roti bak kwa


I was told that this place sells legendary Roti Bak Kwa. Of course Roti Bak Kwa in Penang and KL is totally different version. Since I am craving for one, decided to pay a visit to Uncle 6 Toast Bar In Pudu, that just operated not long. In the area, Uncle Chai is known as the motocycle Bak Kwa Man. He had been riding the same kapchai for 40 years moving around to sell his legendary charcoal roti Bak Kwa.

I think this is more like Uncle Chai Retirement shop with some relatives or cousins helping to run the shop and continue his legacy. Uncle Chai is also already 80 years old. standing strong and steady.

Uncle chai kapchai

of course Roti Bak Kwa can be consider as one of a street food. Alright, the diff between Penang and KL as I think this is the first time I eat Roti Bak Kwa in KL and this is the first one.

the difference is that Penang comes with steam bun and own special sauce bath onto the center bed of bread then add in with just charcoal bbq onto it.

KL is what yo usee below. Roti toast and with chili sauce. Ill show you guys Penang version when I go back Penang end of the month.

roti bak kwa in kl

Never the less, the uncle gives generous pork floos and bak kwa 2 pcs and I enjoy every mouth bite of it. Is it super good, I think it is decent enough to fix my cravings. I just enjoy the classic without egg.

  1. Classic @ RM 5.50
  2. Bak Kwa with Egg @ RM 6.50

egg roti bak kwa

uncle chai roti bak kwa

cham peng

The best combination is Roti Bak Kwa and Cham Peng @ RM 5. Fuh, enough liau. Just like this! Pretty spot on kauness of coffee and tea blend together.

dry clay pot pan mee

Then was introduce by the girl take order that Signature Claypot Dry Chili Pan Mee @ RM 11 is their signature. Smells good, drooling but I think its quite salty for me. I think price is a bit steep for this.

chee cheong fun

KL chee cheong fun I am never used to it. However still give it another try. Nahh, not my cup of tea.

uncle 6 toast bar menu

Uncle 6 Toast Bar

Oh well, if I am in the area, I do not  mind to drop by to tap pau Uncle 6 classic Bak Kwa.

remark: as they are new shop, please do give them 3-4 months to improve their food. 


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, okay la Roti Bak Kwa! Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk–

Uncle 6 Toast Bar
14, Lorong Brunei 3,
Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 7.30am – 4.30pm

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