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hmm, I think I have lost track when was my last proper posting of my travel trip. One of the places that I have not visited quite long ago is Cameron Highlands. The last time I visited here was during my primary school trip. Hehe and guess its really a long way back. Its also known one of the places that many people love to go for this chill weather up there, eating steamboat, walk at their night market and famous tea plantation. One of the reason did not visit up there is because its pretty boring though.

Decided to pay back a visit here cuz we manage to grab a great hotel deals for that weekend, and it was chaotic during Wesak Day. It was a road trip for all of us whereby KL heading to Cameron and Penang friends coming down to meet.

cameron highland (1)

We reach pretty early so traffic still very smooth.

cameron highland (2)

Some facts about Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia’s most extensive hill stations. The size of Singapore, it occupies an area of 712 square kilometres (275 sq mi) in the Titiwangsa Mountains. The Cameron Highlands got its name from Sir William Cameron, a British surveyor who was commissioned by the then colonial government to map out the Pahang-Perak border area in 1885.

In a statement concerning his mapping expedition, Cameron mentioned he saw “a vortex in the mountains, while for a (reasonably) wide area we have gentle slopes and plateau land.”

The green quietude of the Cameron Highlands. When approached, the late Sir Hugh Low, the Resident of Perak (1887–1889), expressed the wish of developing the region into a “sanatorium, health resort and open farmland”. A narrow path to “Cameron’s Land” was then carved through the jungle. Nothing much happened after that. Read More click here [source from Wikipedia]

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cameron highland (4)

Upon our arrival, we drove staight up to our hotel to check in and found that our hotel is rather impressive on what we have expected. Hotel De La Ferns Cameron Highlands

cameron highland (5)

Hotel has quite a classic ambiance on the reception area with fire pit and classic high sofas on the area. Staff are pretty friendly and easy check in for us. This hotel is filled with only 75 well design rooms for reservation. .

cameron highland (6)

Our hotel is slightly off or 10 minutes away from the main town of Cameron Highlands and one good thing is that we have a little row of shop next to us that includes eatery and some other shops.

cameron highland (8)

Our room is really spacious as there are 2 rooms in it with one single entrance. It will be a great advantage for huge family. One room is fille dwith 2 queen size bed and another room is filled with 2 single bed.

cameron highland (7)

Unfortunately when comes to toilet for such many people in the room, they only have one. Not to be sad as their toilet are pretty huge too, and basic toiletries.

cameron highland (9)

Our room view is not bad, over look all the greens. . The hotel doesnt have Aircon nor fan. So its kinda hot and the set back about this hotel is that its located next to the main road and its pretty noisy when cars or super bikes pass by. Even worst if some one is racing along that road.

cameron highland (11)

Right after that, we are starving and quickly head to the first market place that we pass by in the morning which is located next to Equatorial Hotel, known as a Morning Market Place.

cameron highland (12)

Cameron Highlands is also well known for their fresh vegetable and Strawberries which is not to be miss.

cameron highland (13)

There are a few types of street food for you to hunt for. From Corns. . .

cameron highland (14)

fish balls, nuggets. .

cameron highland (15)

Fried banana (pisang goreng)

cameron highland (16)

As you walked towards the intersection, you will be greeted with more vendors for you to choose from.

cameron highland (18)


cameron highland (19)

cameron highland (17)

This is what happen when you are starving and you grab some food. .

cameron highland (20)

Fresh Strawberries and Jambu Apple, something pretty unique that with seasoning also. Pretty sweet as some stalls give you tasters.

cameron highland (21)

All these strawberries are pluck fresh from the farms and delivery it over to sell  .. some of it taste light sour and light sweet . .

cameron highland (22)

This is one of the best and we ended up, bought 50 sticks back. . 😀

cameron highland (24)

Pretty sour as you can see Emily’s expression . . and freshing too. In such hot weather here its one of a perfect item for us to hunt for.

cameron highland (23)


cameron highland (25)

Flowers here are very fresh with stricking colours.

cameron highland (26)

Some of my friends did buy some veggies back as the colour and freshness of it  is really good. .

cameron highland (27)

Not only vegetable is fresh, they even sell honey from fresh bee hives chunk and the suprise is, every stall sells it have different taste. Some is thick and sweet, some is mild sweet yet with hint of sourness . .

