Traveling is fun and yet there a few types of travelers. Budget, luxury, adventurous and it ends up to which group of friend that you are traveling with. I have traveled to numerous location over past years and constantly I ended up as a planner for the group of friends that I am traveling with.

Start off with a simple trip up north with a group of friends like Penang, Most of us will turn into web portals to check out best location to stay, eat or hang out, even I have to understand the group of friends I am traveling with to cater onto the group characteristics. It is down to location of accommodations and also activities that they are intended to do on that trip. For a 2 nights accommodation, this is what I have come up with.

The Edision hotel (1)

To stay at The Edision Hotel which is one of the latest heritage boutique hotel that just open its door 2 months ago. Nice hotel and 5 star for its locality.

Penang (2)

As for the last night, some of them requested to look for budget place and I introduce them to House of Journey where it is indeed a budget hostel with great service. The place is run with some travelers who work as a volunteer to upkeep the place, a place where you get to meet travelers around the region. Comfort room and classic.

Penang (3)

To hunt for food, both locations are located strategically as it is only only 5-10 minutes walk away to hit onto famous street food that operates at night. One of them is Red Garden that is located right infront of The Edision Hotel.  Besides that, it is also located to a well known drinking joint that is popular to many backpackers is Antarabangsa where you get 3 cans of beer for RM 10. A place also known for getting to know travelers around the region.

Penang (4)

During the day, Penang is well known for its heritage zone which both accommodations are located at. You can rent bicycles to travel around as a lot attractions are just 10 minutes cycling away. Attractions will be such as 3-D Art museum, murals paintings and museums.

Penang (5)


Penang (6)

Looking for accommodations in a trip is also very equally important as it always depending on the travel group preference. I found some travel tips from Expedia Interactive Map where the sites suggest where to go places for your end destination.

Loh Mee is another food that I think will lose its legacy soon. Not many stalls in Penang that serve decent bowl of Loh Mee. My last weekend trip, my best friend introduce me this famous Kim Leng Loh Mee that is well known in this neighborhood that is located in Restaurant Joo Huat at Perak Road is still serve one of a classic bowl. They also got featured in Astro AXian Channel.

Loh Mee (3)

Loh Mee (4)

Small bowl at RM 3.80 is really a good bargain. Filled with classic ingredients such as chicken feet, pig skin, pig intestine, herbal egg, special home blend garlic vinegar sauce and also chili paste. Love the starchy soup base with a bit of saltiness and sweetness to my liking as the amount of vinegar garlic is just nice and could be better if slightly stronger.

Loh Mee (5)

Another dish that I found very classic is Penang Lam Mee that 2 most important element is the colouring pinky egg slices and also sambal base. This special sambal base is indeed very spicy and I love it. Really brings back a chilihoold memory taste, where the soup base is clear and mild flavorful. At RM 3.50

Loh Mee (2)

Found another place for Loh Mee and if any of you do find a better one that this, do share with me. Of course I still prefer Ewe Hokkien Mee stall more which is just two blocks away.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, worth to pay a visit!.-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Kim Leng Loh Mee
Joo Huat Coffee Shop,
336-G1 Lintang Slim, off Jalan Perak,
11600 Penang.

GPS Coordinates: 5.398352,100.314766

Operating hours: 8am – 1pm

This is a recent discovery when I was back at Penang recently. As helping my friend to check into her hotel, little did I know that The Edison Georgetown Hotel, Penang that located behind at the famous Red Garden Kopitiam had transform into a new world class boutique hotel. I am mesmerize by the transformation of that old building to this chic and classy hotel.

The Edision hotel (2)


As you walked in, you are greeted with dim lights around the area with reception counter the only 1 lighted up brightly to create the lighting effect. Checking in was smooth and they have great front desk peeps, asking you a few questions and another guy is taking care of your luggage.

The Edision hotel (3)

The Edision hotel (6)

The Edision hotel (4)

The Edision hotel (5)

Rooms were specials that look minimalist with modern cushion chair and white bed that sits right in the middle.

The Edision hotel (7)

The Edision hotel (9)

As you walk further, the push the huge drape curtain open, then there is where leads you to toilet. An open concept cupboard that fills up all your basic items, safebox, bedroom slippers, and a shopping bag for you to take it out if you need to do some shopping.

