redoxon vitamin c


On and of with our current crazy weather, after pandemic and also season of virus it is best to have vitamins to cover our body. Vitimin C is one of the most common one and I recently bought this OMFA Vitamin C with an interesting tagline Taste to Believe. 

DSCF4802On and off I do take supplement to support my busy schedule and what caught my attention is the Vitamin C is 1,000mg and its Melt Granule version. Means I do not need water or event cup to begin with. The easiest is just pour everything in my mouth and let it melt away. Perfect for a person like me always on the go.

redoxon vitamin c

They have a simple promo now as register in their website  to get RM 30 off for first timer. Might as Well I just get 2 box as 1 box is filled with 30 sticks with 3.5g. Kinda like my daily doze of vitamin.

you can purchase thru here: https://my.omfa.health/vitamin C

Indeed all stocks fits in small box as the per stick is also quite slim. berocca vitamin c
granule vitamin cThis is granule version. Powdery form that suits both kids and adults.best vitamin c suplimentSlim packaging also means easy for me to slot into any of my pockets or bags, that I would not forget to take an intake of vitamin C.
 OMFA Vitamin C

Taste wise is pretty spot on. The kind of orange that similar to my childhood taste. Yup, my age version of childhood version, which is kinda nostalgic. It is not bitter , just easy to consume. Now only I understand their tagline after consume. “Taste to Believe”
OMFA Vitamin C classic tasteCan enjoy this OMFA Vitamin C anytime, anywhere even your office break, coffee break, while commuting in train or even driving. 
 convinience Vitamin c easy to drink vitamin cbest flu medicinewith this, we are able to keep our healthy lifestyle more in balance instead of finding a cup and water.  With this now you can just purchase this Vitamin C direct in their website. : https://my.omfa.health/

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