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Heard so much about Grub by AHong at Seksyen 17 from my friends and finally decided to swing by here for my friends birthday to try it out on January. This restaurant can walk from Happy Mansion if you park there as there is a ladder leads towards this section.

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Every one love Ahong message to us. This is just too cute.

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Menu wise is pretty straight forward as it is only a 2 pages thing.

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There are 2 area you can be seated which is the ground floor without air conditioning and you  get to smell what is all the nice food which is cooking. Upstairs which is air conditioned but could be slightly  noisy as it is quite a small space and conversation echoed.

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I think we ordered nearly half of the menu and I was late, there area a few dishes that I have missed. Starting off with :

Grub by ah hong (9)

This is pretty good. The chicken is fried to perfection, very fragrant with mild herbs its own marination and love the taste of nice salty end. Kinda Small to me though.

Grub by ah hong (10)

Local Seafood Bouillabaisse @ RM 25, fish, squid, prawns in lightly spied seafood soup pasta and sourdough. Gravy is decent, love the pasta which is similiar to angle hair.

then we ordered second plate for this and the taste is slightly off compare to the first order. Ended up did not finish it.

Grub by ah hong (11)

First piece of steak Ribeye King of Cuts @ RM 59 was just decent as some of the cut were to tough as prefer their wagyu on our second order.

Grub by ah hong (12)

this is good. Mushroom with homemade pastry and this will just keep you digging into it.

Grub by ah hong (13)

Beef Ragu Macaroni @ RM 16.50

Pasta is not too bad as after you had the first few days and you find it the rest which is quite similiar cuz of the base stock that they are using. Both inbetween the visual is the same but different pasta.

Grub by ah hong (14)

Linguine Silican Style @ RM 16.50 – mushroom tossed in light tomato capers sauce with grand padano.

Grub by ah hong (15)

This is perfect as the wagyu Ribyeye (marble 5) @ RM 145  is perfect with their unique side of potato salad and Jambu Ulam., mild fatty to my liking, with their house special sauce.

Grub by ah hong (16)

In the end, this is their complementary eye drop fruit platter. They must have crafted out alot of this if every table were to have one of it.

Grub by ah hong (7)

Cakes are pretty good though, as I like the peanut butter cake and the chocolate mud pie is a bomb if you are a heavy chocolate lover.

Grub by Ahong is a decent place for dinner and would fall into my recommended list too as I were here for at least 4-5 times over past few months but their food quality is abit inconsistent. Just do bare that in mind.

*Pork Free

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 7/10 , not too bad, just slight inconsistancy! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Grub by Ahong & Friends
608, Jalan 17/10,
Section 17, Petaling Jaya.

Open Tues-Fri, 6pm-1030pm,
Sat-Sun, 5pm-1030pm

Tel: 016-923 2983

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