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When you are craving for Penang street food in Pj, there are not many choices. However, there is this one particular stall that is super famous among the locals and Penangnites. This Famous Penang Curry Mee at Retaurant  Station 8, SS2, PJ that is also previously known as Restaurant OKay, ss2. I believe change owner already.famous curry mee in kl

This stall runs by both father and son from Penang that operates at very unique hour. This will be the first time in your life that see people operating a business for 60-90 minutes only. Yup, that is correct. Only that window. Worst of all is way early in the morning. from 7am – 8.30am ONLY. They only prepare 1 pot of soup. Finish then finish. Good luck. Previously I try my luck for more than 3 times to get this pippin hot bowl.famous penang curry mee in kl




penang street food in pjpenang curry mee in pjbe prepare to queue for 15- 30 minutes for a bowl as there are many regulars who come by to take away also. penang curry mee ss2best penang curry mee in kl

now one bowl is also cost about RM 9 for small and RM 10 for big. Big actually is quite big but now cause of inflation, food is getting very expensive. most important ingredient for Penang Curry mee is pork blood and taupok. 

best penang curry mee in pjthey maintain their quality as the last I had this bowl was like 6 years ago. One of the main reason is I could not wake up. Weekend I would just prefer to sleep. however the soup is still sweet and the most important is the chili paste. Fragrant and punch with mild chili spices. Perfect!


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9.5/10, as good as Penang – !! -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Famous Penang Curry Mee

Restaurant Station 8, Chow Yang SS2
Jalan SS2/6, 47300 Petaling Jaya
Business hours: 7.30am – 9.30am, closed on Mondays and rainy days (sometimes)

If you are in Penang during this Chinese New Year, good luck to many of you for food hunting. Well, I shall repost back this place as Penang famous Ayer Itam Sister Curry Mee .

sister curry mee (1)

This two sisters have make it big thru social media and blog. The story of two Lim sisters, Mdm. Lim Kooi Heang and Mdm. Lim Kooi Lai, has been peddling their recipe for Penang style curry mee in the township for decades, hidden in the ally that only many regular of locals knows about it.

They are not your typical Penang Curry mee version as is slightly unique with their own chili paste.

sister curry mee (2)

Both the sisters now are very old as me and my friend discover them 10 years ago and had been regular to the place whenever I am back to Penang. It was help to their mom during World war 2 to support their family and back in those days, every one eat by sitting on the stool and holding on the bowl.

sister curry mee (3)

Their two main major unique ingredient is the chili and the special cuttle fish chili base and also cook the soup over a charcoal stove. There is where the umph of soup is slightly different.

sister curry mee (4)

sister curry mee (6)

Now the stall is being assisted by their relatives and grandniece to continue on their secret recipe of curry mee which is good. Many good hawker stalls in Penang is slowly disppearing because none of their family members want to take over.

sister curry mee (7)

sister curry mee (8)

Their stall opens at 7.30am and their curry mee usually sells out by 1pm. Its average about RM 4 per bowl.


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8/10 , classic taste! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Lim Sisters Curry Mee
Right after the Ayer Itam Bridge
(side road leading up to Chinese Methodist Church)
GPS Coordinates: N5 24.020 E100 16.695

Business Hours:
8am to 1pm
(open every day except few days during Chinese festive holidays)

Off Tuesday

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