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I am a big fan for Korean food. However when my Malay friends asked me about where to dine nice Korean BBQ, I am always out of idea and if the question is Korean Fried Chicken then I have a few. Best of all is that SeoulNami serve halal Korean BBQ at The Gardens. Located central of the city.

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Love the ambiance of this shop as mark the latest trend of Korean style, with nice neon lights, chic and hip style of lighthing and ambiance with Korean background music.

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One of the best picture location.

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Menu offering is very straight forward, as it is either set or some ala carte.

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For Korean food, actually there are some side dish for you to begin with, and for this outlet, they give radish and veggie which is to eat along with bbq meat.

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For first timer testing out Kimchi, they offered a Kimchi Trio tasting platter @ RM 29. Serve in 3 different types of Kimchi. Original, the fried and the Smoked. Personal favourite will be smoked as it pairs well with the bbq meat. Some different taste in kimchi. For first timer, do try out this especially with original first.

Some of you might not like it, just like me. I learn to like it over the years.

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For refreshing drink, check out their Out of This World Lemonade (must order) or Sparkling Orange Cream Soda

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Crabby Kimchi Jiggae @ RM 49 – Usually I would order this in my Korean food. For this, they have infuse it with Crab to make the soup slightly sweeter. Serve along with glass noodle too.

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One of the platter that you can try it out for first timer is this Beef Platter Board @ RM 119. Serve in 3 different cut. Bugolgi, Beef Rib Fingers and Beef Belly.

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Another platter that you can share is this Famous Chuncheon Chicken that comes in 4 flavours:

  1. Spicy Hot Pepper Chicken
  2. Savory Ganjang Chicken
  3. Salty Salted Chicken
  4. Sweet Honey Butter Chicken

If you are not too sure which to order, among the 4 flavours – I like 1 and 4.

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It would be great if you can add on Korean in Bone-Short Ribs @ RM 119. One of the star dish for the night. Marinate to perfection, meat is soft and juicy. Do not over grill this meat as a slight grill of 2 minutes each side, would be just nice. It is also depending on the flame of your pit. If it is too strong, put it at the edge of it.

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If your grill put is quite messy with the first 2 round of grill, you can request to change it.

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Lets dig in.

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Final dish for you to mess with. Fist rice @ RM 29. A bowl of classic Korean rice mix with seaweed and mince chicken. You will be given a pair of gloves. What you need to do with it is just put it on, mess the whole bowl evenly then round it circular motion into a ball. You can either eat it off just like that or put it on the grill pit, grill to burn the seaweed a bit burnt then eat it. Gives you different flavour.

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Final step after your grill chicken, ordering a Charcoal burnt cheese will give you extra flavour. Put the meat on top then roll it in.

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Not too sure how to grill your meat, can always ask assistance from the staff on the floor. They are helpful.

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To end your meal, do not miss this charcoal baked cheese. do not overbaked it like ours. We have overbaked it in the charcoal pit as we ignore the timer being set. This is one of the best closing dessert for the night. Creamy, light and airy. Cheese taste is pretty awesome. Do not mind just to come back for this as a dessert.

For my Malay friends, this is certainly one of the place for you to hit on for Korean BBQ. Might be a good experience for you.

SeoulNami Korean BBQ
Lvl 1, F-215 The Gardens Mall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603 2202 3336

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

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