I still remember clearly when I visited my friend in Perth back in 2015. It was super random trip that decided to fly off to visit my friends there after watching Master Chef Australia. We are at the end of Pandemic and I can see that many of my friends start to travel aggressively. Best advise by my friend to travel to Perth is definitely Spring. Perfect weather, with nice flower booming and temperature in between 17 – 30 degree, you will be lucky if got rain. This perfect season falls in Sept – Nov.

Other seasons will be like:

Summer : Dec – Feb

Autumn : Mar – May

Winter : June – Aug (sort of like rainy season)

You can get your planned Perth trip or free and easy with Sedunia Travel Australia. Perth is like no other Australian city. To get the best of the state view, you need to do road trip. We can plan something like as below:

Day 1: Explore City Center

When you reach the city, of course you need to stroll around all their main attractions. I was told by my friend to hit onto their Botanic Gardens. Every corner of this botanic garden have its own view. Just chill with coffee and enjoy the landscape of city or even sea view. Little did I know I ended up 2 hours here.

perth park

Then you must not miss out the legendary insta famous spot which is the Matilda Bay’s Iconic little blue boat house within 2 mins at the southern part of the park.

blue boat house

P8073099Then you can take bus to their famous London Street in the city center Sipping coffee, lunch or dinner.

Whipper-Snapper-Distillery_01_supplied-1920x1440Then I purposely head to their local whisky distillery Whipper Snapper Distillery. I did their factory tour and It just blew my mind away on how good their local whisky produce. I ended up bought 3 bottles of whisky.


Fremantle-Market-Perth-Western-AustraliaNext, my favorite part of Perth is this place Fremantle founded in 1829 build with Victorian architecture and remnants from Australia’s days as a British penal colony. Rich with maritime history. Architecture remains the same and it is now home to some fantastic restaurants, shops and bars. Such a bustling scene yet chill with people taking their leisure time to check this place out.

little creature perthThere are plenty of things to do here:

    1. Visit the Markets
    2. Street shopping’s
    3. Plenty of place to take nice pictures
    4. One of my favorite beer brewery – Little Creature
    5. Fish and Chips is a must try here (choose any of the available there)
    6. Shipwrecked , Maritime, Fremantle Prison Museum
    7. Plenty of amazing food



Day 2 Roadtrip to the north:

Lets start with quick day early road trip by venturing all the way up north to the current most famous Pink Lake : Hutt Lagoon.



Caversham Wildife park

Then moving downwards to Lanchelin for Sandboarding and the limestone11017816-10152758854646706-5354162806907722474-n

Then we move next stop to Caversham Wildlife Park to say high to all koala bears, penguins and kangaroos.  



Finishing off with Wine tasting at Swan Valley, vineyard that has historically produced for more than 200 years.. Sample out your favourite wine yard, chocolate and cruise along the river.

You can pick to enjoy a 2-hour cruise down Swan River until you reach the magnificent Swan Valley.


Day 3: Road Trip to the South

This is one of the road trip that I am excitedly looking forward too. Moving to the Sourthern side seems to have a lot of interesting things to see and do along the way.  

For this plan, it is best advise that you make an overnight stop instead of day trip.

    1. 45 mins away from the city, first stop to stop by City of Mandurah for breakfast

day 3 mandurah

Then follow by next town stop at Bunbury dolphin discovery Center. Enjoy the tour facilities or feed the dolphins at the sea area with guide of professionals

bunburry dolphine discoverythe-busselton-jetty-train

Finally, reach Busselton where it is home of the longest pier in the Sourthen Hemisphere where we are going to spend a night here. What to do here:

  1. Visit CastleRock
  2. Visit Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse
  3. Dunsborough Beach
  4. Petra Olive Oil Estate
  5. Cheeky Monkey Brewing co – Beer brewery

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

Day 4: going further down to Margaret River.

A region with plenty of lunch spots and cafes in Margaret River to enjoy. I’d also recommend stopping by the tourist information centre to grab a map (you can also plan your trip with its guide) of the winery area – which is where you’re heading next!

