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Well, alot of outstation folks come here to hunt for one item, particularly one food stall which is the famous Old Green house Hokkien Mee (prawn noodle) that is known to many travelers. The specialty is that you can add ingredient from the sides which makes them quite overrated and also very expensive. I come here for different reason and here is my Top 5 street food to order at Old Green House Kopitiam.

old Green House Kopitiam (1)


  1. Curry Mee

It is hard to find very nice curry mee during late night and this is the stall that give you the top flavour. Love the mild sweet coconut broth and the best is their special cook chili paste, which is one of the most important ingredient for the noodle. However this stall is getting more expensive too.

old Green House Kopitiam (27)

old Green House Kopitiam (18)

2. Yee Sang Kai Chuck or known as Chicken Chuk (Porridge)

If you are looking for something more light, then this Chicken Chuk or porrdige is a must order. Silky smooth texture and add on with steam chicken with bean sprout, is a great combination. indeed give me a satisfied tummy. Alot other diners also just ordered their chicken only without the porridge.

From this stall, you hunt for 2 dish.

old Green House Kopitiam (13)

3. Char Hor Fun

One of a rare item that will go extinct soon which is this Char Hor Fun or another term for it is also known as “Tua Pan”. Still one of my favourite stall for this as most of my favourite place already no longer operating. This uncle still fried the noodle with wok hei and even his staff that cooks it, is also top notch. Gravy is spot on, as you need to add on an egg which is fresh egg that tops on it.

old Green House Kopitiam (24)

4. Ee Foo Mee

Similiar gravy by different noodle texture. You wont find this noodle in KL hawker as the noode is being fried once in dry version then cook the gravy seperately and bath upon it. Still my favourite.

old Green House Kopitiam (25)

old Green House Kopitiam (4)

5. Bak Kut Teh

Operate by the same stall owner as both of them are siblings. The elder brother is operating the Bak Kut Teh Stall. You get to choose the pork parts that you like or you can order it by mix everything which including pork spare parts. Yumz! Soup base here is slightly more pungent in herbs taste yet the fragrant after soy sauce taste is what I like. You get to choose yam rice or white rice. Their signature is Yam Rice that usually finish quite early.

old Green House Kopitiam (5)

old Green House Kopitiam (7)

old Green House Kopitiam (8)

old Green House Kopitiam (9)

old Green House Kopitiam (10)

old Green House Kopitiam (11)

old Green House Kopitiam (12)

This is the usual 5 item that I would order whenever I am back which also mark my first “makan” destination upon reaching Penang at night. Wan Tan Mee is so so. Char Koey Teow is not too bad but not my preference. Dim sum stall which is decent but quite expensive.

Other stalls:

old Green House Kopitiam (20)

old Green House Kopitiam (17)

old Green House Kopitiam (21)

old Green House Kopitiam (23)

old Green House Kopitiam (22)

old Green House Kopitiam (15)

One of my favourite kopitiam that operates till 2-3am. Best place after club or drinks for late night chinese supper.

old Green House Kopitiam (2)

Enjoy eating with my choices of 5 street food to order at Old Green House Kopitiam.


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 9/10 ,fav kopitiam for supper ! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Old Green House Kopitiam
223, Jalan Burma, George Town,
10050 George Town, Penang

Operating hours: 6pm till 3am (or till finish)

Restaurant Penang Corner is one of a hidden gem that serve Penang hawker food in Kepong. Their taste is slightly different as I believe their cooking method is more towards Penang Mainland version. However they still offer great selection as most of the operator are from Penang.

Restaurant Penang Corner (2)

Restaurant Penang Corner (3)

This might look like a hawker center but its a table ordering system. Just find a  place and 1 auntie or uncle that is responsible taking order will be with you to take order.

Restaurant Penang Corner (4)

Love the instant Koey Teow Noodle that cook on the spot . . .

Restaurant Penang Corner (5)

Their Coffee Ice is decent.

Restaurant Penang Corner (6)

Chai Kuih do look authentic as they are quite similiar to one of the stall that I had in Bukit Mertajam 3 years ago where the skin is slightly thicker and 2 flavour – one is Sengkuang and another one veggie. Veggie is filled with mini fried shrimp. I think it is so so only.

