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Finally, the long awaited musical is here to stage in Malaysia, Peter Pan the Musical and I was all excited when we got a chance to get a mini preview on the cast and crew that Mr. Aaron (CEO) of Sunway explains all the whole project and scene to us. (click here)

It was the premier night that I got invited along and the whole stage complete with the LED lightings and effect sure do impress me compare to the half done when we were there to get a glimpse. As this musical show is held at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater. 

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Right from the main entrance till to the ground level of Sunway Lagoon and you can either choose to be transported into a buggy to the theater location or you can choose to walk. For me, I choose to walk to trying to take a few shots around the area and this certainly makes me want to come back in here for purely photoshoot which is now Sunway Lagoon do have Night Parks for RM10 per entry.

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We were there early around 7.30pm and nearly all the front seats already got filled up. The stage lighting is pretty impresive as their final work, and we like it~

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Hehe, with the usual suspect there, Louise, Emeryn and her sister and Esther got dissapear somehwere in the theater.


Jessica and me

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As the waiting time is very draggy and we were told to start at 8pm and it started around 9ishpm which is far behind schedule.

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Started off with Chris Colby, the director of Production introducing the musical and welcoming all the VIP guest and sponsors. Its quite impressive how he manage to say out all in Bahasa although its a bit funny but great efford~

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Then come David Cort, experience choreographer telling us how he get hold of all his crew through casting.

peter pan (21)

I did blog on a preview of Peter Pan (click here)

Then I have 2 pairs of ticket with me to be given out for Peter Pan Musical Stage Play happening on:

Date: Friday, 26th November 2010
Time: 7.30 sharp!
Venue: Sunway Lagoon, Amphitheater

What you need to do is just by answering this simple question and slogan then email it to [email protected]

1) Who are the 4 main charater in the story line? (tips in the picture)

Why do you want to attend Peter Pan Musical Stage Play?

1) PLEASE Email your answer to [email protected]
2) PLEASE include your detail name, handphone and blog url (stand higher chance)
4) THOSE who did not provide personal details as requested will be DISQUALIFIED!
3) The winner will be directly contacted via Handphone before 2pm 26th November.

Entries will be stop sharp at 12pm on the 26th November

See you guys there~

Please do tell me, who do not know Peter Pan? I guess most of us know Peter Pan that is one of our childhood stories fantasy that most of us knows about it, even our parents too. We have often read story books or watch cartoon on this fantasy. This round Sunway Lagoon is proudly to present you their first major stage production, collaboration with ‘West End Production of Peter Pan The Musical’ from Europe to bring you this wonderful stage play musical. I cannot deny that I am a fan of stage play musical and I am proud that Sunway Lagoon had made it possible from 26th November till 2nd January during this school holiday.

One of the reason that the play is hosted in this venue is that, being recognized as a premier attraction that won 4 consecutive years of ‘Asia Best Attraction’ from 2007-2010 and also recently the Games & Park Industry magazine in Europe awarded Sunway Lagoon with the ‘European Golden Pony Awards’ for their contribution to the growth of Asian Amusement Park and Attraction Industry.

Well, I got an invite to get behind the scene and a sneak peek of the musical show happening on last weekend and let me tell you, I am impress with it and cant wait for the main show!

peter pan (1)

To come to this show, the entry is at the main entrance of Sunway Lagoon and once you hit onto the lowest escalator, you will be driven here by a custom made train ‘Peter Pan Express to Neverland'(which is still Work in Progress on today) that will be available on the actual day itself. Cant wait to see~

Alright, lets head to the main stage and seating area.

peter pan (2)

The whole stage had been set up according to the story book, with Wendy’s bed, Nana, pirates ship, mini garden to suits the whole theme.

peter pan (15)

Let me tell you why I am impress by the stage set up as the whole set is design and created by Sunway Lagoon’s very own in-house, design team who adapted the ethereal traits of Neverland. Colorful and vibrant is the unique stage set up to suits the lush greenery surroundings of the Amphitheater is unlike any other to create this full-packaged experience.

peter pan (16)

peter pan (4)

The main stage set up and still on its way to final touch that at night, the stage will be filled with great lightings~

peter pan (3)

All of us were seated and waiting to be shown around.

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