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One of my latest discovery with whisky is – Johnnie Walker & Sons XR 21 Whisky Food Pairing. One of a more unique whisky that I came across where I always thought Johnnie Walker is only Red, Gold, Green those series only.

XR 21 (1)

The pairing event was held at The Library – Ritz Carlton, KL.

XR 21 (2)

About XR 21 : This bottle is actually a special edition release of Johnnie Walker, this 21 year old expression was inspired by the blending notes of Sir Alexander Walker. Featuring whisky from the extensive Johnnie Walker stocks, the XR 21 Year Old is rich and multi layered blend vanilla, golden honey with sherry oak finish for end taste. Best to have it neat or chill water.

XR 21 (3)

XR 21 (4)

XR 21 (5)

XR 21 (6)

On that night, King George V is one of the best series I have tried under Johnnie Walker & Sons or Johnnie Walker. Indeed it is an expensive bottle and it sure do lift up the expectation on the tasting note.

XR 21 (7)

XR 21 (8)

XR 21 (9)

XR 21 (10)

All of us were pampered with XR – 21 before dinner start. 

XR 21 (11)

XR 21 (12)

XR 21 (13)

With the ambiance all sent in place and a great menu to be tasted in the next 5 minutes, I am all excited to begin with. The menu is designed to awaken our senses with Chef Phoebe had created a unique blend of contemporary French and a twist of Malay flavors using local produce. Bringing all of these flavors together, we use some key elements of the original whisky blending process; BARLEY_SEA SALT_OAK_PEAT/SMOKE_RARE BLENDS_RICH FRUIT & SPICES

XR 21 (14)

XR 21 (15)

Kick start off with one of a premium grade whisky – King George  that have rich brewing history that had made it now in a limited edition bottle and also limited quantity available. The taste is pungent, smokey oakiness, smooth, full bodied easy to drink. Loving it.

XR 21 (16)

Start off – Barley Pair with XR21 – The natural minerals of ocean notes of the oyster along with the toasted barley brings out the best of characteristics of this John Walker & Sons XR 21 whisky. To enjoy this oyster, we were told to push a pump of XR 21 into our mouth, follow by the oyster and end it with the remaining pump. To finish it bite the fried barley at the side and indeed, it does enhance to sweet aromatic note of oyster and fragrance of barley.

XR 21 (17)

Sea Salt – XR21 Glazed King Scallops with Nasi Lemak, Fish Sambal, Cucumber & Olive Oil Powder. This is a very interesting dish where scallop is pan seared to perfection, with a clever presentation of local Malaysian infusion – nasi Lemak with the spiciness of chili is not overpowering yet a sip of XR 21 is able to pull the right balance of sweetness of scallop and sambal together.

XR 21 (18)

OAK – Pan-Seared Rougie Foie Gras, Duck Rillette, Ginger Pickled Cheeris, 10 years Barrel Aged Modena Balsamic, Okra Paper. Among the series, this would be the dish of the night. Foie gras is cook to perfection that it just melt in your mouth and in love with the pungent taste of balsamic sauce in the pump, with just a little drop, it enhance the flavour of it. A sip of XR 21 add on the smokiness of the taste of it.

XR 21 (19)

Peat/Smoke – Hickory Smoked Eel, Green Tea, Bamboo Shoot Pickle, Aromatic Pepper Oil, Squid Ink Crackling. A beautifully cook eel and the little saltiness of squid ink that gives you the little crunch of texture in mouth is what we need. The flavour is nicely balance up with green tea. 

XR 21 (20)

To begin with, The RARE Blend – Pan-Seared Cod, Taro Rots, Parsley, leek Ash, is spread with XR 21 Mist, where it created the aroma of the alcohol. A little hint of bitterness do take over on first taste yet freshness of cod came after that.

XR 21 (21)

XR 21 (22)

The dinner was hosted by Chef Phoebe where she began her career in the culinary world after successfully securing a 4-year apprenticeship, with her base training being French and later on, expanded her culinary knowledge in various countries from all over the world including Scotland, France, Spain, England, Thailand, Japan, China, South America and more. In 2012, she joined Johnnie Walker House to establish the Beijing House and lead three Johnnie Walker Houses in China for three years, which helped her opened up a whole new world of flavours and pairing possibilities with whiskies, that has changed her approach to creating and innovating unique menus since then.

XR 21 (23)

XR 21 (24)

To finish off, the note – Rich Fruit & Spice – XR21 Nitro Ice Cream, Coffee Soil, Spiced Raspberries, Honey comb. Love their sweet ending as the texture of honey comb is perfect, crunchy and not too sweet to pair with the soft berries and the sandy coffee soil built in the bitterness of it and a pull of sweetness from the cotton candy is just nice.