Restaurant Penang Corner (7)

Prawn Noodle is awesome. Soup base do have sweetness and fragrant prawn head shell and also slightly sweet end. Love mind by adding 2 spoonful chili paste.

Restaurant Penang Corner (8)

This is one of their signature as this is Authentic White Penang Curry Mee. Serve with pork blood, fresh cockles, fried bean curd, cuttle fish and pork ball. The most important ingredient is the chili paste where it is quite fragrant. After adding in the chili paste, it might look fiery red, it is not spicy as only add fragrant into it. Soup base is sweet, fill with mild fragrant coconut taste. Just nice to my liking.

Restaurant Penang Corner (10)

Restaurant Penang Corner (9)

This is also another of my favourite where the soup base is punch with flavour as it is in Penang. This instant Penang Koey Teow Soup is different from the Duck meat Koay Teow soup as the preparation method is different. Quite generous in ingredient and portion is medium big.

Restaurant Penang Corner (11)

Their Ice – Kacang is very different from the island as this is also a version that I had in Taman Alma – Bukit Mertajam. they do add in milk, thick gula melaka, red bean and other ingredient. Worth to give it a try as many years ago when I encounter this I find it weird, however I was thought this is their classic version.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, great althernative of Penang Food.-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Jalan Kepong Baru
Operating hour: 8am till finish (usually around 2pm or 3pm is already finish)
Closed on alternate Mondays

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Back to basic is always nice, especially when manage to find some nice street food related to Penang Food. Did pop by here couple of times whenever I am craving for simple bowl of Penang Loh Mee or Hokkien mee as got influence by KYSpeaks with his constant visit to this place.

choon prawn mee (1)

Choon Prawn Mee is tuck in this busiest food district in Taman Paramount during day time as Kedai Kopi O&S is one of the busiest along the stretch.

choon prawn mee (2)

This concept is quite similar to Penang Green House Hokkien Mee where you can choose to add on or a mix combination of ingredients into your noodle.

choon prawn mee (3)

choon prawn mee (4)

choon prawn mee (5)

I must give credit to their Duck Meat Koey Teow Soup which is quite near to authentic Penang version. Simple clear soup that pack with flavour and I am not a fish ball lover, however this is pretty good as its smooth and bouncy. Fried Garlic oil do add a bit of punch into the soup.

choon prawn mee (6)

Loh Mee is one of a authentic version that serve in a thick soupy base in dark sauce. Some might like it some might not. However is one of a food that will soon to extinct for a Penang street food. Add in garlic, and their home made chili, definately it would not run too far. 

choon prawn mee (7)

Soup is thick enough to ensure its Penang version.

choon prawn mee (8)

Another style to enjoy our Penang Hokkien Prawn mee is to get a Ying Yeong Soup whereby Prawn soup and loh mee soup base mix together.

Its a place to get a decent Penang hawker food.


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 7.5/10 , pretty good consider Penang street food! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

13 Jalan 20/14
Taman Paramount,
46300 Petaling Jaya

Phone: 012 265 8193

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When comes to Penang hawker food, its pretty hard to resist it. I believe during this holiday season many of you are up in the north to hunt for all these street food. One of my favourite area is this little street that have some variety for you to choose from is this Chulia Street Hawker.

hawker (1)

A place that many food hunters spread that the Wan Tan Mee, Curry Mee and Stir fried (Char Hor Fun, Ee Foo Mee) to die for. Its been a long time since I last came here and decided to drop by again to do a blog post.

hawker (2)

I was so hungry that I order Koay Teow Th’ng and I finish it only remember I have to capture the picture. The soup base is sweet from hours of boiling with bones and the uncle use duck meat that comes to my liking with added little cubes of garlic and pork lard. Perfect.

hawker (3)

I walk further down abit at the little junction then saw this Char Kuih Kak.

hawker (4)

Love mine to add extra bean sprout and ‘Chai Poh’ (salted Turnip) to make it extra umph fried it itn small pieces upon request.

hawker (5)

This is the classic packaging of take away Kuih Kak.

hawker (6)

