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Dai Ban Noodle is another new hidden joint that we recently discover, that this outlet had been operating for quite a while already. The only thing is I seldom drive pass the back area which is the Wondermilk stretch till friend mention that why not give it a try.

dai ban (1)

dai ban (2)

dai ban (4)

Food selection here is pretty interesting as the shop name noodles gave me the impression that they going to serve lots of types of noodle but its a good mixture, find that their Pan mee would be their signature.

dai ban (7)

We did quite order a number of drinks that night, with many using fresh ingredient especially passion fruit series that caught my attention with lemon and asam.

dai ban (8)

Dry chili with shrimp here is good as we just ate it like that and very aromatic to go along with noodle and not spicy. Next to it is sambal here is definately will give you extra kick as its homemade and spicy enough to make you sweat

dai ban (9)

We order some starter to start with. As this was serve, Salted Egg Squid smells very good with the trail of salted egg left along and no doubht that it taste as good as it smells. Cripsy with golden brown crust outside that fried to perfection. RM 11.90

dai ban (14)

Crunchy Prawn Roll @ RM7.90

dai ban (15)

Smoked Duck is price @ RM 8.90 and I would say its cheap. At that kind of price it give me doubht on the quality of it and the dish itself proves me wrong. The taste of smoked is strong, just the way I like it. Recommended

dai ban (10)

Dai Ban Pork Burger, find that the patty is a bit peppery as no doubt its thick and juicy top with cheese and dark charcoal bun, accompanied by the crispy golden wedges on the side. Not the best I have come across as it can be further improve on the taste. @ RM 15.90

dai ban (11)

dai ban (12)

Traditional Handmade Dai Ban Mee is one of the signature in the outlet for the handpeel series. @ RM 6.50

dai ban (13)

dai ban (16)

This is one of the dish that capture my attention instantly when I was browsing thru Claypot Pumpkin & Pork Rib Congee @ RM10.90. Serve pippin hot in claypot with golden yellow texture and I must say this is one of the winner in the outlet. Very soft and smooth congee, with little sweet end aromatic and pork ribs pairs well. – Recommended

dai ban (17)

One of the highly recommended by me would be Lemon Grass Pork Chop with Fried Rice @ RM 12.90. Pork chop cook to perfection that its not too hard yet season to fragrant and soft and they are quite generous with it as the pork chop is pretty huge. Fried rice pairs well with it. I must say its one of the simple dish I have come across.

dai ban (18)

Char Koey Teow

dai ban (6)

If you are working around the area, then this would be another place for me to recommend you. Simple, cheap and nice.

Dai Ban Noodles
87G, Jalan SS21/1A,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Damansara.

Business Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (10am – 10pm)
Email: [email protected]

Tel No: +6 010-226 6988

Not far far away, there located many hills right after Kuala Lumpur a busy city, hidden one private location that is open to many invtesors to purchase land to build their own weekend home or make it as your own plantation is Orchard Heights that is only an hour or 90 mins drive (depends on your speed limit)  away from KL, you will reach this small little Karak Town.

Dusun (2)

Driving thru the small road and you will reach this ‘so called huge junction’ where you see this yellowish sign then there’s where you need to turn in.

Dusun (3)

Turn in then just follow all the way up till you reach a gate. If they close it cuz its a private property area.

Dusun (1)

Give them a ring to notify that you are here and they will send some one to open the gate for you. Do bare in mind that its quite a hidden area here and mobile coverage here is pretty BAD on this particular area at the gate.

Dusun (4)

As we drove slowly till we reach this kampung house is also known as a service being offered to public to stay. Hidden right in the middle of the greenery, air here is definitely fresh compare to what we had daily at the busy city.  Orchard Heights is a place we can chill with family on this very relaxing area by fishing, fruit hunting, BBQ, cook in the house, and magnificient view that you would not want to miss with little hiking.