Or there are actually Plenty to do here: Margaret River Guide

  1. Whale Watching
  2. Wine tour (a lot world class vineyard like Cape Mentelle)
  3. Margaret River Brew house
  4. Mammoth Cave
  5. Margaret River Farmes Market
  6. Margaret River chocolate Factory

Day 5:

the-other-side-of-rottnest-islandFinal day you can op for a few things. Check out this amazing Rottnest Island by Ferring yourself to the island, enjoy breakfast. Then you may You may choose to hire a bike and explore on your own, take a swim, go snorkelling, or get a selfie with the island’s famous furry Quokkas.

Head back to the city enjoy remaining leisure time before flying off.

There are a few ways to plan your trip here or even if you are too lazy, you can engage Sedunia Travels to join their planned trip. From Free and easy to planned tours. Really depends your cup of tea, sightseeing, nature, adventure they have it all under one roof, or even flight bookings.

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If you are up for Wine and Dine adventure in Australia, check out the best place to wine and dine.

On my first night of arrival, my best friend directly drove me to one of his favourite Fish and Chip place Kailis Fish Market Cafe which have more local diners compare to the other one right opposite. This restaurant is also known for their award winning fish and chips and recipe since 1928.

Kailis (1)

Moving from Fishing business to restaurant where since the opening of Kailis’ Fish Market Café in December 1986, turnover has more than trebled and the business has garnered numerous accolades. It has won on 3 occasions the coveted “Sir David Brand Award for Best Popular Restaurant & Food Service for Tourists” and has been inducted into the State’s Tourism Hall of Fame. Victor was named ‘Employer of the Year’ by the Restaurant & Catering Association and, most recently, Kailis’ Fish Market Café was voted ‘Best Fish and Chips in the Metropolitan Area’ at the Western Australian Fishing Industry Awards.

Kailis (2)

This place sure do give me the feeling of classic fast food chain like our A&W at Amcorp Mall or KFC lot in Penang nearby Penang Plaza. Of course the ambiance here is much better and they have 2 counters. One is for you to choose on all your favourite fresh seafood and cook accordingly after that. Another counter is where you place the order of all classic fried items.

Kailis (3)

Kailis (4)

Kailis (5)

Kailis (6)

After you pick up your order, you can hit into their condiments counter.

Kailis (7)

This is their first counter as you walked in you will be greeted with all this fresh seafood.

Kailis (8)

Kailis (9)

Their pastries and dessert counter. So tempting.

Kailis (10)

Kailis (11)

Gelato Taste good too as I tried some by testers.

Kailis (12)

Ordered Traditional Fish & Chips Family Meal (4 pieces of fish) @ AUD  28.90 and a bowl of seafood Chowder @ AUD 12.70. Love the classic fish and chips where it did not over fried the fish yet fish is fresh, soft, juicy and do eat along with their tartar sauce. Seafood Chowder is quite decent too as it is quite thick in flavour and thick in where it is more like a gravy instead of soup.

Kailis (13)


Kailis (14)

Ordered pan fried scallop with chips at the fresh seafood counter and a bowl of marinated octopus with olive seasoning @ AUD 6.90 per serving. Scallop is so fresh and cook to perfection.

Kailis (15)

Kailis (16)

Try out some of the beers. Pipsqueak Apple Cider.

Kailis (17)

3 of us finish the whole ordered and we were too full. Was tour around the area and it is very windy that night. Love the cold wind.

Kailis (18)

Kailis (19)

Kailis Fish Market Cafe
46 Mews Rd, Fremantle
WA 6160, Australia

Operating hours:
Sat & Sun : 8AM–9PM
Mon-Fri : 8AM–8:30PM

Website: kailis.com/fremantle

Kailis Fish Market Cafe Waterfront Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Perth indeed is a wonderful state that I miss to visit long time ago when I was in Australia. Till recently, took the opportunity to visit a few my friends there whom one of them currently own one of a famous Malaysian cuisine that recently made a big hit in the neighborhood known as Lepak Kopitiam.  My Perth adventure will not be complete if I do not visit one of their state best area which is to drive 3 hours down south from Perth City to this well known town Margaret River which house tons of vine yards, olive yards, chocolate yard and beer boutique yard  and of course to take the opportunity to visit one of my favourite wine yard – Cape Mentelle.

cape mentelle (1)

On the sunny winter day, slowly driving thru huge tall tress along the road and saw a small sign Cape Mentelle that make me excited. Upon turning in, you are greeted with this path with both vine tress that sit in between, just head straight about 300 meters into the visitor area.

cape mentelle (2)

cape mentelle (4)

