Right Moment


Which Taker Am I?

I am definitely the Bagman as John Rahway aka Paul Walker in the movie. Love to play everything at stake, make the right movie at the right moment to grab whatever opportunity that comes along by considering the odds. I certainly would take my chances on winning a pair of movie premier with Sirens Media and Sony Pictures for this competition. Are we on for the premier?

When we are about to reach Hong Kong it was a very bumpy ride, the wave is quite high and the boat is moving zig zac to avoid direct clash of the wave. That’s how I woke up after that, the 1 hour power nap is just too good, was very very tired after jumping around and race around the clock for the whole schedule. Just love the feeling of it makes me remember back the bumpy ride of the mini sampan boat of island hoping when was travelling at Phuket.

After embarking on the pier, I can still feel the impact of the wave even when I was walking on the terminal area. My body like got the after impact of it. Wave clash as my head and body can just feel it even when I was walking.

Getting out and hunting for our bus to get to our very next destination ‘Avenue of Starz’. The ‘Avenue of Stars’ is a place where the famous movie stars and artist in song industry of Hong Kong to put their mark on it for remembrance something similar like Hollywood Walk Of Fame. This is the Asian version and located at Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. So for all the crazy fans that you want to take a memory of your super star, do not miss this place.

It was love at first sight when I saw the spectacular view. Cant stop admiring it and I was inhaling deeply to smell the air of the salty sea. Still have the ‘wee wang wang’ feel in me. Cant even walk properly.

This is the first piece of hand print and after taking pictures only realize is Leon Lai. All my friends ask me. Why him.. I just said that, don know just came across this 1 is empty then just take la. Cuz I was looking for Andy Lau’s frame but then just too lazy to find as have to look for all the pieces on the floor with my wee wang wang feel just not the right moment.

Woiiii..plesee shadupp every 1… Woi you…Siam lah..!!! don block block there see..Have to cut again!. Apa ini, Director cannot swim. A movie cast crew wanna be..kekek

As we were walking, we were camwhoring all the way. What ever we can snap just snap. Ferry lah~

View lah~

Actually we have submited our application to be keh lei feh..~ but got rejected. So this is our very own version. Bruce Lee wanna be lah~

Of course when it comes to food, never stop hunting. This is the stall that sell ‘Cuttlefish’. Cost HKD 20. It was quite que also. Waited about 10 minutes for it.

When you put into your mouth, you can just feel the taste of burn and the aroma of the cuttlefish just fly in. It was perfectly bbq and its very chewy full with the taste of cuttlefish. As what I have expected and taste even better, must not miss this stall.

Located along the area, nearby Leon Lai hand print.

The big sea cruise that what crusing through.

My best friend Jay came to meet up with me and join with the rest of us. Get to know her when I was studying in Melbourne. I am so glad that she came by. As the rest of my friends there, they had went out to other countries for holiday. Wrong timing~

Another reason we were here of course its for the ‘Special Lighting Effect with music’, what I would say is the musical lighting that start to brighten up the sky at 8pm every night. It is a breath taking effect that they have. The laser lights synchronies accordingly with the music

The musical lighting had started and we have to cramp with a lot of tourist and I was just busing taking pictures.

Surely when comes to take pictures, of course I would take as many as I can with Jay. Snapping just everywhere.
One of the very classic pirate boat style which you can see in Hong Kong moving around, but this pirate Hong Kong style I think it was charted by a group of people and they were throwing a party in there and the boat will just cruise around it. What a great way to enjoy life~

Hee, again~

One of the nice ferry that came pass by…..

Behind me with the nice light on the left of course its one of the most famous Hotel in Hong Kong which can consider the most expensive also. It’s the ‘Peninsular Hotel’ which I was told by my friend that the hotel is very famous for its afternoon tea, and by luck you can always bump into Hong Kong celebrity. Didn’t manage to go infront of the hotel to take some pics, it’s a very nice area to just camwhore a lot~ was insufficient time.

3,2,1 aaaAaacction!

When comes to film roll, this had turn out what happen with us with the director around.

As we were walking to the pier to take ferry across to the Hong Kong Island this is one of the landmark which is very beautiful where I saw quite a lot of bridal pictures were taking place.

The clock tower

But I seriously I have to thank ah Keong for helping me most of the time to carry my camera stand. Gayyyy Keong(which actually is not gay, just a nick we gave him).. .. Kam sia lu~

From destination A to B

It looks like we were like booking the whole ferry but its just empty, as it was quite late a night already. Taking our way for dinner and meet the rest of the group.
As it was cruising across I saw this beautiful cruise so just snap again. After enjoying or mini sea cruise across and by reaching the Hong Kong Island our next destination is of course to cure our stomach (Jay our guide) and after late night dinner, we are heading to one of Hong Kong happening night life area. . .
We were very very tired as after Macau, we didn’t head back to hotel to bath, cuz does not have sufficient time to catch the Musical Lights, we were all very exhausted but still energetic to continue what’s left for the night. The best part yet to come.
Where is it, catch up later . . . .

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