Remember on the past video that I have shown in my previous blog post?

Please to watch this video first: Did she really breakoff part 1

Did her bF really cheated on her? Or what is the main reason that makes her so up sad to chuck everything into the box like it’s the end of everything.

In relationship what can we expect? Of course there are moments where both are lovey dovey and bad times too. Actually ask yourself, those of you in relationships, how often do you guys have miscommunications between each other?

Being into relationship is just a wonderful thing to be yet how many of you ended up being heartbreak after the quarrel? Some even on the verge of breaking off or breakoff during that instant moment. .


I have experience before, with my ex that she is the person that just do not wish to explain anything when an issue had happen. That had made the situation worst as on my side, I am guessing and thinking what causes it and have to rewind back memory to track back what had causes that.

The feeling wasn’t that great as do not have the appetite to eat, cant fully concentrate on work by keep thinking what had make her up sad, and a lot of promises she gave me, none fulfill. Well, that was the past and relationship just doesn’t work. It was the best option that we remain as best friend as where we are now.

Sometimes during quarrel, best is to have both parties patient to talk things out and if you find that you do not have anger management and you’re the other half is easy to boil too, I guess that relationship wont work out too. One thing I have learn on my past relationship was communication and trust is the main key to make it work. I have learn a lot from the past. Guys and girls do make mistakes, is just that how you see things on different angle to make it even better.


I dislike to communicate via SMS or Watsapp or any typing platform in social media or text as I cant feel the actual flow of feelings from the other end. By typing is easy and when you hear the other person’s voice, you will actually feel and understand the situation. That is how I always to solve problem using a phone call on past relations whenever we have problems.. Did not pick up just call till it burst. 😀 Its just by cooling yourself down, pick up the phone and dail. Then always the best solution is by meeting up.


A simple phone call that always connect with our love ones close to us, even once a while. Just love this sentence that I found over Google by guardianangle10


Life is just too short for us in modern society, I have seen things happen around me and just do not assume. Cherish those who are by yourside. You will never know what will happen in the future.

Message is : do not assume, talk things out . .

Okay okay..I know I am starting to be an old folk already and this is what happen to the girl in the video when she decided to give her BF back a call. . . .

Genre: Mystery/ Sci-Fi/ Thriller

I find that this year have quite a number of alien movies as is it true that we have discover other planet lifeform? Well, this is another show that is on Love or Hate relationship as some find it nice movie to watch and some just hate it . .

Its  movie on a alien got stranded on earth around 1968 and trying to get back to its planet then been capture by human to do testing . . as it was transported to another camp for another test whereby a group of kids were doing videoshoot and there is where all things happpens. Some human trying to free the alien and trying to help IT get back to its planet and some just want to capture It back to do more discoveries. .

For me, I find that its quite a nice movie to watch . .

– Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped –

Overall ratings 7/10,Quite nice aa . .

– The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk –

Bounty Hunter

Genre: Action/ Comedy/ Crime/ Romance

This movie was about, Gerard Butler had not been in a good shape after divorce with Jennifer Aniston and from police force he quit to become a bounty hunter. Only he learn that his next target was his wife, that had skip court hearing and order to be capture, as Jennifer skip the court hearing to follow a lead on a murder case. Then both of them are on their adventure journey.

This is what is all about love-hate relationship. Not a bad movie after all and thanks to Xin for the ticket.

– Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped –

Overall ratings 6.5/10,not bad lah~~~

– The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk –

Genre: Romance

I never thought that, I would get addicted to this show, I guess any drama series related to cooking/food or dance I would always never miss it, in any language as long as I can understand I would not miss it.

For those who had been following me on my tweeter or as my Facebook friends, that I have been craving for Italian food recently, the cause and damage of it was from this movie that my friend had send me, as she said since I love food, why not watch this series.

This show is more on romance as it was about a dream of a young woman that dreams to become the elite chef of La Sfera restaurant and work hard on her way up. Of course, love happens when the restaurant hire a new chef that had vast experience from Italy that had made him one of the recognize chef in Korea. This is where the love spark started.

This movie also constantly makes me crave for Italian food because of the way of the food presentation and also its in fine dining concept yet also makes me consider going back into relationship, with the assistant young chef innocent and shy look. Lol~
If you love food, then this movie would definitely worth a watch.

Remark: if you crave of Italian food, please do not blame me.

You can watch the series at this website

Genre: Comedy/ Drama/ Romance

Catch up with my friends that havent meet them for quite some time already yet do not know what to do and were standing infront of the cinema with no idea of what movie to watch is because either I have watch the movie or the other fren had watch it too. Ended up choose this movie with no idea of what is it about but yet the actress sure look very familiar, cant remember she acted in which movie already.

A movie which is a bit artistic in how it was film and is about the girl Zooey never believe in love or relationship yet during the first day in her new work at the greeting cards firm, this guy Joseph had fallen for her with love at first sight. Things had progress gradually but yet the girl mention that she just want to have fun till one day, she decided to get married which shock the guy.

The movie is not bad la. Would not complain anything. Can watch it during movie day or DVD would be good too.

Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —

Overall ratings 6/10, Not bad lah~

— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —

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