cameron highland (28)

Good stuff. .

cameron highland (29)

there are 2 types of corns available, steam or bbq with their own special sauce.

cameron highland (30)


cameron highland (31)

Right after the visit of the morning market, we are are heading to one of the best tourist destination which is the BOH Tea Plantation, whereby the entranc is nearby Equatorial Hotel.

cameron highland (32)

Its about a 20 minutes drive deep in through this small hill road and at alot corners every one have to be very considerate to allow each car to pass by. This is how near for both cars to pass by.

cameron highland (33)

Yap, we have to stop here to let some busses to pass and see how close that bus driver make the turning. Impressive right. If you are an inconsiderate driver, you will cause quite a massive traffic and also your car might be damage.

cameron highland (34)

It is not advisable to come here during public holiday as the whole place is pretty hard to find parking spot and also you have to walk quite a distance.

cameron highland (35)

Cars are not able to park up there in the main factory or plantation area and you have to park at the open space carpark or like us, park till the main road residential area. This way up to Sungai Palas Tea Center along with Factory tour if you are keen.

cameron highland (36)

Will need you to do some exercise to hike up abit. .

cameron highland (38)


cameron highland (39)

This is what I mean  a little hike and this is also what happens to you when you dont do light walking or hiking. They are like OMG! kill me please..hahah~

cameron highland (40)

Of course a visit to Cameron Highlands would not be perfect or complete if you do not come by this plantation. What is the big buzz or things to come here is only one thing. They really do have quality tea.


cameron highland (41)

A bit info about Boh Tea Center.

BOH Plantations was founded in 1929 by J.A. Russel, a British businessman during the British colonial era in Malaya. He was optimistic of the tea plantation business due to huge demands despite of the world-wide Great Depression at that time. As a result of the potential, he applied for and was granted a concession of land for his first tea garden in Habu, Cameron Highlands.

Today, BOH Plantations owns three tea gardens – the first garden in Habu, Fairlie Tea Garden and Sungai Palas Tea Garden. To ensure the freshness of its tea products, BOH Plantations also set up a packaging factory near its main garden. BOH tea products are distributed both in domestic and international markets.

The current slogan of BOH tea products is “BOH ada Ummph!” (BOH puts the Ummph!) If you still do remember their TV commercial when you was a kid. (source from cameronhighlandsinfo.com)

cameron highland (42)

Upon reaching the top, you have two options. One you can visit the tea factory or another direction to have a great tea ..

cameron highland (43)

As me and many other visitor walking a round through the factory to see what are their actual process of making tea.

cameron highland (44)


cameron highland (45)


cameron highland (46)


cameron highland (47)


cameron highland (48)

Upon exit, of course like any other tourist area,  you will be greeted with their souvenir shop that sells variety types of tea and I must say that variety of tea that they are selling here are not sell in our normal hypermarket or any chain stalls. Its best for you to grab in here especially on their premium teas. Good Stuff!!

cameron highland (63)

right after the shop, follow the flow then you will reach their special Boh Tea deck area for a cuppa. . .

cameron highland (49)

Then there is this place that is crazy pack with people that I saw many of my friends blog and insta about it. This is what happens when you come during long weekend or public holiday.

cameron highland (51)


cameron highland (52)


cameron highland (53)

We have to queue up at least 30 minutes to reach our turn and the queue was as long as to near toilet already.

cameron highland (54)

Find that their tea pricing are pretty reasonable. . .

cameron highland (55)


cameron highland (56)

Grab some cakes and pastries for our afternoon tea. Nothing to shout about and if you can avoid ordering, please do. Best to come here enjoy their tea.

cameron highland (57)


cameron highland (58)

Bills came to about RM 53 for all those stuff. . .

cameron highland (59)

Tea is the best option here and sure you would not go wrong.

cameron highland (61)

This is what happen when you mess with hungry girls. . .Want to Die ah U!

cameron highland (60)

Although food is not so good, the most important is friends that you are with. 😉

cameron highland (62)

I am sure you are pretty familiar with these scenery as many people do alot posting to FB and Insta thru here.

cameron highland (64)

cameron highland (65)

cameron highland (66)

