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Finally, I am able to take some time out to write about one of my trip this year. (its a long post with many pictures). It was a great deal that we have gotten for Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa that located at Sepang which is about 1hour drive from KL city.

In Malaysia, we sure do have one of the most pretegious hotel that have attracted many people around the region local and near. This resort had capture my attention for quite a while with its iconic the Palm Tree that is similar to another mega development in Dubai also known as Palm Tree.

Our Malaysia version is much smaller scale than the one they had there. Nevertheless, this resort had also gain many recognition such as The Malaysia Book of Record and CNBC Asia Pacific Property Awards in 2008 for Best Interior design. I did my homework before I came here and with such recognition being awarded, of course expectation had being set high.

Palm Spring (1)

It is only about 1 hour drive away from busy district of Kuala Lumpur City or its very nearby Air Asia LCCT airport. Golden Palm Tree is a huge project that that contain 4 types of water villa which is Royale Palm Villa, Ivory Palm Villa, Canary Palm Villa, Travelers Palm Villa and Premier Travelers Palm Villa that have about 400 rooms in total.

Its A five-star sea resort, the our villas stretch out nearly a kilometer into the sea facing the sheltered waters of the straits of Malacca. Blending Polynesian-Maldivian style and décor with local kelong-style stilts, we offer you a choice of nearly 400 villas in five distinctive types. (source from swiss-belhotel)

Right when we reach here, we are all excited to visit this place as we even have count down in our chatroom for this trip.

Palm Spring (2)

As you arrive you will be greeted with guard post, as the main lobby area are for drop off and pick up only. There are designated parking area for guest and public whereby a service van will pick up to head to the main area.

Palm Spring (21)

Palm Spring (5)

It was public holiday when we visit this place, and the place is pack with visitors which I am totally surprise  then found out that it was fully book another surprise.

Palm Spring (3)

We bring snacks and what we can think of to ensure we wont be hungry at night.

Palm Spring (4)

Wakaka, we found out that there are noting much to do around the area, then not to bored ourself, we brought our own game, Drinking Roullette Set. . :p

Palm Spring (20)

As we wait in the main lobby, ,waiting for the buggy service to travel us to the next main check point right at the heart of the resort to head to our respective room.

Palm Spring (19)

I was told that the main lobby the long stretch that ferrying us to our main hotel room area is about 800m in stretch and have yet calculate the branches out. That could be easily 1km walk if right from main lobby to your room.

Palm Spring (6)

Our hotel room reservation for the trip is  Canary Palm Villa that is about RM1800 per night if I am not mistaken. (rates changes on season)

Palm Spring (7)

As we enter our room, we love our room turning our air condition into full blast in this hot weather .

Palm Spring (8)

This magnificent villa with 82 square meters of space comes with two bedrooms with a combination of a queen-sized bed and twin beds, a separate luxurious marble four-fixture bathroom, and a lounge with spacious living areas. With its high thatched roof and warm wooden paneling, the villas exude rustic charm, a comforting and languid setting in the midst of natural beauty. Chill out on one of the two private terraces overlooking the sea. Peace and tranquility welcome you with their gentle hands. (source From Swiss-bellhotel)

Palm Spring (9)

Living room is pretty big also that easily accommodate 4 pax at 1 time.

Palm Spring (10)

View from my little balcony ..

Palm Spring (11)

and my neighbor .. 😀

Palm Spring (12)

   I have a huge toilet with rain shower head that I have no complain

Palm Spring (13)

Palm Spring (14)

This is the toilet in my friends room that occupy the queensize bed that have shower room and also a bath tub for you to enjoy your evening.

Palm Spring (15)

Palm Spring (16)

Palm Spring (17)

As we quickly change and head out to check what are the facilities that they have to offer.

Palm Spring (18)

View from the second lobby area.

Palm Spring (22)

We head back out to the main lobby area and took service van head to their extreme park. To have fun on the go cart ride is RM30 for 5  minutes if I am not mistaken.

Palm Spring (23)

We are all gear up with Tatt’s little cheeky nephew.

Palm Spring (24)

Ready to go . . and for children that under height or age, they have a pair seating whereby they can enjoy the race with more mature people to be driving the cart. Kids get to enjoy too . .

Palm Spring (25)

We were brief with safety measures before the start of the race and this round we have at least 8 riders.

Palm Spring (26)

Gentleman, please start your engine ..

Palm Spring (27)

5 minutes is really fast.. a few laps habis ..

Palm Spring (28)

Palm Spring (29)

Next all of us head to ATV ride where by is also about RM20 or RM30 for 1 lap, since all of us did not ride before we decided to make it a group trip. . .