The smell and look of it wasnt impressive as its not fried dark enough with dark soy sauce, added dark egg suppose to be extra kick turns out to be mild. Not so good as I expected.

hawker (7)

This is good, the stir fried stall next to a fruit juice stall. Need to wait a while for it and its filled with wok hei. I only eat Ee Foo Mee in Penang as the noodle texture in KL are slightly different and the starchy base is also much better in Penang. Added an egg would have been perfect as its semi cook, that mine the uncle forgot to add in.

hawker (8)

Hearsay Curry Mee here are quite good, but I prefer mine that the soup base is slightly stronger and chili paste is in fiery red and much spicier. The taste of soup base here is slightly more mild but definitely have their own regular crowd. You have to wait at least 20 minutes for a bowl.

hawker (9)

Char Koey Teow here is not the best but would not recommend to order.

On that day, more famous Wan Tan Mee stall did not open so didnt try it out as there are 2 stalls here. The better ones are next to the Fruit Juice stall. Average waiting time for a plate is 30mins – 45 minutes. Do have patience when you dine around the area as its one of a famous hawker spot for local Penangnites.

Enjoy street food on next upcoming holiday season.

Chulia Street

GPS Coordinates : 5.418146 100.336584

Genting Highlands is known to us by its entertainment industry that had attracted a lot people around Asia to this great destination. Not only that, Genting had cater food for a lot visitor that F&N industry had served more than 20million people over the years. Cafe Terrace is one of them.

genting (1)_resize

What they have done so far over their F&B industry is amazing and with a new theme, ‘Resort World Genting is Moutain of Food’ that simply will be the new theme carry by them and I am truly amaze by it as a foodie.

genting (5)_resize

To kick-start Moutain of Food, the resort is offering Penang Hawker Food Festival from now till 23rd January at Coffee Terrace, Maxims Genting Hotel Lobby. For all Penang food lovers, the resort had specially brought in famous Chefs whom have made themselves popular serving all the Penang signature food such as, Char Koey Teow, Roti Canai, Curry Noodle, Har Mee, Fried Oyster, Parsembur, Lobak and many Penang food speciall for this Penang festival.

genting (2)_resize

Its a buffett style serving. . . Apart from the delectable Penang hawker food selection, we also can buy signature Penang goodies such as famous Tau Sar Pneah, nutmeg, belacan, Penang’s Kun Kee Coffee and more.

genting (3)_resize

genting (4)_resize

When comes to public holiday or long weekend, this is the place that we locals Penang will try to avoid. First we will stuck in the jam. Second if we do go, its hard to find a parking spot. Third, if manage to find a parking spot its you have to fight for tables with all the local tourist crowd.
Gurney Hawker center actually had emerge as one of the hottest tourist spot for local Penang Hawker Food. You can get all the Penang favourites, Laksa, Char Koey Teow, Prawn Mee, Rojak and many more all in one area. With its open air concept and crowded area is what the ambiance that most tourist is looking for.
Last weekend which is Christmas weekend I was back to hometown and went to hunt my missing ‘Ma Zhi which I pronounce as Muar Chee very much.

This is the Muar Chi stall which is located in the middle court area (middle location) next to the famous Char Koey Teow.

Busy preparing customer order and I have to wait mine.

Tadaaaa….my fav muar chi. Its warm and soft covered with smooth blended peanut sand crush top with fried onion is something I enjoy eating and I order it big just for myself RM2.
Next Rojak’ of course in my list and by being one of my favourite rojak stall this is one the chosen beside GP Soon stall did not open and the one my all time favourite Macallum Street that added dry shrimps and peanuts..

Love my rojak to be a lil spicy and that is how he stir and stir.

and again tAdaaa……. my Rojak without cucumber and added meng kuang. Yummm….RM 5.
Again, this weekend I am going back to Penang for my cousins wedding and of course this place will sure be a disaster place again that is going to be pack with local and foreign tourist. For tourist, this place is a must go place to eat and visit. You will enjoy the atmosphere there. You will not get the best food here but just a great spot to be.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 10/10, A must Visit Tourist spot!!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Gurney Hawker Center.
Gurney Drive.

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