ. To get a decent Penang Char Koey Teow in KL is not easy. 

I am sure alot of you have tried Penang Char Koey Teow and of course it is down to personal taste. While He was frying, I had a quick chat with him. This Original Robert Char Koey Teow was founded by him 40 years ago under his name Robert. Currently where he is operating is the latest location he was here.

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Other location you see such as Famous Robert Char Koey Teow in Section 17, is actually run by his Brother in Law which I am a regular there. Follow by generous portion economical pricing which is nephew in Kota Damansara and a few other locations are all family related. 

While I was there I find it interesting that he do prepare a special dish out. Fried Koey Teow with fresh egg. I ask uncle what’s that he said you try la. Alot of his regular order that. Ended up I did order one too. I also found that his frying style is quite different and he ends the frying plate with alot of fresh taugeh in quick stir fry.

My first plate is actually very good which is his special signature with raw egg. Can see pork lard and the colour is pretty spot on. Full with wok hei with mild spiciness that I like. 

Second plate which is the original seems to be dissapointing as the colour of koey teow is big different. Then do not find hint of pork lard cubes. True enough that by the look of it and the taste is alittle off. Lack of wok hei and taste is very pale. Seems there is lack of consistancy.

Of course my first time there and I plan to go back again to give it another try. While I was waiting for him, I do see alot of take away which I am sure those are all his regular. 


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6/10, consistency not there.!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Those of you


Robert Char Koey Teow Damansara Kim

1082, Jalan 17/29, Seksyen 17,

46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Next to Kompassion)

Operating Hours: 8am – 3pm

Tel: 012-373 0360

Char Koey Teow seems to be one of a staple food that every one constatntly looking the best one either best Char Koey Teow in KL or Best Char Koey Teow in  PJ. There might be one, as every cooking method is different. I was introduce to this 粿條王 Koay Teow King at Uptown Damansara, PJ that serve authentic Penang  Char Koey Teow.

Koay Teow King (1)

I was ask by a few readers to check this place out. Little did I know that actually this place is own by my friends husband whom is a Penang Kia himself that went into FnB industry for pure passion into serving best Penang street food in KL or PJ. He went up to Penang and bought the recipe from a retired CKT seller and train with the recipe creator for a month.

On and off the owner himself will be in the kitchen frying koey teow for diners.

Koay Teow King (2)

Do not be shock by this pic as this is not the usual way of frying a plate of Char Koey Teow, CKT as this order was a special order. Add extra spicy and extra pork lard.

Koay Teow King (3)

Its a place to be for many diners that are craving for Penang Char Koey Teow. Menu is pretty straight forward and there are some enhancement too if you want  to opt for special version.

Koay Teow King (4)

Koay Teow King (5)

Koay Teow King (13)

A classic Seriously Best Coffee (kopipeng) @  RM 4.50 in the shop that is a MUST order. A well balance of evaporate and condense milk yet the punch of the “kauness” of coffee is just right.

Koay Teow King (6)

This is one of the shop specialty. Not your usual Pork Satay (6pcs) @ RM 15 as this is a Thai infuse version Pork  Satay. Well marinated and grill to perfection. Juicy inside out and a great starter before arrival of CKT.

Koay Teow King (7)

Koay Teow King (8)

As for this place is Char Koey Teow with “extra fresh Siham”. This is a heaven for my friend as he loves fresh si ham and this is perfecto for him.

Koay Teow King (9)

My usual is Original Char Koey Teow with Prawns  @ RM 12. Find that the price is quite decent as a normal plate in Penang is already RM 10 – RM 15 depending how big the prawns are. Prawns here are pretty decent  in size and fried to juicy. Koey teow is fried just right with wok hei.

Koay Teow King (10)

Koay Teow King (11)

This is one of a specialty that not many CKT store in Penang do offer this version and because of the cost. An Original Penang Char Koey Teow with big prawns and crab meat. Those of you that do have budget, this plate is topped with fresh crab meat and it is quite generous of it. @ RM 18 

Koay Teow King (14)

Then new in the menu as was told to try this out. Grandma Fried Rice. A different style of cooking method which I kinda miss. Rice is moist yet not too dry as the usual one. Topped with a perfectly fried sunny side. It had been long time that rarely a person will fried a fried rice with long beans.

Best way to eat it is a spoonful of rice + a bit of egg + a dash of sambal. A spoonfull like just below.

Koay Teow King (15)

Koay Teow King (16)

Overall, it is a decent place for Char Koey Teow fix in Pj. Price is quite decent as starting from RM 9. Best to start off with Original Char Koey Teow with Prawns and a glass of Kopipeng. This is perfecto!

A place with mix reaction taste. Some of you might like it some of you might not.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, good. quite okay pun! -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Authentic Penang Char Koey Teow
8 Ground Floor,
Jalan SS21/58, Damansara Utama

Operating Hours:
Tuesday – Friday : 11.30am to 4pm, 6pm to 10pm
Sat& Sun : 10am to 4pm, 6pm to 9pm
(Close Monday)

Tel: 03-7731 9818

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