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I did came to this restaurant before it changed to Roost and visited this restaurant during an event that was held there recently. Impress with their food and decided to host my friends birthday dinner in this place. Got to further understand this place where the owner uses fresh local produce to cook their dishes to showcase minimalist, rustic, with a final touch into modern European cuisine, hence the tag line  “From Farm to Fork”.

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Love their open concept kitchen where you get to see their chef in action.

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It is rather a simple 2-page menu comprises of snacks, appetizers, pasta, mains, burger and dessert where they have just recently changed their menu from 15th April 2016 onwards.


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Start off by ordering some of their cocktails and find it decent only where if you love strong taste of it, then you might have to consider skipping their cocktail series.

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Ordered one of my favourite to go with is where Liver Mousse Pate @ Rm 22. Love its smooth spread of pate that do not have the strong smell of chicken liver and it is creamy. add on with their wild honey and sea salt enhance the taste of it. I ended up having this whole deck myself and other another 2 more for the rest to try.

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Next while waiting for the rest to arrive, we were introduce to order Polenta Fries @ RM 16. Love it soft polenta that have been fried well that remains inside still soft with mild chewy and aromatic.

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One of their signature is Duck BreastRM25 – smoked, cauliflower, pomogranate. One of my friends favourite.

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This salad was gone in 60 seconds as you have the unique sourish taste, fresh pomegranate top on it and it is something to start off with.

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Mangrove Crab Ravioli @ RM 38 – crab bisque and crab.

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Love the unique taste of it as it feels like lobster bisque had a twist influence from Thai. Sourish enough to entice our toungue and one of a perfect soup to start off with. Shell Fish Soup @ RM 26

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Seabass @ RM 38 – beetroot Risotto.

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Free Range Chicken Breast @ RM 38 – onion puree, king oyster. – soft and juicy meat.

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This is one of my favourite for their pasta range is this Duck Ragout Pappardelle @ RM 32 with fresh cheese.

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Farmed Red Prawn Linguine  @ RM 40 – semi dried tomato, gremolata

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Angus Rib Eye @ RM 76 (200g) is one of the better choice for the night. Grilled to perfection that their medium well is done to my liking.

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This was also recommended by their manager is this Baby Lamb Cutlet @ RM 52 – Peas , Zucchini

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Veal Cheek @ RM 72 – mash and beets. super soft mash potato with 2 super soft veal.

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Desserts we ordered all which is Chocolate Gateau – Pineapple coulis , lemongrass @ RM 24. 

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Cheesecake @ RM 24 – rose apple, crunch

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One of my favourite where currently I rate one of the best that I have come across is their super wobbly Panna Cotta – coconut & passion fruit @ RM 20. So soft that is quite  near to taufufa yet it is a clever combination of chocolate crush powder with passion fruit to balance up the sourness and sweetness of it.

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If you prefer some where cozy and slightly digging more into your pocket, then Roost will be one of a choice you can consider as their food is good!. We nearly ordered the whole menu as most of the recommended dish by the manager, we have ordered 80% of it where our bill is standing around RM1,200.

If you are lost and I would recommend this few you to be less headache: Liver Mousse Pate, Polenta Fries, Shell Fish Soup, Angus Rib Eye,  Duck Ragout Pappardelle & Panna Cotta

*Pork Free

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8/10 , for the kind of price tag, its consider good! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
69-1, Jalan Telawi 3 Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-22011710
Opening Hours:
Tue – Sun | 11.30am – 11.30pm


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