To be honest, I have not really try out this super famous Siam Road Charcoal Char Koey Teow in Penang till few months ago during MCO period. I was back to Penang to take care my mom and got the opportunity to move around.

I gave up many rounds last time by looking at the bee line queue with at least 2 hours waiting time frame. Even during MCO period, only Penang regular also already 1 hour waiting line.

famous char kuih teow in penang

this 79 years old uncle Tan  is regard as the King of Char Koey Teow that I read some blog he even made it into Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants List. This is indeed very interesting.

When you ask Penang Kia where is the best Char Koey Teow in Penang, many will give you different answer. Again it is down to own preference and taste.

siam road char koey teow

Currently Uncle Tan is passing his baton to his son in yellow shirt as the uncle will start fry first 2 hours then pass to his son. It is also because of his long standing hours and also getting older.

siam road ckt

Uncle fry each pan carefully by ensuring the flame in it is blazing and each plate are fry out with wok hei.

siam road char koey teow (6)

Look at the colour of the Koey Teow, Pipping hot, filled with decent prawn and texture of koey teow here is certainly very different compare to others. Slightly chewy yet fragrant. I have tried 2 version one is normal spicy and add on spicy. I like mine with add on spicy. It gives the kick of it!

RM 9 per pack and if you more ingredients price ranging differently.

famous ckt in penang

Overall, where will be your favourite Penang Char Koey Teow. Do share with me too as it had been long while that I last go back and keen to check out your favourite place.

Other usual that people will go is:

  1. Lorong Selamat Char Koey Teow
    1. i also try out the roadside old uncle 3 doors away from the shop is equally good also. Cheap and filled with 3 big prawns.
  2. ah leng char Koey Teow at Jalan Dato Keramat


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, okay la good pun! Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk–

Siam Road Charcoal Char Koey Teow
82, Jalan Siam, George Town,
10400 George Town, Penang

Operating hours: 12pm – 6pm
close Monday

This famous HaiDiLao hotpot is indeed spreading its wings in Malaysia very fast. With the latest addition to Gurney Paragon, Penang, It had created a huge buzz up in the north. Also making them one of the most famous mala hotpot in Penang.

Why is Haidilao so famous. For one simple reason. Service & Fresh ingredients!

Hai Di Lao (1)

People do come and queue as early as 11am, however we had heavy breakfast and my parents decided to drop by to check it out where hoping to get numbers for dinner. Instead the queue was not long, they decided to head inside to try luck.

Hai Di Lao (9)

Here are the 2 sessions available for you to queue to pick your number. morning session starts at 11am and night dinner starts queue at 4pm.

Hai Di Lao (2)

waiting number will keep updating and you will be called if you are around the area. Another way is to scan your wechat on the QRcode then you can walk around and monitor your number. 5 Numbers before your turn, head back to this waiting area.

Hai Di Lao (6)

While waiting for your table, you are being pampered with all kinds of snacks, fruits , Thong sui and drinks,

Hai Di Lao (3)

Hai Di Lao (4)

Their fresh pop corn is pretty good too.

Hai Di Lao (5)

The waiting area.

Hai Di Lao (7)

More Snacks!

Hai Di Lao (8)

Hai Di Lao (10)

The weird part of this manicure is you have to dine first then only head to this section to do it. I thought is while waiting in the queue you can do your manicure. Also they do have kids play area if your kids got grumpy or bored. It is also connected to the table on the dining table just in case you want to watch over your kids while eating.

Hai Di Lao (11)

Hai Di Lao (12)

We got our table quite fast, which is less than 30-35  minutes with 50 numbers ahead of us. We reach around 12pm. I guess lunch on Saturday was not that pack which is still not too bad. Upon seated, you will be given warm towel, a cover to protect your phone, a wet wipes to wipe your oily screen. Rock melon being serve along as well.

Hai Di Lao (13)

Digital menu

Hai Di Lao (14)

There are variety of sauce mixing that you can try it out.

Hai Di Lao (15)

Hai Di Lao (16)

Hai Di Lao (17)

We were so full from breakfast, so we ordered a little to try it out.

Hai Di Lao (18)

Hai Di Lao (19)

We order:

  1. Sichuan Malat (level 1) which you can upgrade if you want to add spicy. Those who can take spicy, direct go to level 3. Which taste much better.
  2. Tomato Soup (one of their signature)
  3. Curry Laksa (Malaysia edition only)
  4. Mushroom soup

Hai Di Lao (20)


Hai Di Lao (21)

Hai Di Lao (22)

My kind of personal sauce mixing.

Hai Di Lao (23)

Hai Di Lao (24)

Hai Di Lao (25)

Hai Di Lao famous dancing noodle which is a must order. (watch my video on see how he dance)

Hai Di Lao (26)

Hai Di Lao (27)

with my parents as they want to join the hype too. A tick for them and for those who are not used to eating Malat, Haidilao is certainly one of the best place to be.

