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How many times do we eat in a day? 2-4 times? That really depends on your own personal eating habit. Eating healthy is perfect but how many of us do take note on that? Food intake affects what is moving or traveling in our body. This of course will create future problems if it is not well balance. ADAM Series Axtension could be one of the solutions.

Dr.Noor Hisham also said the report found that in Malaysia, colorectal, lung and prostate cancer are the top three cancers among men, while for women its breast, colorectal and cervical cancer.


Adam series Axtension is one of the product in the market could assist in prostate cancer.

Prevention is of course better than cure. This is scientifically formulated with main ingredient of Grape Extract, as well as using other active ingredients derived mainly from traditional herbs, such as Grape Juice Powder, Apple Extract, Saffron Powder, Maca Extract and Guarana Extractm which have been proven to be effective and suitable for consumptions by most men. Base on scientific studies, this product is manufactured by using the latest technology in order to achieve optimum reliability, effectiveness and formulated in France.

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Main highlight of this product is to improve our health. Regular consumption will help in protecting men’s prostate health, such as prevent erectile dysfunction premature ejaculation and prostate cancer. This leads to help a lot in sexual healthy too, leading to healthy sexual and able to perform better too. Regular consumption will leads to significant results that can be seen within 30 days of consumption.


[0:19 am, 27/12/2020] Ahbok: Alright alright. I am sure many of you would want to know further what other benefits does it brings. It is as below:

Action 1: Improve Blood Circulation
Through the improvement of blood circulation, ADAM Series Axtension can help to improve erectile function as it allows greater blood flow to the penis. Blood flow is important during stimulation as it affects the function of the arteries and veins which leads to a proper erection.

Action 2: Regulate Testosterone Level
Testosterone is considered as the ‘male hormone’ which is produced by the testes. It is responsible for many of the secondary characteristics of sex seen in men, such as hair growth and deeper voice. Additionally, testosterone contributes to a healthy libido, building muscle mass as well as maintaining energy levels. By balancing the level of testosterone in men, ADAM Series Axtension would lead to increased sexual performance, especially in terms of stamina and endurance.

Action 3: Alleviate Stress
As stress degrades sperm and semen quality, ADAM Series Axtension helps to reduce the effects of stress and adrenal fatigue by increasing the sperm and semen quality in terms of volume, concentration and motility. Therefore, givingcouples a higher chance in conceiving a child.

The Effectiveness
ADAM Series Axtension helps to reduce the size of enlarged prostate. It is also able to relieve urinary problems by the reduction of obstruction in the urinary flow. Besides that, this product contains antioxidant which helps to battle cancerous growth as well as being a natural prostate enhanced food. The presence of Vitamin C in this ADAM Series Axtension is one of the best food for the purpose of prostate health, especially in easing urination and swelling prevention. The ingredients contained in this product acts as a natural inhibitor of an enlarged prostate.

Direction for Use
Direct consume one (1) sachet on alternate days, before bedtime.

3G X 15 Sachets Per Box (1 Month Set)

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