Palm Spring (30)

Its a quick one lap like duck walking in a line, slow and being control by the warden. Not so fun as I thought. Apparently, if you want to have a ride with yourself, you can also challenge on the rider there.

Palm Spring (31)

Palm Spring (32)

Palm Spring (33)

Heading back to our hotel for a quick swim, with Ling and Collen

Palm Spring (34)

Infinity pool is pack with people and definitely not suitable to come during public holiday.

Palm Spring (35)

Rule number 1 is to have a quick shower only jump to the pool.

Palm Spring (36)

Right after quick swim we change and prepare to head for dinner as all of us are freaking hungry.

Palm Spring (41)

Then my friend didnt book the restaurant, and its full. Then we walk back to Sepoi Sepoi Cafe for a quick dining as we need to wait for 2 hours before our turn.

Palm Spring (42)

Nice cafe to sunk ourself onto to take a break . .

Palm Spring (43)

Food price is not cheap in this restaurant. .

Palm Spring (44)

Nan and Me

Palm Spring (45)

Tatt and nephew are very hungry so the dine first, best food (opps not best food, edible food is Chicken Rice)

Palm Spring (46)

this is my seafood spaghetti which is very disappointed. After one bite, none of us would want to continue further. Other food that the rest order, never bother to write about it.

Palm Spring (37)

Then we walk back to Stimboat Food Garden for our main meal.

Palm Spring (38)

Love the restaurant ambiance here, pleasant with peaceful environment

Palm Spring (39)

Palm Spring (40)

Palm Spring (47)

Palm Spring (48)

our steamboat set. Seafood is not fresh, soup is tasteless that we have to modified ourself, waiter and waitress here is very slow and we pity on the Manager as he have to work double hard as the rest are just plain lazy or don wan to ‘LAYAN’.

Palm Spring (49)

Palm Spring (50)

Palm Spring (50).0

the panoramic view of the area. . .

Palm Spring (51)

Some night shots. .

Palm Spring (52)

Palm Spring (53)

Buluh Bar

Palm Spring (54)

Palm Spring (55)

Palm Spring (56)

Palm Spring (57)

Palm Spring (58)

Palm Spring (59)

Of course  after dinner, rest a while and lets start our game. Finish 2 bottle and half of them KO…wkakaka

Palm Spring (60)

Wake up early next day to get my breakfast which I wont miss and do wake up early if you come here during public holiday as its gonna be filled with heavy crowd.

Palm Spring (61)

Food in here do not expect that much . . as long as it can fill your stomach then okay-lah!

Palm Spring (62)

Palm Spring (63)

Palm Spring (64)

Palm Spring (65)

Palm Spring (66)

Palm Spring (67)

Overall of the stay in this resort, wasnt so pleasant as the room is hot, and only single air condition being-used which is not enough to generate the coolness for the room. Most of us woke up middle of the night and complain why is it so hot!

With a 5 star resort and awards being won, dining was a bad experience especially on food quality with the price being charge is way too expensive along with their service. My friend event commented on the structural quality that they have.

To pay ourselves for a room RM1800 surely we would not, its because we manage to grab a good deal over a website, yet its still far expensive. I find that many other resorts in Malaysia will offer more and better service and with that rate I can easily compare to Pangkor Laut or any 5 star Hotel in Langkawi that worth every penny.

I will spend my money some where else but of course everyone will have different experience.

Remark: do bring Mee in the cup there as it taste much better than any of the hotels offering that I have dine, (comparing to the 3 dining area I have been)

For more rates and info, you can check it out here – http://www.swiss-belhotel.com

Sepang Goldcoast
No. 67 Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang,
Kg. Bagan Lalang, Sungai Pelek,
43950 Sepang, Selangor

What did you do during last week of Malaysia Day? I guess some of you will have plans as its a bit long weekend for us. As for me, me and my friends heading wayyy south to Johor for holiday which by far the furthest I have travel down south is only Melaka. Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa All of us work hard, just that once a while, we need to take a break, to cool us down, chill on more relaxing area then head back fresh, and the last round I took myself off was heading to Pulau Pangkor for a short stay. (click here)

Desaru (1)

One of the reason that we head down south for this stay is because, we have special arrangement with my friend that had called her up and every everthing for me. For being first time in this state, alot of things I want to discover and share out. When she send me the itinerary, I got excited that it is seriously fill with lots of visits and food to visit.

Well, after 3 n half hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, we had reach Pulai Desaru, whereby its a located on the east side of Johor that takes another 35-45 minutes drive from the city..

