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Rama V. Rama V is one of a casual fine dine that establish quite well among many folks around the area. Sitting in Jalan U thant where the upscale residence is, fits well with the society there. Having a Thai chef in the house and with the new chef that came on board, I am impress with his cooking. His cooking style is from the Northern Thai. Therefore do not expect spicy flavour like the southern side of like Bangkok or Hatyai. Flavour is more on sourish, clear and fragrant leaves.

Rama V (2)

As for this Chinese New Year, they do have Chinese New Year Menu too. We had the Fortune Set @ RM 468 which is for about 5-6 pax

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Environment here is slightly different, as they do have private rooms seated outside in this village like houses from 2 pax – 15 pax.

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Dining area is more on the comfort luxury style.

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As we early, we kick start with their cocktails. I am not a big fan of cocktails but they are certainly impressive. The cocktail are Thai inspired which have elements of Thai ingredients.

If you like something fresh, yet flavour profile is quite prominent, Pinklao @ RM 24.85 whisky, lime jice, coconut water, pumpkin spice syrup is one of my favourite.

Princess Fa-Ying @ RM 24.85
Tequila, Lime Juice, Spice Syrup, Crafted Grapefruit soda, ginger Beer Soda

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The Royal Dome @ RM 27.45 – White rum, Strega, Spice syrup, orange bitter. this is another of my recommended too, if you like smokey flavour.

Rama V (9)

Khing of Siam @ RM 24.85
Vodka, Passionfruit puree, lime juice, bunga kantan (torch ginger flower syrup) ginger, kaffir lime leaf

If you are explorer, this is a very interesting cocktail as the element they have it in there is like drinking hint of tomyum that is cold yet with alcohol content. worth to give it a try.

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One of the girls favourite is this Queen Suriyothai @ RM 24.85 -Gin, Lynchee liquer, yuzu puree, lemon juice, egg white, sugar syrup, basil leaf. Refreshing, intersting, sourish, with hint of sweetness yet fragrant foam egg white.

Find that their cocktail is very affordable and these are my recommended cocktails for first timer base on my palate:

  1. Queen Suriyothai (girls can start of with this)
  2. The Royal Dome (for smoky lover)
  3. Pinklao – first perfect glass to go after.

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So for their set, they do have Thai version of Lou Sang that topped with scallop, thai fish cake, smoked duck and other fresh ingredients. Quite interesting and quite good as the sauces that add in there is a good balance with the ingredient on the plate.

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Starting off with Soup – Golden Shrimp Tom Kha– Spicy tomyum soup with coconut milk, oyster mushroom, lemongrass, stuffed prawn bali and Shrimp rice. The broth is good, mild sourish and spicy then you can taste a hint of sweetness aftertaste that comes from the coconut milk.

Rama V (13)

Main Cource:
Steamed Seabass with Tom Khong Sauce. Not the typical steam fish that is pack with garlic and chili, this version is to enjoy the freshness of the fish meat and clear sourish soup.

Rama V (14)

Stir-Fried Brussels Sprout with Sea Scallops in Thai Royal Sauce. Love the cooking style with the sauce, it would be perfect if the Brussels sprout is the crunchy version.

Rama V (15)

Stir Fried Tiger Prawns with Pia Kong Sauce

Rama V (16)

Personally, I feel this is the best dish in the menu as Rama V Braised Duck in Thai Spice Herbs Served with Kai Lan and Asparagus. Sauce is thick enough, yet every bite is very fragrant with thai herbs. Put it in a way is like Penang Kuih Chap but in Thai version that the soup had shimmer down to thickness. Perfect to go along with rice. Duck meat is best if it is slightly softer.

Rama V (17)

for dessert, we had:  Jasmine Mango Pana Cotta, Pandan Creme Dumplings, Ja MOng Kud (egg yolk dumpling in Wheat Flour Crown)

Rama V (18)

Was told by the waiter that this dessert Ja MOng Kud (egg yolk dumpling in Wheat Flour Crown) was done specially for the royal family in Thai. Quite an interesting texture. Something new to me.

