I have always wanted to visit this project for quite a while as my work travels me to Kota Kemuning. What got me to pay a visit to this area as this area is filled with 3 giant developer. IJM Land Bandar Rimbayu is one of them. Fun filled activities took place last weekend where Share Your Love with your love ones is a perfect time for all newly weds to own a dream home, of course not only them as those of you planning to upgrade your home to terrace house, this would be an ideal consideration.

IJM Rimbayu (2)

Driving all the way from Kota Kemuning till the end, you will reach IJM Land Bandar Rimbayu. Quite a massive landmark which is hard to miss and also as you park, the security will immediately follow you at your parking zone wait to pick you up and fetch you to the main entrance.

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The event took place last weekend where they do have kids rides to keep your children busy while you can check out their property or showroom.

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Not only that, a mini wedding expo was part of it to introduce couples to scout for gaun, shoe designer, florists, music bands, and wedding planner. In that event, a total of 10 couples had signed up with wedding packages from the bridal houses each walked away with a RM500 cash voucher in a Lucky Draw.

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Never knew that now wedding now also move into Korean trend.

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Also got a chance to watch Korean inspired Bridal Runway showcasing all the latest trends of bridal fashion plus there was even a make-up tutorial session by Artistique: Beauty Training Center.

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As you move around, the showroom indeed is huge and once you enter their show gallery, I am impress with the style of it as it do look like a cool architecture museum/ library. Love their concept of red brick flooring and hanging indistrial lights.

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In their show gallery, you will be attended by their friendly sales staff that will tour you their entire project showcase along with brief details on their 10-15 years township planning for the development. With carefull planning of international schools, commercial centers and other facilities around the area is indeed an ideal future investment.

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After you finish the tour of the sales gallery, you then can walk behind that unit to check out their latest collection of terrence showhouse. Last weekend was also the launch of their latest terrance unit Type C phase with size of 20×70.

IJM Rimbayu (14)

IJM Rimbayu (15)

This is how their Penduline series looks like. A pretty classic straight foward version.

Penduline Type C homes are built on a land area of 20’x70, with a total built up area of 2,028 square feet. The houses are priced from RM739,800, and there are only 155 units available for sale. This is their final phase of the Penduline parcel, with a total 625 units in this developement. Penduline Type A and Type B  were launch much earlier and only limited units left.

IJM Rimbayu (16)

IJM Rimbayu (18)

Layout is pretty simple where you walk in from the main entrance, you will be greeted with living room then dining area and a longish kitchen area.

IJM Rimbayu (19)

IJM Rimbayu (20)

Love the smart interior design on living room sofa with double edge that save some of the dining chairs.

IJM Rimbayu (30)

IJM Rimbayu (22)

IJM Rimbayu (23)

3 bed rooms on the top floor.

IJM Rimbayu (21)

IJM Rimbayu (26)

IJM Rimbayu (25)

IJM Rimbayu (27)

2nd room

IJM Rimbayu (28)

Shared toilet of 2nd and 3rd room

IJM Rimbayu (29)

IJM Rimbayu (31)

Always love to check out showroom as their interior do inspire.

For first home buyer or upgrade, their price tag is certainly worth to consider for own stay. For more information about Bandar Rimbayu and IJM Land Berhad, please visit IJM Land Website and Facebook

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