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Since I have already my coffee machine, (here is my review DonLim Espresso Coffee Machine or Petrus PE3320 Espresso Coffee Machine) then next in my mine is to get a cheap coffee grinder. The my friend introduce me to this Raccea Coffee Grinder 60mm flat burr Review and Unboxing or this is also know as BZ500B grinder.

Decided to get this becuase of I could not finish 1 pack of 200g- 250g espresso grind and I find it drinking too much milk coffee is weird for me. I do drink my drip coffee once a while and find it would be perfect if can get a grinder to fit it for both my intake of milk coffee and black coffee.

I purchase this at Shopee. : https://shp.ee/4a9zgsp

Raccea Coffee Grinder 60mm Review

There are 2 colours available red or black. My unboxing and review of bur coffee grinder 60 mm as below:

italian coffee grinder

Love the simplicity of it that serve the purpose that I need.  Dail is from 0 – 19 and 1 is too fine grind. I was recommended by the seller best grind size is 3. As the number increase, it become coarser.

cheap coffee grinder

coffee grinder review

Raccea Coffee Grinder 60mm Review (6)

For first time machine user: in 18 g, out 9g. I lost nearly 9g. It is stuck in between the compartment inside the grinder. For my first time, I grind no. 1. It is too fine for me.

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coffee grinder size

I have created this chart by different types of notch of number gives you different grind size.

coarse coffee bean

cleaning coffee grinder

How to maintain Raccea Coffee Grinder 60mm. You would need a solid brush hair to begin with. Open up everything as video below:

brush for coffee grinder

brush all the coffee powder out.

Raccea Coffee Grinder 60mm Review (15)

Ensure the 3 spring pin is always by your side if you dismantle it.

Raccea Coffee Grinder 60mm Review (18)

for cleaner purpose, do take off the output of pipe. This is how 18 gram in 9 came out.

Raccea Coffee Grinder 60mm Review (19)

Raccea Coffee Grinder 60mm Review (16)

This is the blade for the espresso machine.

to purchase : https://shp.ee/4a9zgsp

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