The Edision hotel (8)

The Edision hotel (11)


The Edision hotel (10)

The Edision hotel (12)

Toiletries for your usage.

The Edision hotel (13)

The Edision hotel (14)

If you are hungry, you can head down to their longue as the area is FOC for all guest which is free flow at anytime.

The Edision hotel (15)

The Edision hotel (16)

The Edision hotel (17)

It is also the main breakfast area.

The Edision hotel (18)

The Edision hotel (19)

The Edision hotel (20)

Morning Buffet breakfast is a little let down as the food offered is not extensive or looks cheap as to compare to the room rate that they are charging. Would at least expect an ala cart breakfast with at least 1 set per guest.

The Edision hotel (21)

The Edision hotel (22)

The Edision hotel (23)

Explore around the hotel as quite interesting to find out that the swimming pool do looks like a pond.

The Edision hotel (24)

The Edision hotel (25)

The Edision hotel (26)

The Edision hotel (27)

The Edision hotel (28)

The Edision hotel (29)


The Edision hotel (30)

The Edision hotel (31)

Great place, great team. Friend paid Rm 650 a night and just found out in Agoda that the rates start from RM 323. Certainly a competitive rate.

Location of this hotel is also very convenient as it sits in the heart of famous heritage area. Place you can walk to is like the famous Line Clear Nasi Kandar, Uppper Penang Road night life, Some heritage site is only 5 minutes walk. To the main mural area is about 5 minutes by Bicycle.

The Edison Georgetown Hotel Penang
5 Lebuh Leith, George Town,
10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Phone: +60 4-262 2990

Heritage zone in Penang had become one of the tourist spot for many travelers out there including to stay in classic heritage hotel to add on the ambiance. Muntri Mews is one of the early players in Muntri Street, Penang that offers heritage or boutique accommodation.

Muntri Mews (1)

Upon reaching, you will be totally lost as this is not your typical check in counter as it is rather hidden where the check in counter is actually inside the cafe as you will be ushered by their friendly staff.

Muntri Mews (2)

Cafe is at the front and accommodation is right behind the gate.

Muntri Mews (3)

Muntri Mews is housed in a converted row of 19th-century carriage houses. The place is beautifully restored, infused with Malay, Chinese and European influences. Antique, artwork and retro furniture plays its part in setting the theme for the entire hotel.

Muntri Mews (4)

The owner is actually a well know ID architecture that still maintain the originality of the layout of this houses. A total of nine suites was created on level one, with four Twin Suite downstairs and five King Suite upstairs. All the suites are equipped with air-conditioned, LCD television, free broadband internet connection and ensuite toilets.

Muntri Mews (5)

As my friend was staying in the twin suits, I got a chance to tour around the unit.

Muntri Mews (6)

Love the style of it as it still remains like Baba n Nyoya style home. TV is located inside the sleeping area .

Muntri Mews (7)

Muntri Mews (8)

Muntri Mews (9)

There is no proper cupboard as this are the only mini open hanging space.

Muntri Mews (10)

Muntri Mews (11)

To keep you entertain, the hotel do provide you a mini bluetooth speaker to sync with your phone and also some cables for you to charge your phone just in case if you forgot to bring along your phone cable.

Muntri Mews (12)


Muntri Mews (13)

Bath room is in the classic black and white tiles.

Muntri Mews (14)

Even the hand bath soap is wrap in classic version.

Muntri Mews (15)


Muntri Mews (16)

As for complimentary Set breakfast @ RM 31.80 , this boutique hotel offers a unique range which is not your typical buffet breakfast as where you get to choose it from their ala carte menu. Each of the guest will have 2 complimentary set.

Muntri Mews (17)

Their cakes do look tempting too, as you can enjoy your afternoon tea as it certainly do not feels like you are at Penang.

Muntri Mews (18)

Their overall menu.

Muntri Mews (19)

Breakfast menu set for guest.

Muntri Mews (20)

You will be serve with 1 bottle of cold press juice each.

Muntri Mews (21)

follow by a glass of coffee of your choice , be it long black, latte or cappuccino.

Muntri Mews (24)

and here is my order Salmon Bagel and with the size of its serving I am definately happy as it is quite big or a good bargain. Ingredient do look generous and taste is pretty good. Chewy bagel to my liking and smoked salmon is nice.