Hai Di Lao (28)

After we are done at 2.30pm, these are all the crowd waiting for 4pm number session or dinner session onwards. This is kinda crazy and luckily we ate for lunch instead of night. In KL, average waiting time is 2-4 hours depending on branch. So good luck to the rest of you.

Overall Haidilao Malaysia is good for :

  1. entry level or beginners whom are not used to eat Malat or sichuan hotpot. To us who loves Malat, this place is totally out as there are much better hotpot place over this.
  2. Service, service and service – even though is quite top notch over I think Singapore Haidilao or Korea Haidilao is so much better.
  3. the most important is the price is not expensive if you compare to Singapore or Korea.

So for sichuan hotpot in Penang, you could consider this as one of the option. My experience in Singapore and Korea.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, good for family bonding and they want to try out!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Gurney Paragon, 163D-L4-13 & 13A,
Persiaran Gurney, 10250 George Town, Penang

tel: 04-297 1263

Operating Hours: 10.30am – 3am

When I was back in Penang, pass by this shop Hanjan Eatery Soju Bar. The outlook of it certainly attracts me and arrange a gathering round one at this place. One of a new bar in Penang that serve both food and alcohol.

Hanjan (6)

Love the ambiance of this place. Rustic yet filled with nice furniture and warm lighting. A perfect place for gathering.

Hanjan (2)

Was told by my friend that their food is not bad. Smells good though when the table next to me order some food. I have not try any of it. Only was over for drinks.

Hanjan (3)

Started off with simple – Korean Highball @ RM 28. – Soju, Beer, peychaud bitter, and lemon peel. So it is kinda atas soju bomb.

Hanjan (5)

Tried the cake, Charcoal burnt cheese cake. It is too dense and lack of flavours. RM 20 per piece (if I remember correctly) and quite a small piece though. Certainly the baker can improve on it.

Hanjan (7)

Will come back to try out their food in the future. Maybe if you are looking for Korean food in Penang to try, can check it out here.

*No ratings cuz no food ordered.

56, Lebuh Campbell,
10200, Georgetown, Penang.

Operating Hours:
Mon – Saturday 9 am to 12 am.
(Closed on Sundays.)

Contact Number: 017- 479 9423

I cant remember which FB page have posted this place and it went viral. Even my dad know about this place and he insist to bring me here for lunch. So we head off to Half Acre Restaurant 半畝田台湾甕窯雞 at Balik Pulau, Penang. It is about 30-45 minutes drive if you are coming up from heritage zone. Famous for their Taiwanese Bake Chicken Style.

Half Acre Restaurant (1)

What I understand is that the lady owner told us that her son went to Taiwan, bought the recipe and trained there for 3-6 months before coming back here to operate the restaurant. I have never tried the hanging chicken in Taiwan and it seems it is a very famous dish in one of the small province.

Half Acre Restaurant (2)

Using clay oven with fierce fire and wood at the bottom to cook it up. Each urn only cater for 1 chicken. So do prepare to wait for a bit on their famous hanging chicken.

Half Acre Restaurant (3)

There are indoor and out door sitting. If you are seated inside, it is quite dim for photo purpose. Even though we made a booking on that day, but it was chaotic. No difference from walk in.

Half Acre Restaurant (4)

This is the famous Hanging Chicken or known as Klin Roasted Chicken @ RM 45.

Half Acre Restaurant (5)

Half Acre Restaurant (6)

Half Acre Restaurant (7)

Half Acre Restaurant (8)

As for Penang popular signature drink in Balik Pulau, do not miss out their home style Nutmeg Juice with Asam. Certainly will make your face smirk with its punch of sourness and indeed very refreshing as I always like it. Do give it a try as the taste might be quite unique too you.

Half Acre Restaurant (9)

Upon the serving onto the table, the aroma of roasted chicken is just amazing. The roasted chicken is serve with 2 special dipping powder and some of the juice ooze out from the cooking process.

You have two options to dine this chicken. The classic way is to eat it by tearing it off just as it hang there with plastic gloves ready for you. Another is by the lady boss to cut it into pieces and put onto the plate. We chose second method as I need to take pictures. When I am back next round, certainly will be enjoying it the classic way.

Half Acre Restaurant (13)

The chicken is roasted to perfection. Punch with marination flavour, soft and juicy on each bite and best to dip it with their powder which I believe is cumin and another (i do not know) :D. I ended getting another dipping power as it is soooo goood!

Half Acre Restaurant (12)

Half Acre Restaurant (10)

This is not the usual China Style Salted veggie spicy fish soup but the Tawainese style is equally good too. Turns out to be quite good as I did not put any expectation. Creamy style like KL Fish Head bee hoon, fragrant with Chinese white wine, fish is soft and each mouthful is satisfying.