Jeng jeng jeng, what are we doing? spamming my camera and blog with alot of pictures.



cameron highland (68)


cameron highland (78)

As we are heading back down to the main town, half way thru, we saw this sign board on a strawberry farm, we turn to this one. Moutain STrawberry Farm which is another 10 minutes deep in from the plantation.

cameron highland (71)

Its also another farm that you must visit when you are here. Some farm offer different package as you pay x amount of entrance fee then you can pluck or eat all you can in there, or paying some service fee for some of their services.

cameron highland (69)

This is one of the farm that produce fresh strawberries and we can choose what type of taste you really prefer. Sweet end. Sour end. You have the whole farm to play around and pluck and choose one of the range that you really like then attack from there. They are selling it too.

cameron highland (70)


cameron highland (72)

The service here is amazing with all the trained stuff to do alog of gimic on the photo. They need at least a smart phone camera to do that. what is he actually doing?

cameron highland (73)

He is teaching us to pose then take a picture by putting the strawberries at the front to make it like you are carrying a huge strawberries.

cameron highland (74)


cameron highland (76)

This is what they do. Of course all this comes with a tip at the end. It depends on you~

cameron highland (77)


cameron highland (80)

After that the girls are hungry again whereby another two already done shower and join us after their cycling up here. Up in Cameron Highlands, many people are hunting for steamboat for dinner and we had early dinner. We randomly choose one restaurant to go in and happen to be Restaurant Kwan Kee.

cameron highland (79)

We are all impress how the steamboat edition here is. With high tube breathing and they are using charcoal too . .

cameron highland (81)

Ingredients here are fresh too . .

cameron highland (82)


cameron highland (83)


cameron highland (84)

We choose herbal soup base as the choice to go along under this little chill area. . .

cameron highland (85)

They just pour everything down in there and waiting for them to cook . .

cameron highland (86)


cameron highland (88)

Right after the dinner, we walk over to one of a famous night market which is known as The Brinchang Night Market . A great place to hunt for some street food and get some souvenir.

cameron highland (90)

Its not a everyday thing up there, as this market only appear twice a week, Every Friday and Saturday starting from 4pm and ending  late night. ITs a pretty huge market that they are operating 2 row of tarmac clearings opposite each other across the main road.

cameron highland (89)

This is also another great market that you can see all races selling their stuff all under one street also helping each other ..

cameron highland (92)

freshly roast chicken with charcoal . .

cameron highland (93)

Fried Raddish . .

cameron highland (94)

this is another stall that sells fresh honey . . .

cameron highland (95)

this stall is one of the best also cuz the aroma of the fresh honey nice and sweet. NOt too thick texture.

cameron highland (96)

On the other side of the street, the vendors are selling non food items. . .

cameron highland (97)


cameron highland (98)

and look how bad the traffic is in this area. Best for you to park a bit far and walk over. I have walk 1 side of the street finish and still see this green van.

cameron highland (99)


cameron highland (100)


cameron highland (101)


cameron highland (102)


cameron highland (103)

Another great stall that you must not miss is this Nasi Ayam Kukus. Steam rice with fried chicken. We were super full and the nice smell of the fried chicken that attracted us to this stall and the queue here is pretty long.

cameron highland (104)

Even my best friend Tatt scold us are you crazy. Still eating? Well we make a take away for supper. . .

cameron highland (105)

Once reach hotel, this is what happen when the aroma of the fried chicken attracted them to eat instantly ..

cameron highland (106)

Now see who the commenter is saying. Attacking my portion . . .

cameron highland (107)

At night here is pretty dead and of course you have to entertain yourself. All of them are so serious on building this.

cameron highland (108)

Kekek, who destroy the tower will have to drink 2 glass neat.

cameron highland (109)

Since we have 2 bottle need to clear for the  night, next game is pretty fast. 4 of them drunk. whahaha .. .

cameron highland (110)

I was lucky in the game and woke up early. Great view with morning breeze.

cameron highland (114)

This 2 are ready to cycle back down that taking that 3-4 hours. . .

cameron highland (116)

and lastly we stop by at the mid hill area for some dessert.

Cameron Highlands still look the same and there are not much changes for the past 15 years. If you need a short break with friends, one of the place you can consider over 1 night.