Muntri Mews (25)

Egg Anyway You Like is a classic breakfast filled with turkey ham, grilled tomato, baked beans and toast. @ RM 19.10

Muntri Mews (26)

This is my favourite which is Artisan bread, also the simplest of all. A simple toast with just butter and blueberry jam. The toast is so good that the texture is nice, where the size is also slightly thicker, spread it with butter and bluberry I would go 3 slices of it.

One of the problem for travelers or outstation guest that drive will be parking issue as the place here is quite limited in parking space. Price range of this hotel is starting from RM300 onwards.

Muntri Mews
77 Lebuh Muntri
10050 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia

Tel : 04 263 5125

Email : [email protected]

There are a few Premium Outlets in Malaysia where two being down south. One is at KLIA – Mitsui Park and the other one is JPO – Johor Premium Outlets. Good news is that now those on the northern part get to enjoy the latest and also the largest outlet mall in Malaysia. Design Village Premium Outlet Mall located at Bandar Cassia, Batu Kawan – Penang is housing variety of exciting international and local brands, both premium and high street. From fashion and children’s wear to sports and home from restaurants to cafes. Spanning 400,000 square feet and has 150 stores set in a lush 24-acre tropical garden.

Design Village (2)

Love the wide sheltered walkways as the design of this village indeed added a whole new shopping experience. Adidas (The Biggest Adidas outlet in Malaysia) where it sure do not feel it is biggest (or I miss out some of them), Aldo, Banana Republic, Bonia, Starbucks, Levi’s, Superdry, Timberland, Esprit, Sacoor Brothers, Cotton On, Carlo Rino, Ripcurl, Citizen, Padini & more branded outlets will be coming soon.

Design Village (3)

Design Village (4)

Design Village (5)

Design Village (6)

Design Village (7)

Design Village (8)

Design Village (9)

Converse here is indeed reasonable.

Design Village (10)

SuperDry is certainly a big bargain where starting from 20-60% and on top of that they do have additonal 15-30% when you buy more.

Design Village (11)

Design Village (12)

Design Village (13)

Design Village (14)

Padini here is like a warzone for last weekend as the clothes starts as cheap as RM 8 onwards.

Design Village (15)

they have children park too

Design Village (16)

Esprit here also not bad

Design Village (17)

Akeimi also a big bargain.

Design Village (18)

Levi’s is alright.

Design Village (19)

Adidas is awesome as the shoe rack like just got hit by tornado.

Design Village (20)


Design Village (21)

Parents who spend alot of time here can let their kids to hop onto the train ride for RM 5 per round.

This place will certainly become my next shopping ground when I am heading back to Penang as heading here is so convinient where it is directly located at the first exit on the left if you are coming from Penang island Second Bridge.

Sad part is there are lack of many premium brands or maybe there will be in the coming months as current occupancy is like 50%-60% only.

733, Jalan Barat Cassia 2, Bandar Cassia,
14110 Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Operating Hours: Daily – 10am – 10pm

Transit bus:
Gurney Drive/ Komtar –> Design Village
10.00am / 10.15am              4.30pm / 4.45pm
Design Village —> Gurney Drive/ Komtar
3.00pm              /                9.00pm

contact number: +60 4-589 9888

Website: designvillage.today

Icon City is another new upcoming joint that is well known for many F&B operators ranging from Japanese, cafe, bar, steamboat and many others. One of the cafe is Hideout Cafe that offer simple food and decent coffee.

Hideout cafe (2)

Hideout cafe (3)

Hideout cafe (4)

Hideout cafe (5)

Hideout cafe (6)

Hideout cafe (7)

Hideout cafe (8)

Hideout cafe (9)

Hideout cafe (10)

Hideout cafe (11)

Hideout cafe (12)

Hideout cafe (13)

All day english Breakfast @ RM 11.90

Hideout cafe (14)

Spaghetti Carbonara @ RM 16.90

Hideout cafe (15)

Not a bad place to hang out as their coffee suits to my liking. 

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 6.5/10 , awesome! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Hideout Cafe
60, Jalan Icon City,
14000, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

Opens Daily:
Business Hours: 9 am to 11 pm on Sundays to Thursdays; 9 am to 12 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Contact Number: 604- 502 6611

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