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Last weekend headed to mid-valley to watch movie that bought the ticket around 9pm show. Then was there around 6 something and I was like shit~ what to do for so long? Then since there is a Nikon road show going on in the center court and Coco plan to get a lens and was trying out. Then accompany her and explain to her on my view on this lens which I learn from my friends. Comparing those 2 lens with Nikon and Canon, I still prefer my Canon 55mm lens as the color came out nicer, that’s what I feel or I just do not know how to use Nikon function. Canon price of course cheaper compare to Nikon yet still this 2 brand had its pro and cons.

While waiting for her trying and I there is a competition going on too for modeling capture. Then I start to see people gather in the center of the stage. Without knowing what is going on which I thought the model show going to begin, so I just join the crowd to kill my time. The guy on the stage keep walking around and commanding the people around him to help him on setting up and got curious what is going on and ask the crowd there, asked one of the crowd that mention he is one of the best photographer in Malaysia, Louis Pang. One of the photographer which had won quite a number of recognition, I was like ooohhhhhhh… since got nothing to do and a event to kill my time of course stand there to see what are the tips he is giving out.

Starts at 7.30 sharp, comes out a pretty hot Emcee that hosting the event.

Then his topic of the day was ‘Lighting’. He asked the crowd, is there a good light or a bad light? In his saying, there is none either. As a photographer you can always create light around you even in a very dark room. The trick is how you are going to do that.

That creates a curiosity in me, as most of the time I have trouble to shoot at night and of course need a flash which I do not have.

His first lesson is, those who have flash attach on the camera, please remove them from your unit now. There are people removing but most of them are puzzled. As most of us were thought to shoot by using an attach camera.

His theory was to hold it with your hand then point the estimate the angle and point and shoot. This trick is trying to eliminate some unwanted shadow.

When I saw this, it looks familiar to me which I have learn it from Coco’s friend, Gary Ng which is another good photographer. Learn this trick from him a month back which I ask him why like that and he said to get better quality and try to avoid shadow.

Next was to use a Reflector to tone up the tone color which one side is dark and another side bright. This will create the natural color tone that you wanted.
The following trick definitely caught my attention. Was to use triple flash, which using the ‘Tri-Flash’ stand. This trick is used to create natural sun light during you face unwanted light during your shooting such as cloudy day, sunlight is not strong enough, or sun rise or sunset lighting. This definitely can create something that you are looking for. You can look at his website for the shot he mention by using this trick. Amazing on how he created out.
To even create more natural lighting for your shot, with another option is to use soft box by inserting ‘Tri-Flash’ in it to create a powerful lighting that you wanted even in a dim room.
To demo this shot, he is asking for another volunteer model, then I point Coco..lol~ then she got picked and was on the stage for the shooting. By using a gold reflector to create the skin tone, and a tri-flash to create the lighting he wanted as he shoots towards the direct spot light. (which I always try to avoid shooting direct light) but this is what he had manage to create out.

The result: Amazing~

With a natural skin tone, back spot light had become a nice background and the hair colour which you can see too. A great tips.

But in the end, what I feel that photography also means you need some investments. With a basic kit with flash and a lens and the most important is the trick you have learn and practice.

Manage to take a picture with him, Me — Coco Louis Pang

Thanks for the tips. Surely learn what is called Lighting and how you create it.

You can visit his website for more tips and his great shots. click here.

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