Desaru (2)

Pulai Desaru Beach had its new offering to public with 200 newly refurbish rooms to provide all holiday travelers with an ultimate comfort and lifestyle. This resort also had attracted a number of celebrity to stay here and most of the their guest from Singapore, which is very nearby. With their new concept, the resort have design their rooms in a few types with season colour and lovers wing. Part of it is to make holiday travelers enjoy their stay and would want some changes in their room ambiance, they can do so.

Desaru (3)

Desaru (4)

The newly refurbish lobby are build in contemporary style to bring modern ambiance to travelers.

Desaru (5)

A simple bar at the lobby with 2 pool table and draft tab is available for you too. . .

Desaru (6)

One of the thing I like the most is this hotel lift. Feels like you are heading into some where cool.

Desaru (7)

After checking in, I head back to my room. Its very simple, spacious and comfy.

Desaru (8)

Desaru (9)

Best of all, I have one of the best view facing garden swimming pool view that smack near right in the middle and on the highest floor.

Desaru (10)_resize

I like the toilet design which is just simple, and nice, bath tub is spacious too.

Desaru (11)

We do have welcome fruits in our room.

Desaru (12)

Then I went over to my friends room which they have a queen’s size bed and realize that, there are slight different compare to our room that the colour of the wall is different as this room is painted in orange, ours is painted in green and toilet design is also different. I only manage to catch up this 2 rooms.

Desaru (13)

night proceeds, then went down to do some photo shoot around the resort. . .

Desaru (14)

Desaru (15)   Desaru (16)

For family that bring kids here, they do have 2 sections for your kids to play around, this ping pong area, and a video game console which is attach next to it, that allow your kids to glue to their seats and you can go for a comfort swim.

Desaru (17)

For younger kids, they do have this little indoor play ground for them to play around as its covered with glass panel.

 Dumpling Festival is another big occasion that celebrated across chinese culture or also know with Dragon Boat Festival. This festival with a story behind it, (click here source wikipedia). For this special occasion, West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant which is led by Master Chef Chan Choo Kean and his team comes up with  a few unique dumpling.

Sunway (1)

Superior Giant Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Assorted Meat and Chef’s Special Savoury Sauce @ RM118++, by the meaning Giant is really giant to me as this 3kg rectangular rice dumpling can fed up to 8-10 people filled with lots of ingredients, dried scallop, dried oyster, barbecued chicken, lotus seed, chestnut, salted egg yolk, mushroom, dried shrimp and yellow pea. Due to its size, it was steam instead of boiled in the water, the taste come out to be nice, soft texture with all ingredient evenly cooked comes to my liking.

Sunway (2)

Hong Kong Style Steamed Glutinous Rice Dumpling @ RM28++ filled with dried scallop, barbecued chicken, salted egg yolk, black mushroom, chestnut, dried shrimp and yellow pea. Quite mild in taste compare to the others, still the aroma is there.

Sunway (3)

Star of the night as this is my very first time I come accross with this flavour is Steamed Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Yam and Lamb @ RM 23++ with yam, dried shrimp, mushroom, chestnut and seasoned lam meat. The meat was soft and the aroma of lamb had soak into rice dumlpling that make it very nice in taste.

Sunway (4)

Never knew that Steamed Vegetarian Glutinous Rice Dumpling can turn out to be good in taste as this is my first time trying vegetarian dumpling too.  RM 18++

Sunway (5)

Is stuff with ingredients enoki mushroom, abalone mushroom and black mushrooms

Sunway (6)

Steamed Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Sweet Red Bean is consider more like a desert rice dumpling. Dipping it with some honey sauce that makes it extra kick with red bean melt in mouth n sticky soft rice to chew on. RM12++

Sunway (7)

As for comes to real desert, this is one of the desert you must not miss Mango Puree and Vanilla Ice Cream And Tempura Durian Puff @ RM12

Sunway (8)

The Durian puff’s were so crispy on the outer layer with one bite the crack sound was very obvious and the durian meat that they use is good stuff. Then followed by me taking on the bowl of mango puree with vanilla ice cream.

Sunway (9)

Something refreshing at thee very end of the meal Double Boiled Fresh Ginseng with Sea Coconut @RM12.

I did enjoy myself for this early dumpling session as I always love to eat dumpling, and with the festival around the corner you can place your order at the restaurant and wish every one Happy Dumpling Festival.

West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant
Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa,
Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya Selangor.