Upon parking, for instant moment, it gives me an impression I am visiting a national park, with its lush greens sits in front before the office.

cape mentelle (6)

Every vineyard to have their tour and it cost about AUD 80 for 2 hours session including wine tasting. You have to book it thru their website or send an email to them as the slots are pretty limited.

cape mentelle (7)

By opening the office door, you will be greeted with a rack of Cape Mentelle signature wines and there are a few that only available in this vineyard, not even the regions of Australia.

cape mentelle (8)

Warm and lovely heating area during winter.

cape mentelle (9)

cape mentelle (10)

Right behind the registration area, there is another art cellar that house nice paintings on the wall with barrels in between and sits a tall bar table that house only private tasting for special arrangement.

cape mentelle (11)

Cape Mentelle is also known as one of the most successful wine brand in the region and also one of a few Australian brands that made it top world wide.

cape mentelle (12)

Some of the info for you if you need any tour or degustation tasting.

cape mentelle (13)

cape mentelle (14)

During winter, its a crazy weather that they have year, as the vineyard sits one of the most prominent soil in Margaret River with its height and landscaping condition that enable the produce grapes enjoy a fantastic weather with strong sea breeze all the way from Indian Ocean.

cape mentelle (15)

A bit of history on Cape Mentelle as David Hohnen and his brothers Mark and Giles established Cape Mentelle Vineyards in 1970 whom made them the first 2-3 families in the region to start off with. Starting off with only 16 hectares of vines planted on what is now referred to as the ‘Wallcliffe Vineyard.

Then made their first flagship Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced primarily from the original Wallcliffe Vineyard. Not long after that, the vineyard won their first awards in 1983. Since then they are getting well known for their strong bold character of wine and won them several more down the years. (read more here)

cape mentelle (16)

Till date, they now own around 200-250 hectares of vineyard around the area. Imagine that, the growth of this brand and also being acquired by LVMH Group.

cape mentelle (17)

cape mentelle (18)

cape mentelle (19)

Then was told in this area, its their best well known during summer as they have wine pairing with famous chef around the world, a huge cinema screen with bean bags and their winds on your hand sipping thru, chatting with your friends and enjoying some bbq food is just perfect place you would want to be. Summer is coming, they do have tons of line up for you to run thru and its constantly book out! do make your reservations early. Check them out here: Cape Mentelle Movies

cape mentelle (5)

cape mentelle (20)

After on the plantation side, then we move to their processing part where winter there are not much movement, as the best time to visit the vineyard is during Summer or Autumm where the process and harvest is.

cape mentelle (21)

cape mentelle (22)

After process wine, they are being stored in this huge warehouse for a few months.

cape mentelle (23)

cape mentelle (24)

There is this wine expert that do test it randomly on each barrel to ensure it is being process and aged according to their quality and taste.

cape mentelle (25)

This is new, where they have move to a bigger production. . .

cape mentelle (26)

cape mentelle (27)

cape mentelle (28)

The last stage is here where the final tasting and sits a few more weeks before heading into bottling.

cape mentelle (29)

This is the best part of all when it comes to Cape Mentelle wine tasting. Its the whole list that I am tasting that comes to about 12 different types. Only 4-6 bottles are being ship out world wide and another 2-3 bottles around the region and another 2 more is exclusive only in the vineyard.

cape mentelle (30)cape mentelle (32)

I am not a Rose drinker but this bottle of Cape Mentelle 2015 – Rose turn the whole twist around. Its so easy to drink, pack with mild floral flavor and girls would love it. I thought of buying 6 bottles back as they do ship it out to your respective country too. I was then advise that its a bit hard to ship into Malaysia for its complex and complicated kastam clearance. (that’s so disappointing)

cape mentelle (33)

cape mentelle (34)

Next one of their best seller is Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2014 which seems have better quality grapes and flavour and texture came out that suits many peoples palate.

cape mentelle (35)

In the end, at this vineyard I bought 6 bottles, 2 to drink at home, 2 to brought back to Malaysia and 2 for my friend. My personal 2 favorite which is their exclusive bottles which is only available at their vineyard only are Rose & Cape Mentelle – Wilyabrup 2012 – only left limited quantity (only if you love dry wine, strong body, smooth).