The last day at Redang and return to the mainland which is Terengganu for a day trip. Alot of my friend told me not to waste my time to go there but I still remember that, when I was young, everytime thought of Terengganu will think of Turtles lay egg. Even did once when I was in primary follow school trip to came here to see turtle lay egg, mana tau, after wating whole nigght with lots of ppl tarak anyting. Even the turtle ghost bayang also tarak!
But still decided to go ahead and follow my buddie Tatt and his gang for the day tour. The bloody thing was me and my friends waited for him for 4 hours. We were sent out by the hotel in the earliest boat and his hotel send them out the latest boat. WTF>!
The best part is, when he keep asking where am I and I asked him where is he for the 1st sms, he said on the way, then me and my friends were sitting in one of the stalls nearby just to wait for him. Hours past and the shop also wanna tutup liau, so we went to his jetty to wait for him.
2nd sms came, saying that reaching liau, the boat is parking. Suprrisingly, the boat just passby us which is from Laguna and not his and ngam ngam parking also, thought that he took that boat. Mana tau 45 mins later also didnt see him. Just ignore then.
3rd sms came. Just finish cornaring..parking soon. I straight away told him..Tiu..where got boat park, I am at your jetty, no boat also. Then no reply.25 mins later his boat arrive. Sial betul.. 4 hours wait. from 10.30 – 2.30pm
The first stop of the day as we requested was the market where I get to read the brochure saying that a great place to stop by. Just follow loh~

Bazar Warisan is one of the new buidling but we found out that, most of the items sold there are Batik’s. Noting much to see and many shops havent really open for biz yet also but me and my friend were wondering, are there any ppl goin to go buy ah?

At the pasar, as you can hardly spot chinese in this market. Onli like 1-3% only. This outdoor market is more like Chee cheong Kai style price average~

Me and Tatt at the pasar~

Candy that we are going to buy.

The stuff here are very ‘cheap ah~’. Buy more got free ah, don want to be also Free ah! Get free to taste lots of the food here as the kakak is very nice. Let us try a few so we decided to buy from her also, since she so good in talking.

Inside the market were selling about the same thing also. But since we arleady bought it, just walk walk around loh~

Then saw this, as I remembered that a month ago, my colleage did treat me eat this which is very very very nice. I just bought a small pack only.

I tell you, when the gurls Colleen and Nancy walk pass that time, the saw this and shout…..WOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…Faster faster come and see what is this, then me an Tatt ran over and see what’s so special la.. It was really special, the sweets that was extinct already. All of us used to eat this when we were very young. Like bout 5-11 like dat. One of the hit thing in those days. So we did sapu quite alot packet also. I just share with my bro cuz too sweet.

Then go walk walk around. The whole upper floor sell the same thing which is Batik and Malay traditional clothes. See their pricing is not really cheap but then only 1 more comment. The design are very nice!

After this, the rest were suggesting we head to the floating Mosque. It is like around 15 mins from there so okay loh~
Then instead of going to the floating Mosque we saw this place which is kinda amazing. Did not even know that this exist in Terengganu. Then we question ourself, Y here? Not some other states. This is the :
Taman Monumen @ Terengganu
Shows you all about the most in the world in minature form. We saw the structure is quite unique and just wen in then. The entrance fee is RM10 per pax.
Operation and last time of the day detail.
You were given a book of passport to check on your identity wheter are you legal to go in a not…
Ceh…I also have my passport ma!
This is the first structure that you will see as I didnt know that the Chinese culture buiding is here and was told that they follow the strong influence culture of the religion.
Thailand mosque. Masjid Patani.
One of the architecture when saw sun and books.
The famous Taj Mahal. . . .

Work in progress.. Please siam chit ehhhh….!!
Inside one of the minature mosque.
heellllppp..there are alot of wind.
One of the nice mosque in Europe
This gives me the feel of more like PG Fort Cornwallis.
After the whole visit, we walked very fast and run ah….cuz was running out of time. If continue leisure chances of miss flight is quite high. The Floating Mosque in the state. The si Kicap bring us to tempat makan eat. Chin Chai Chin Chai only.
After this 4 days 3 night, wouldnt want to say good buyyyy but still have to leave and get back to reality.!

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