Samsung Galaxy Life


Its weekend and headache over looking for places to date? Why not try something unique where you prepare your own pillow, matt, teddy bear or anything that you can think off to make you comfortable. Over this weekend or next weekend you can make your date very interesting by sitting on the floor gazing towards the sky is something you can add on for Samsung Galaxy Life event.

pssstt. .. . let me ask you? Something is free if you were associated with this brand. Just go to the market place and look for Galaxy LIfe. Just follow the simple procedure.


Taking out your phone, download the app (click here), follow all the instruction then whooolaaa ..  .your ticket is done

samsung (0.5)

samsung (1)


samsung (1)

AS you enter into the area, there are some item sold there. A mixture of some fashion and mostly the rest are all f&B.

samsung (3)

samsung (4)

samsung (1.0)

At the F&B area, there are quite number of redemption you can get in there. Just point to  any item you want to redeem then flash it to the vendor and jeng jeng jenggg. . . .its all free.

samsung (5)

Right after you done all that, pick your spot with you still holding on your food at the open space Starlight CInema then park yourself there. ITs a pretty new concept that we always see in movie and now its our turn to enjoy this kind of movie. People sitted around there are actually  friendly. I watch both movies tonight Paranormal Activity and The Counjuring. Relaxing yet have fun. Will come again for their Batman sequel.

For more info you can log in here: Samsung Galaxy Life

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