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I guess some of you that read my blog, must be pretty bored on me repeating this place again. I visited Sanook Bistro Sports Bar numerous time after I blog about it and yet again because of price affordability and the food here is consistent with great taste. I have tried wider range of their food – click here. Ambiance here never change after 4 years in operation, still a cozy place to hang out for dining and chill with friends. If you need a place with music, he has a bar on the first floor with DJ spinning.

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As for this round, we were brought back by the owner again, as he wants to share with us on his new awesome set lunch promotion that he is doing 8 of his item from RM20++ in the ala carte menu and he brought it down to RM12++. Not only that, it comes with soup, soft drink & Dessert. Its really a good bargain, with nothing more we can ask for.

All of us curious on the price he have set and also the things that he had thrown in for lunch crowd. He reveal his motive to us that he is not actually making money as he aims to give customers a chance to taste the really good food at Sanook at an affordable price and hope that they will return for more. So those of you who are working nearby, grab this great value.

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Those of you that cant take alcohol, this is my personal recommendation that I love this bottled juice, which is pure and its Australian brand. Not many outlets do carry this brand. Although its not cheap yet still worth the try.

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 Before our meal start, we got our self a glass of wine too, to enjoy what he is preparing for us.

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I must say their wood fire pizza is still one of the best I can find so far. Its pretty huge that can easily share by 2 guys and generous with ingredient. HONEY LAMB Pizza is one of their signature pizza, that done only in thin crust. Cheeze were evenly melted and lamb gamy taste is there.

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Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo

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Vongole Clam Penne

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 sauteed in vongole sauce with white clams and baked cherry tomatoes, sprinkled with chili flakes, sliced coriander leaves and black pepper. Simple and nice.

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For RM 12++ this is really a great bargain as Spaghetti Aglio Olio Seafood with squid and tiger prawns. Well balance of taste that did not over power, seafood freshness is there and I just wish this place opens near to my office.

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For Malaysian flavours, he did come up with a few other dishes such as Kung Poh Lou Shi Fun cooked with with diced chicken, prawns and squids stir-fried with dried chili, ginger, green onions and filled wok hei.

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Ayam Percik Vietcong Style – Malaysian style BBQ chicken served with Vietnam peanut sauce and herbal pilaf rice, garnished with acar rampai and crispy crackers.

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Smokey Wing Khao Pad Khapit (Belacan Fried Rice With Fried Chicken Wings) – fusion dish of Thai and local flavours.

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Seafood Canton Sang Mee is something different from his ala carte that on the original noodle it really comes with huge prawn but as for lunch he made a replacement with tiger prawns rather than fresh water prawns. Love the gravy of this horfun as a lil starchy that I prefer yet its not too salty and a great order for lunch .

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For Malaysian flavours, this would be my highly recommended dish – Hainanese Chicken Rice  as they use Thai Jasmine Rice and use the original chicken stock that drip while poaching the chickens

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 Chickens meat are very soft yet juicy and the skin are so smooth.

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 For the condiments for the chicken its prepared fresh daily.

If you are out of idea where to eat for lunch or wanna grab satisfying lunch at a cheap price, this would be the place to be at the moment. Take the opportunity to try it if you are nearby. I also jokingly ask the boss, why la, Sat & Sunday don have. If he does, I will be there. :p

Business Hours

Lunch : 11:30am – 2:30pm
Dinner : 6:00pm – 11:00pm

‘Happy Hours’ starts from 5:00pm & Party ‘til late
Open on Monday to Saturday for lunch & dinner
(Saturday dinner & drinks only)

Sanook Bistro & Sportz Bar
C-06 Plaza Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +603 7877 3636

Website: http://www.sanooking.com

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