Restaurant Vicchuda Tomyam & Seafood uptown


It was just out of the blue that we were tired on that day and lazy to think of where to eat after some travelling around. Then got suggested to try out this Malay Restaurant that serve pretty good food right behind his shop then we walked there.

Reach Restaurant Vicchuda and I am impress as they are operating 2 unit shop lot and serve Malay Thai cuisine. We were told to go early as this restaurant is often full when it hits dinner time.

uptown (1)

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 Price here seems decent.

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as this version of Malay version of Tomyum Soup  did not suit my palate because of its weird taste. Sourish sweet yet mild spicy. I have taste much better before in other Malay stall.

uptown (6)

I have high expectation when comes to Nasi Goreng USA as this turns horrible. Rice werent cook enough, sauce is slightly sweet yet the whole plate is serve near to cold food instead of hot or warm.

uptown (7)

First impression is massive as its filled with chili padi and smells very spicy and sourish also. Fish is not fresh on that day and the garlic and chili that they used are little dry up (like its been left there for quite a while).

uptown (8)

Pucuk Paku Pakis is good. Fried to perfection that its crips inside out, gravy is just nice and of course its spicy enough.

uptown (9)

Kerabu Squid is also dissapointing.

After reading a few bloggers review that this place is highly recommended, I guess that the chef or me were having a bad day making it all does not taste good.

Worst of all is I paid about RM120 for this including 4 small fruit drinks. I consider its very expensive!


24 Jalan SS21/35,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opens from lunch hour until late night.

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