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In our fast pace world, on and off we are looking for something to charge our electronic devices faster. Innergie brings you One For All Charger Type C Charger. One of a super-fast adapter charger adopted with Green Energy concepts. This is a charger plug that fits One For All concept – . A compatible plug that fits most gadgets, including laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and gaming devices.innergie 45h

It is a product that being design to produce its user with top grade material featuring Dynamic Power allocation. An adaptor will automatically detect/ calculates outputs of each charging device and then will automatically allocate its power source to the power current needed by the devices to Power Delivery at fast charging pace.

User can use it at ease as all their adaptor is filled with InnerShield™ Protection

Equipped with the most comprehensive power supply protection that comes with five layers of protection:

  1. Over Current Protection
  2. Over Voltage Protection
  3. Over Temperature Protection
  4. Over Power Protection
  5. Short Circuit Protection.

Other than that will be:

  • 5m drop will not impact the whole series of adaptors from 1.5m fall impact.
  • Able to withstand temperature up to 85c and down to -40c

type c fast charger

There are  4 different models to choose . Of course, it depends on what you need it for. Each of the charger head comes with a slightly different voltage or current.

Left to right:

  1. C3 Duo – up to 30w
  2. 45H – up to 45w
  3. C6 Duo – up to 63w
  4. C6 – up to 60w

Product can be purchase here : https://bit.ly/3DY6SGS

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 innergie usb plug

I did try one with my Charger C6 Duo Innergie Adaptor that I bought to charge my laptop as there are a few occasions that I forgot to bring along the charger. It was slow or have to plug in to maintain its life. Now, I am worrying less with C6 Duo as I can charge both my laptop and phone together equally fast.

innergie c3The plug has energy efficiency & sustainability with 91% conversion rate, less than 3% of energy wastage on every time you charge your devices as compare to others only at 89%

innergie type c fast chargingusb fast charginig plug

Among the 4 Charger head plugs with 4 Innergie One For All USB-C Chargers, let me break it down for you.

  1. C6 Duo Innergie Adaptor would be recommended If you are a heavy user for work, especially with laptops, This plug head is capped with a 60W charging head. It means will be bumping up your power at supercharge speed.
  2. 45H would be recommended if you spend most of the time charging your devices at home like a laptop, gaming consoles, and Phone.
  3. Most of the user or buyers usually op for C3 Duo. It is the smallest among all. Fits a lot of tech-savvy user that does a lot of café hopping, working in co-working space for some meetings to have a quick recharge on their devices Bluetooth earphone, or even tablet.

innergie usb plug products

Most of their Charger head comes with Charger come with type C except 45H


Innergie is a brand of Delta that is leading provider of consumer power solutions with Delta’s 50 years of advanced technical experiences.

The company is committed to producing quality products for its user that comes with 3 years warranty.  

Product can be purchase here : https://bit.ly/3DY6SGS

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