Its sad that in this trip I could not meet Cameron Murphy himself whom he is the one that introduce this brand to us during a wine paring lunch as on during that time, as he is on tour at Malaysia. Thanks to Manon for arranging everything for me .

Its a vineyard that you would not want to miss to visit if you are heading there.

Summer is coming and its going to be fun at the vineyard that going to pack with  Cape Mentelle – for the International Cabernet Tasting (21st November) or for the Movies at Cape Mentelle (15th December 2015 until 3rd April 2016).

For more info, contact them at : http://www.capementelle.com.au/

To those of you whom have resides in Australia for a while, how many of you do you actually miss Malaysia Street food and how do you satisfy your cravings for it? Oh well, there is one in particular shop that recently open its door to public since Mid July 2015 and had made a huge attraction to its neighborhood. Lepak Kopitiam was an overnight celebrity to many Malaysians that reside in this neighborhood where the food quality and servings  is 90% near to Malaysian flavours. One of the Best Malaysian Food in Perth.

For folks in Perth, this would be your new found love.


Lepak Kopitam is a small eatery that located in Bateman Commercial Center with capacity of 20 tables only but it is constantly full house. The only one that start its operating hours at 8am had attracted many people to come by to make a take away before heading to work.


In Malaysia we have many versions of well known street food and for this particular Lepak Kopitiam, you will encounter a few dishes will be different compare to your normal eatery as this outlet are focus more on Ipoh Street Food as the owner and chef are from Ipoh themselves and trying to implicated the taste as near and as authentic towards their taste bud. Some of you might find it weird but that is how authentic Ipoh Street food is.


Do note than when it is full house, it is going to be very noisy which resembles a typical kopitiam back in our hometown.


Another of their favourite area among patrons is their self service area where they can get free flow chopped chili, sambal, garlic and others at their convenience. Sambal here is pretty spicy and do take it at your own risk. Many love the challenge and its many Malaysians favourite.




To bring home even closer to you, they have their famous and classic home made nyonya kuih which constantly sold out before lunch.




Dessert of the day is typical Chinese double boiled soup or its chef special of the day depending on which fresh ingredient he got in the market.


Not only brings you back with Nyonya kuih, as they do serve our classic typical morning breakfast with famous kaya and butter toast, with half boil egg and order kopi C to go along to kick start for the day. Teh Tarik and Milo Volcano is available too. . .



This is my set of breakfast with Roti Canai @ AUD 4.50 and thick spicy curry chicken, with toast and Kopi C.



In the classic Roti Bakar @ AUD 3.80  is spread with their homemade kaya which is silky smooth and aromatic with a fine cut of butter to top along.



What about Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun with Chicken & Mushroom @ AUD 5 to hit your taste bud. Not with Penang version of Shrimp paste but this is with some their special homemade sauce and do eat along with green chili to make it even more classic.


Moving to other varieties, with special of the day, do check with their waiter/waitress as I got salted egg chicken  or Marmite Pork.



What about Ipoh Pan Mee with its thin flat noodle?


Meet my best friend Jolyn Cheah that have migrated over here and for dinner at this place is one of her new regular place for Malaysian food.



How can you miss our local famous Nasi Lemak Kampong Style @ AUD 9.80 that serve along with sambal ikan bilis, fragrant coconut rice, and half egg as something that hard for you to resist on their signature.


Next that really impress me is their Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice @ AUD 9.80 as the rice is the signature of all, with fragrant oil rice, with soy sauce and shinny chicken skin and chicken which is cook to perfection.


Curry Noodle Dry @ AUD 9.80


Another of their signature which is the chef special of the day is Dong Po Braised Pork which is cook in limited quantity only. With hours of braised in chef special sauce is something that you would not want to miss.

Skin that nearly melt in your mouth, soft meat and special sauce with sweet end is just perfect for my simple lunch.



If you are craving for Malaysian Street Food, Lepak Kopitiam had certainly become one of the best in this neighbourhood at the moment for Malaysian Food.

Do take note that space are limited and it might take quite a while for any fried item to be serve as compare to any soup base food. During their peak lunch or dinner, you can expect to wait at least 15-45 minutes for a table.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 9.5/10 , cravings for Malaysian Flavours, certainly highly Recommended! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Lepak Kopitiam
22 Parry Ave,
Bateman WA 6150

Operating Hours : 8am – 8pm (closed Tuesday)

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