Rama V (19)

I have been to this Thai restaurant in KL few years back for a birthday celebration and I think now is much better.


5, Jalan U Thant,
Kelab Golf di Raja Selangor,
55000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 12pm – 3pm / 6pm – 11pm

Tel: 03-2143 2428

Sometimes, hunting nice food is when you look at some pictures that you like and you go for it. So often that I hear this modern Thai dining serve pretty good food is Fa Ying by Rama V. I get to know this place when I saw my friend insta it while they are enjoying their meal there. Then not long after that see them Insta again. Then it got me very curious about the place and food and its a recommended place by them.

Since my friends birthday is around the corner, therefore I suggest this nice restaurant for birthday dinner.

fa ying (1)

Get to know that t Fa Ying means “princess” in Thai and by that you would nod your head once you know that it is connected. That is how I feel I am connected when I first saw this place. 😀

fa ying (2)

At night this whole restaurant look pretty comfy with nice lighting and set up with bar in the middle of Fa Ying by Rama V.

fa ying (3)

Sitting outside at night without wind can be like in sauna . . .

fa ying (4)

fa ying (5)

fa ying (6)

fa ying (7)

Starting to love this place when I they have happy hour buy 1 free 1 all day long. AT times before movie will drop by for a drink.

fa ying (8)

Offering in this Fa Ying by Rama V seems pretty good as I have asked my friend the list what is the must have item and she recommended a few.

fa ying (9)

This is something new to me as Watermelon salad is something light and simple to start off with, sweet and burst with watermelon juices, light mint taste and goat cheeze is added to make the taste more kick. @ RM 12

fa ying (10)

In salad range, I was asked not to miss out their signature Pamelo Salad with Prawns @ RM16, mint leaves are added along, light herbs taste in between and the pamelo is sweet sour base that pair with the ingredient very well.

fa ying (11)

Thai Fish Cake @ RM 12

fa ying (12)

It will never be complete if you step into a Thai restaurant without ordering Tom Yum, the version here is rather mild and serve along with 2 slices of toast bread. Bread is good but to pair with thai soup its a bit weird.

fa ying (13)

Pinapple Fried Rice is pretty good as fried to fragrance and pineapple taste did not overpower the rice.

fa ying (14)

All ala carte order comes with this bowl of thai fragrant rice and a bow of thai salad. Thai salad is popular among the rest as the sour base and spicy end makes it nice.

fa ying (15)

Follow by our mild spicy Curry Duck. Duck meat is not too hard yet cook to perfection that the gravy is slightly thicker and coated well on the duck meat. Love this dish.

fa ying (16)

Phad Thai is like one of my favourite dish. Will try to order if available or not to full. Thin noodles here are pretty good, and did not fried too dry, slightly  moist to my liking. Serve along with peanuts and bean sprout to stir all together along.

fa ying (17)

Prawn Speghetti

fa ying (18)

fa ying (19)

Clearly Roasted duck sandwich @ RM20++

fa ying (20)

Is the clear winner for the night as it was gone within seconds. Smack in between 2 slices of toast Ciabatta  with combination of duck, vegetables and sauces is just nice. Fa Ying by Rama V

fa ying (22)

Here is the biday girl and her cakes.

fa ying (23)

Of course my usual order placement of cakes will be from Fatboybakes.blogspot.com

fa ying (24)

Lastly, for the celebration and we were told their signature cocktail that we shall not miss is Marquessa @ RM100, uniquely served in a huge fishbowl as the mixture of the drink  filled with dragon fruit, cucumber, burnt orange peel, Absolute Blue, white wine, soda and 7-Up. Nice to drink and can at least be share with 5-6 friends.  If you are a cocktail lover, then this is one of the item you shall not miss..

For a pork free restaurant to come out with this flavorful dish, I must say I am impress. Total bill for the night came out RM650. Not bad for a recommendation.

*PORK Free

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8/10 ,Good… Loving it~ Recommended! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Fa Ying by Rama V
The Boulevard, Paradigm Mall
Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya.

Tel: +603-7451 2933

Opens daily from 11am onwards.

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