03-7495 1800

Open Daily 12pm-2:30pm (lunch), 6:30pm-10:30pm (dinner)

Last weekend we head down to Melacca for a great weekend escape. Philea Resort & Spa is one of the resort that hidden with the greens which one of the most unique hotel available in Malaysia. The whole resort was build up with log which makes them the biggest log resort in Malaysia that build in a 15acres of land with a total investment of RM140mil which is owned by Majestic Hotels & Resorts.

Lets lead to the pathway of the resort and one best things, if you are lazy to walk, then you can take on their buggy service which is available at the lobby or a call away from your room.

When we walked into the area, we were impress by the whole ambience that gives the feel we are not in Malaysia. Totally a good escape from the city to be in such a relaxing environment.

“Philea was built utilizing natural resources. The resources are Malaysian-made; using 8,000 pieces of disused railway sleepers for staircases, more than 6,000 tons of marble from Perak as block fencing and recycled materials found from shipwreck as furniture in the lobby”

Philea was also awarded the ‘First Log Resort’ and the ‘Largest Log Resort’ by the Malaysia Book of Records.

Then we head to one of the room viewing, Philea Suite which had its whole unit by itself with its spacious bed room and the concept I like the most is the toilet. When we enter there room, some people might not like the smell of it which is the heavy log smell as it is still rather new. Were told that the highgrade log is imported from Russia.

Where most of the hotel room put a tag out on their room for DND sign or clean up room here, just pull out a small plank of wood. .its cute. .

42 inch flat screen on the hook on the wall you can just relax in the room. . .

big bean bath tub located in the middle of bath room and a rain drop type shower head located next to it.

while you are soak on this lovely tub, just press along with the tv channels and lay there in the environment.

after your bubble tub bath, you can just shower off  . . ..

Sink is more like seashell which is so nice to match along the whole ambiance.

they have all the shower gel ready for you to pamper you in this environment . .. . .

After the mini  tour, we head back to our room. . .

Pavillion Villa that host 4 rooms in a single building. . .

A bit smaller compare to Philea Suites as we are impress too with the rooms which is made fully with log.

The bed is so comfy with its soft conforter and pillow is melting us to take a short nap. . .

a complete bath room set kit is provided. . . .

Love their shower gel smell, with a scent of ginger and aromatic flowery scent  that makes it so relaxing.

If you plan to rest at the balcony, the be seated at the bench or you can pull it out and transform it into picnic table. .

After we check out our room, we head out for lunch . ..

They have mini hakwer area also ..

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Grilled seafood – you can choose seafood of your choice. . .

Italian selection . . .

Desert area. . .

where the girls are having fun chatting around. . .

After lunch, went back room to change and head to chill at their swimming pool area. . . .

this is where we enjoy our time here just by relaxing at the lazy chair while listening to the sound of waterfall .. .

Esther was so in love with my new camera and she decided to venture herself by capturing portrait for Racheal ..

This is how the pool’s look like with natural waterfall sound. . tempting!

our camwhore queen, Esther . ..

Now let the night shots begin, at the main entrance of Philea Resort & Spa Ayer Keroh, Melaka.

Main Lobby .. .

Swimming pool view. . .

On that night we also celebrated Earth Hour 2011 at the resort, where the whole resort was lit up with candles. . .

It was quite dark in the whole resort and we use our handphone light to shine for our route for the way to dinner ..  Guess who is thiss?

we felt it was quite Romantic that the restaurant was lit up with candle lights and we were dining just with candles right in front of us.

Finish our dinner, we head to their Chill Out Bar to chill for the rest of the night .. .

The music R & B played in there was pretty good. . .just that it was not blast loud enough . . as we understood that its a place of social not to party or dance. . .

welcome our sexy bar tender for the night making our cocktails. . .

ops, Marcky is at playboi mansion bar at the moment. . .

Tiger was our best friend for the night .. .

It was a great stay at this resort and certainly looking foward to go back again . . Room Rates start from RM400++

It was a great stay at this resort and certainly looking foward to go back again . . Room Rates start from RM400++

Adios till next round and after this, lets go food hunting at Melacca. ..

Philea Resort & Spa
Lot 2940 Jalan Ayer Keroh
Off Jalan Plaza Toll
75450 Ayer Keroh

Tel : +6 06 2333 399
Fax : +6 06 2332 299
Email : [email protected]

Kuala Lumpur Sales Office
1.02 Level 1,
Menara AA,
247 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : +6 03 2141 8966
Fax: +6 03 2145 3966
Email: [email protected]

Website: www.phileahotel.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/philea.resort.melaka

GPS coordinates: 2.2983529910594464,102.31203138828277

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