Dusun (5)

This place is huge, as its about 187 acres with all plot of land being sold out, at amazing low price RM 200,000 for a 1 acre piece of land. In KL, you cant event buy an apartment with that amount yet here you own 1 ACRE of land. *Sweat. Most of the investors here are building their ideal getaway homestay. This area is gated and guarded, complete with a 8ft high perimeter fencing, comes with  amentias, as electricity, water supply, irrigation water, roads and drains are already in place.

The actual owner Major Ng have this vision that want people to retire healthily therefore its here that he put is flag in. Not only that, those who do not prefer to stay here long, he had came out with a concept of homestay whereby we can just rent this kampung house and hang out with family or friends which makes it Homestay Resort for Orchard Heights.

Dusun (6)

Homestay version that he have now is 3 types. The one we are now visiting  is RM800 per night with beds for 10 and those who do not mind to share or sleep in the living room can easily fit another 5-8 pax. This package also includes unlimited durian (if in season), 5 tilapias, and you can eat fruit fresh from the tress as you walk along the paths of the orchard.

Dusun (7)

A quick tour that have 3 bed room and all bed are hotel quality type bed.

Dusun (8)

WIth huge dining room

Dusun (9)

with spacious kitchen.

Dusun (10)

If you want to cook here, no problem, all are taken care off as plates, fork, knifts pot, all are provided.

Dusun (11)

unless people that are coming here you bring more than what’s allocated.

Dusun (12)


Dusun (13)

Looking right thru behind the kitchen you will be able to see a pond.

Dusun (14)

You can picnic at the hut right in the middle of the pond, or stay here doing BBQ at night or fishing in the pond as they r all tilapias.

Dusun (15)

Dusun (16)

Dusun (17)

We were there ngam ngam at the end of the season and all these durians are fresh. Drop during the morning and the have more unique breed compare to normally on what we eat. D24, kampung durian and many namings that the Major had gotten from.

    • D24
    • D197 (Musang King/Nasi Kunyit)
    • D160 (Tikar) (Chut Keok)
    • D99
    • D158 (Kanyau, Tangkai Panjang) (Which is from Thailand and the stalk is very long
    • and many more

Dusun (18)

Eating during is easy when there are people already do all the job for you but to open this bunch of durian is not an easy task with the shell type it have.

Dusun (19)

Dusun (20)

Right after eating durian, we went for a short walk, around the orchard to understand further more what’s being offered.

Dusun (21)

I am suprise to hear that the Major came by and plant all the fruit plantation with his team. 50% of the land is planted with rows and rows of Durians, some were inherited, but many were planted within the past 10 years, and nurtured by a committed team of permanent staff.

Dusun (22)

We eat it fresh from the tree, with rambutans and Pulasan.

Dusun (23)

finally we aim one tree that gives us the sweetness that we want and there is no pesticide used.

Dusun (24)

Dusun (25)

Dusun (26)

Look at the pulasan here, its huge. . .

Dusun (27)

outside could easily sell about RM15 perkg – RM20 perkg

Dusun (28)

on that day it was rainy day and we were not allow to head to the peak for safety reason. We hike halfway thru only. If reach the top according to the major you can see all the sharp edge of the hills. Enjoying yourself up there with kids and friends is one of the best thing to relax.


Now How do we get there:

Travel along KL – Karak Highway from Gombak toll ( rate RM 5) , pass by Genting Highland, Bukit Tinggi until reaching Bentong toll gate ( rate RM 3) approximately 60 km from Gombak toll.

Directions: From Bentong toll drive straight pass by Sg Dua, Cinta Manis then look out for Exit 813B on your left side of the highway to Karak town. Bentong toll gate to Orchard Heights Bungalow site will be approximately 25km.

From Exit 813B  to Karak town which is at about 5km ahead. Look for KFC at the main road left side of the Karak town. From KFC to Orchard Heights Bungalowis about 12.4 km.

To reach Orchard Heights Homestay. From KFC drive about 0.5km you will notice a police station on your right and there is a T junction which you need to turn right to go to Orchard Heights .