XR 21 (25)

Enjoyed the dinner that Chef Phoebe had created by using some of the local ingredients especially for a foreigner to come out with Nasi Lemak. It is a great experience and get to know another range of great whisky.

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Well, woke up early next day as Goft was already at lobby waiting for all of us, which she mention to us that we are heading to one of a famous restaurant chain from New York for breakfast which is just directly across our hotel which is Dean & Deluca. To head here is pretty easy, just climb up to the SKY Train Station and just walk across which sandwich in between the 2 exits of the stairs.

One of the reason that Goft bring us here is because its famous restaurant chain from New York that have 16 outlets around in US and another 16 outlets out from US and here is one of the outlet that opens its door to public since mid of last year and according to her, its a must try outlet for us. Well, she also did told us that alot people hype about it, and leave the tasting to us to judge. 🙂

Deluca (1)

Dean & Deluca is well situated in the heart of Silom under the Mahanakton Project whereby will be completed around 2014 that will marks tallest building in Bangkok. It will also share along with Ritz Carlton Residence, Bangkok in it. This area is known as one of a busy business district in Bangkok, so put this place nicely sandwich in between the exit of Chong Nonsi BTS SKY train service.

Deluca (2)

So here we are early morning for our breakfast and it was only 9am which today is the day of their Queens Birthday. So you can do planking right in the middle of the road where no car will hit you.

Deluca (3)

Once we open its door and set foot into this outlet, we know that our breakfast gonna cost us a bomb and it was already packed with people.

Deluca (4)

With interior of high ceiling, concept following back the ambiance of busy cafe in Manhattan, a huge space filled with simple white chairs and tables, share along with minor part of departmental rack right at the corner for you to buy some of their snacks. This place looks like a typical western cafe that smack in high end area to attract those bosses or business people over for lunch or coffee.

Deluca (5)

Deluca (6)

A huge board behind the order counter that design with huge slabs of marble and you place your order right at the moment.

Deluca (7)

Deluca (8)

Was told that during weekend, they have pretty nice live jazz band that attract many people over to have their wine here and enjoy the music.

Deluca (9)

Then we head to the order counter which we are already drool with saliva after seeing most of the display rack.

Deluca (10)_resize

of course the desert area kill us off but in such early morning, most of us do not have the appetite to eat one of this yet, if we are here during tea time, we will be crazy over it.

Deluca (12)

We were pampered with huge selection of bread and pastries, that get to choose on the spot. Then the girls went crazy, keep pointing, I want this, I want that, please order ahh.. Remember..plz plz. . .

Deluca (13)

 Even bagel were hanging like donuts.

Deluca (14)

If those bread and deli do not attract your attention, then I believe the sample of main selection display right above on the rack will tempt you on.

Deluca (15)

Deluca (16)

At such a nice cafe deli area, it would be wrong if not to order coffee for breakfast and I would say the coffee is well prepared that you would rarely see such a nice smooth froth on the top.

Deluca (17)

Special brew coffee @ 70 bhat

Cuppucino @ 100 bhat

Mocha @ 110 bhat

Latte @ 150 Bhat

Deluca (18)

Annie and her Latte @ 150 Bhat , as I would say the coffee taste is quite a let down for us, that the taste is a bit pale end with a bit bitter after taste. Although, did try out a few selections of coffee before, certainly this are not my preferred choice.

Deluca (19)

Early morning, Tatt already order such a meal that makes his taste bud awake by ordering Lime Prawns @ 275 bhat, 2 prawns that served along with greens and shower with some of its gravy, not a bad choice, for sour and bit of spicy taste in the morning. Prawns are fresh too.

Deluca (20)

My choice, I start off with plain Meat Panini @ 220 bhat. I find that its too heavy for me, as the serving is huge, good enough to share for 2-3 pax and its quite salty because many layers of hams and cheeze melted on it. The bread is quite dry as I believe its meant to be in this way, and I think its best to order something else.

Deluca (21)

Next the girls order Double Egg and Sausage Sandwich each for  275 Bhat.

Deluca (22)_resize

They ordered 2 portion and they are shocked when see the servings of it which is pretty huge. Collen and Nancy were having fun time on playing with the bread as they keep saying, how to go into my mouth, so wide and huge, then Tatt give it a try. . .

Deluca (23)_resize

Even him also having hard time in biting and chewing as the bread is pretty dry that just smack 2 eggs and sausage along.

Deluca (25)

Salmon Bagel @ 250 bhat

Deluca (28)

This was the hit among all of us, with generous slices of salmon given along with bagel and the sour cream is nice, not too sour and creamy which is just perfect, well toast and prepared.

Deluca (26)

This Bagel & Scott SMK @ 250Bhat, I do not really know how to enjoy this, I gave it a bite and pass but Steven enjoy every bite of this.

