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A place where I grew up when I was kid as my grandma’s shop were just a few doors away and Lam Chuan were one of the office that I constantly visit when I was a kid with my grandfather. Selling off the business years ago after this whole area were coverted a zone on the edge for heritage area have since then attracted a whole new conversion of businesses from traditional business to cafe businesses. Sekeping Pinang then took over Lam Chuan as one of a new cafe around the area.

Sekeping chan (1)

Converted into lush greens right outside the shop lot, as you walk in you will be greeted with a fancy trishaw and a torn classic wall.

Sekeping chan (2)

Further walking in, there is a little wooden cafe counter and inside you there are a few tables where it has kind of open air concept without air condition.

Sekeping chan (3)

Sekeping chan (4)

Sitting right under minimal sun light with a few fans on the floor that blowing it up to create a windy breeze around the area making it a nice place to chill especially at night, not on the afternoon or evening as it is quite warm.

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Had an espresso and latte where the coffee bean here is robust yet not acidic that makes it a nice cuppa to chill for a perfect warm evening.

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Sekeping Chan
62, Lebuh Melayu, 10100, Georgetown, Penang.

Operating Hours: 8 am to 7 pm.
Closed on Mondays.

Contact Number: 6012- 565 5707

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