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There are actually alot of Thai Cuisine in Malaysia. We all just love Thai. Some of my friends heading to Thailand is like their yearly checkin for shopping and eating. When comes to Thai food, it is all the usual not till recently I tried this Rod Dee Ded at Uptown Damansara. This is just not your typical Thai food joint. Establish since 1965 in Bangkok and this would be their first outlet in Malaysia and they are operating in SS21, Uptown Damansara. Rod dee ded also means delicious.

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Rod Dee Ded Specialist in beef as the main ingredient, their broth is cooked for at least 12 hours. Also shower beef  is one of their signature dish. Ingredients are from Halal certified beef supplier. So for my muslim friends, here would be one of your destination too.

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Fried Chicken wings @ RM 9.80 is a must order item here, which is exactly like street food in Hatyai. Just dont ask me why Hatyai as it instantly hit me in my brain for this connection. Fried to perfection that the skin is crisp, fragrant and taste like a classic street food in Thai. Dont miss this out.

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All beef for shower beef are Australian wagyu beef. 2 types: premium and prime wagyu

There are 2 ways of eating this.
1. Hotpot (original soup / Spicy soup @ RM 9.80 each)
2. Order as a la carte and pair with rice/noodle

Both of the soup have its own unique flavour, and if you ask me to really really choose one, then I think I like the original soup more. Spicy soup give you Umami taste. Imagine that the soup stock is cook with good quality beef bones for more than 12 hours.

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This is the signature of shower beef . A bowl is provided, then you put a few slices of beef onto the bowl and scoop the soup add into the bowl. Spoon the soup a few rounds, then pour it back into the pot and start all over again. Till to the texture and colour you like. Can be medium rare, medium or well done.

My favourite part of beef is Oysterblade – is a must order. Not many places offer this part. Texture is totally different. 100g @ RM 31.80, others we had were Striploin 100g @ RM 42.80 and Rib eye 100g @ RM 48.80.

They do offer this for lunch too. What you can do is ask the staff to cook for you if you are in rush yet you want to enjoy this great beef shower. It would be much faster as they know the tricks compare to us.

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If you are not a fan of beef, you can check out their other dishes.

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Pad ka Pow @ RM 13.80. Very nice and fragrant basil taste. I used to hate it but along the years I learn to appreciate the taste. Those of you love strong basil flvour then this would be a perfect dish.

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Tendon is cook to perfection. Soft and slightly chewy.

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Chicken Green Curry is slightly thick and fragrant. Chicken is not overcook and for lunch, this is good. @ RM 18

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One of their lunch menu for noodles are : Meat Ball, Beef Slices and Brisket  @ RM 23.80. You can opt in original soup or spicy soup base.

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This is not the usual Pad Kee Mao that I always had. The noodle is slightly different.. It it wider and slightly thicker to give you a nice chewy texture. As it is brought in all the way from Thailand. The texture is not even close to our local koey teow.  @ RM 16.80. Give it a try, as I quite like it, where it is filled with wok hei.

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Stewed Brisket Clapot in steam rice . Love the fatty part of brisket and it is fragrant. @ RM 25.80

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Certainly one of a Thai shop that offer different offerings. Not your usual typical Thai food and most of the ingredients are all the way from Thailand.

Rod Dee Ded at SS21
15, Jalan SS 21/37,
Damansara Utama, 47400
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(few doors away from famous Village Park Nasi Lemak)

Operating Hours:


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