Deluca (29)

The super star among all dish that ordered. French Toast with Bacon @ 250bhat, was gone in seconds when it was place on the table. Well toast and fried along that coated with layer of egg and a layer of honey tat make it a bit sweet salty, crispy on side then eat along with bacon is just perfect! – Recommended~

Deluca (30)

New York Cheese Cake was served at the end with Tatt order it mysteriously at 145 Bhat. We left it quite a while to eat our mains first then it start to melt that the texture is a bit off, it was very rich in cheeze that we love it, with the crust is crispy just as the cheeze cake as we expected it, best to eat it while it had been served or out from the fridge.

Deluca (31)

Goft trying to be cheky .. .

Well, the whole experience of New York choice of breakfast is the typical type of western breakfast I would say, with panini, and dry bread that can be expected, well ..  if there is a hype on it, I guess maybe you guys can give it a try on their mains that looks pretty good on the display rack, do expect that it will cost a bomb as this is one of the most expensive breakfast we had that cost us 2950 bhat for 6 pax.

It is one of a recommended place from me if you want to try classic western breakfast for the first time but be willing to be pay for the price of it, and the ambiance. On my second thought, I think you can spend the money else where for better breakfast at that kind of price.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, you can give it a try~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Dean & Deluca
MahaNakhon Project,
92 Naratiwasrachanakarin Road
Silom, Bangrak,
(right infront of Chong Nonsi BTS Station)

Telephone: +662-234-1434

I was brought by my friend to this what I called High Class Tim Sum. My first time in such dining for breakfast. Was drag up by my friend saying that bring me to a nice place for dim sum and just go loh.. Ended up here. Well, we came pretty early and the pathway to this restaurant it seems like the my house. No one is walking around, just US!! Then till the restaurant, EMPTY for the whole area. Then my friend prank me, I book the whole area ma. Don’t you know that~ In my dreams. The restaurant is very nicely renovated with classy interior and dim lights. It is so comfortable that once your ass is on the chair, it is glued with it. Would not really want to walk away. Then it was like the whole restaurant waiter and waitress are ready to serve us cuz we were the only customer that time. Wow!! what a service that they providing. The crowd starts pouring in after 12pm, I was there at 11am and alot of Datuk’s and Datin’s came here for their breakfast or what I would say Brunch….
I was the only one with camera, and all the people stare at me like a monkey with a camera what is this person trying to do. No picture please! this kind of feel.

Well, once you are seated they serve you this walnut. Taste good. *beware it is piousness Once eaten will never stop.

This is what I called Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fan’ (fried version)but here is name as ‘CCF‘ on the receipt. Do not know what the hell it means. Very very nice. The skin is crispy on the outsite and inside it is soft with steam type. The filling is with Char Siew. Highly recommended also. RM 11.50

My tim sum will always never miss a few dish, the ‘Steamed Pork Buns’ aka ‘Char Siew Pau‘. The bun is nicely steam and the filling is good. The mince meet is juicy, blacky enough and very nice char siew taste. RM 9 for this.
Must not miss No.2 Siew Mai’ The top of the siew mai is with the egg roe where you can find it in the sushi. You can just feel the pork ah,soft and not too thick the feeling. Mix with ‘Tim cheong‘ very nice. RM10

Wanted to have “loh mai kai‘ they do not serve so ended up ordering this one. ‘Glutinous Rice’ Which I never finish, only eat 3 bites cuz my friends they don eat. It is salty and aroma doesnt taste good. Maybe not my type but what I have eaten in Melb is far big difference. (Cannot compare then).RM14

Must not miss no.3 ‘Chicken Feet’. Not Happy Feet the show. It is a bit spicy, the skin of the chicken leg is alright, would not order again my next visit. Not my type of taste for this one. RM9

My friend ordered this ‘Lunar Cakes’. It is friend. For me I can manage to eat 1 whole piece. More than that please kill me. A bit sweet. Taste nice. Must be shared with more people only taste better.My most preferred for this is that my mom always did it for me, whereby steam it, then mix it with coconut. Wow, that will be so nice compare to this(my preference)RM10

They introduce the speciality of the desert here which is tadaaa‘Avocado Cream’ yucks..I hate avocado but surprisingly in this I took it. Taste nice and sweet, so smooth like eating Gelato ice-cream. Highly recommend on this desert. Will never be perfect if not desert to end with.

RM 12
The whole bills come in total of RM 116 including tea, taxes and service charge. For such a location I think it is reasonable and with their service they are providing. Would rate them 1st class.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 7.5/10 , Good -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

168, Jalan Imbi,
Kuala Lumpur 55100 Malaysia
Phone: 03-2142 8000

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