Look for a Big Yellow sign board of LADANG SABAI on your left after 11.4km from the police station T junction. At the Ladang Sabai signboard turn left across a steel bridge then turn to the left go up to the paved tar road. That is exactly the location.

Lazy with all those, then please key this into your device:

GPS Coordinates: N3 20.866  E102.3.522

Address :- Orchard Heights Bungalow Homestay  Resort

Email : [email protected]

Contact Person : 010-2605123 ( Mr Simon )

Just bout 10 days ago, I went to this stall to have durian buffet with my colleague and since then I updated a picture on Twitter and FB, I was scolded and curse by my friend for why tempt them with such King of Fruit in season which makes them drool just by that picture(click here for part 1). Then during that time I was told by a guy that since last weekend they will have more better quality durians from Pahang as previously it was mostly from the southern part, like Johor. . .Since then I did told some of my friend then they directly ask me to do secound round of buffet and last night, I had organise one again and consider it Durian buffet get together part 2~ or SS2 durian buffet

This round I decided to go more premium as last round I just thought that the max was only RM15 and last night get to discover that RM20 you eat more premium quality durian such as Udang Merah and others that those durians can cost RM12-RM15 per kg easily . . without much hesitation direct jump to that. . . and ask them start opening the durians. .RM 20 durian buffet for this round . ..

RM 9 normal durians – guess its durian Kampung??
RM 15 better grades durians..
RM 20 premium grades durians. . (we have this for this round)

Weekdays all 3
Weekend only available RM 15/ RM 20 ONLY. .

* i think this price is applicable to peak season only.. if durian is getting lesser the price will increase. ..

durian part 2 (1)

durian part 2 (2)

durian part 2 (3)

durian part 2 (4)

I must say that durian on this round taste much better compare to what I had but according to Jolyn n Lyn when they came by as they dine the RM15 they find it much better as to me I find this is much better compare to last round . . I guess seasonal durian makes different taste in each batch. .

Last night, I had most of the durian better quality in its meat more solid, a bit milky, not too sweet yet you can eat alot bitter ones, there are mixture of yellowish and fair mild creamy colour  . .  not so watery base meat . .

durian part 2 (6)

Feeq is another hardcore durian fans as when the durian was open and right infrot of him or I would say right after this photoshoot he just whack the durians like no tomorrow and so fast. . .ko’ed after 20 minutes later. .

*remarks – durians are not meant to eat fast as you eat too fast its hard to digest and feel abit bloated.

durian part 2 (11)

Today, Jolyn is on a mission that she want to filled the whole basket at least..  .and her mission complete? scroll till the end. . . .

durian part 2 (12)

durian part 2 (13)

durian part 2 (14)

Every one happily eating the durian and great to see all stranges talking in one table just because of durians .. .

durian part 2 (17)

durian part 2 (19)

durian part 2 (20)

durian part 2 (21)

durian part 2 (22)

This guy is one of the best guy that he usually serve us. . and he is funny. . also with another guy..

durian part 2 (23)

Verdict: did itu Jolyn Cheah manage to fill up the whole basket ? well, actually she did, not her, is we.. for a pax of 8 ppl we filled 1 basket n another quater of it . .as shown in the pics are 2nd basket arleady . .:D

durian part 2 (24)

This is Jolyn Cheah with her very happy durian in her mouth, that she is a very simple person to cheer, when she is sad just buy her durians, she will go hyper and make you happy. .wakkakaka~ :p

Might have ROUND 3 coming up.. just don know when..of course wont be this 2 weeks, as I had too much durians in a row . .need to take a break . .

Results: we are satisfied with it . .no complain and looking forward to come again . .

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, si pek good ah~ Satisfied & Recommended -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

SS2 Durians
SS2 – Behind BHP Petrol Station
Selangor .. .
(with a L shape stall at the corner junction nearby traffic light)


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