Half Acre Restaurant (11)

Half Acre Restaurant (14)

This place indeed serve pretty good hanging chicken and if you are here do not miss it out. One of a must order dish. One of a good local Taiwanese food in Penang.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8.5/10, Quite good, I like~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Half Acre Restaurant 半畝田甕窯雞
Lot 403, Jalan Titi Teras, MKM E,
11000 Balik Pulau, Penang.

Tel: 04 – 866 1151 / 016 – 350 5006 (趙旅田 Alan Teoh)

Business Hours: 12:00pm – 3:00pm & 6:00pm – 10:00pm (Closed on Mon)

Facebook: Halfacre.restaurant 半畝田甕窯雞

Looking for local dessert such as thong sui with good ambiance is certainly very limited. SYST Penang Thong Sui Cafe or Tong Sui Po (糖水铺) operating in Cubo Park is indeed one of the latest hype at the moment. It is because the whole place is decorated into a classic 80’s Hong Kong theme.

The place transport you back into a similiar one of a TVB classic scene. SYST stands for Shen Ye Shi Tang, which means “Late Night Desserts” in Chinese.

SYST Penang Thong Sui Cafe

I was back during raya and decided to check this place out. It is bustling with people.

SYST Penang Dessert Cafe (2)

Ambiance of the whole place is definately spot on. I am impress too, with the owner to have such confident by putting in such investment to sell tong sui only.

SYST Penang Dessert Cafe (3)

Those who love ootd, this place is definately one of a favourite spot that you can get.

SYST Penang Dessert Cafe (4)

SYST Penang Dessert Cafe (5)

As it was only about 11pm, quite number of items had been sold out. With limited menu, my friend chose Snow Pear Soup with peach gum and ginseng @ RM 13. 

with the price tag, it is indeed on the steep side. As for taste wise, I am not too sure is my palate wrong on that day, as I find it very very blend. Near to tasteless. One true fact that it is less sweet. But for such price tag, i am expecting at least some taste from ginseng or SWEETNESS from SNOW PEAR!

SYST Penang Dessert Cafe (6)

Believe this is Double Layer Milk Pudding @ RM 9. This comes to similiar taste too. Quite blend for me and a pudding at such price tag. I have no comment. Among these 2 dessert, this is the worst.

SYST Penang Dessert Cafe (7)

SYST Penang Dessert Cafe (8)

SYST Penang Dessert Cafe (9)

SYST Penang Dessert Cafe (10)

SYST Penang Dessert Cafe (11)

Finally, before we hit off, decided to try out their French Toast @ RM 5.50. This is one of the best, fried to perfection, peanut butter amount is just right. Crust from outside, soft inside. Indeed one of a item must order.

For the dessert, certainly believe those 2 I ordered is on the high side. What in exchange is the ambiance you are getting. Will visit again another try to try out their warm food and their other dessert range. Best of all, a so called Hong Kong theme dessert shop doesnt serve drinks such as milk tea, coffee or even honey lemon tea.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food rating 5/10 – expensive thong sui and very mehhh.

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

SYST Penang Dessert Cafe at Cubo Park
64, Jalan Seang Tek, George Town,
10400 George Town, Penang

Operating Hours:
Sunday to Thursday : 6pm- 11pm
Friday & Saturday : 6pm – 12am
(closed Tuesday)


This dessert place is indeed quite a rare and unique item in the market. We have one in Publika KL. Rollney Kurtos Kalacs is one of the latest addition to Penang scene and it is making its mark in the market steadily.

Rollney (1)

One of a new dessert place that operating end of last year and it is a Hungarian classic dessert or pastry. Price point is on the higher mark as I ask the owner where did the ingredient come from and he mention mostly main ingredients are imported.

Rollney (2)

Roll and prepare fresh . Bake right in front of you.

Rollney (3)

Rollney (4)

Menu is pretty straight forward.

Rollney (5)

Rollney (6)


Rollney (7)

Apparently was introduce by the cashier that this is their signature. Chimney with 2 toppings @ RM 15.90. and ordered additional classic Chimney with Nutella spread @ RM 9.90

Rollney (8)

Chimmey we always go for classic which is Cinnamon sugar coated. Chimney is good, where the texture of it is slightly soggy chewy and done to perfection. If were to compare the one I had in Publika, KL, this is much better.  Dough is also more fragrant.

however the set back was the soft serve and 2 toppings which I find it quite expensive. Oh well, these are the kind of pricing for a dessert now days.

Rollney (9)

Rollney (10)

My recommendation will be head for their classic Chimney with spread. That is good enough to hit your dessert spot. However if you would want to buy for instagram purpose then that is your choice.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, Chimney is pretty good -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

40, Lebuh Leith, George Town, Malaysia.
Operating Hour:
(Mon-Fri) 3 p.m.-11 p.m. (Sat&Sun) 12 p.m.-11 p.m.
More Info: https://web.facebook.com/RollneyPenang/

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