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Time just flies. Neither did I realize that it was exactly a year ago since this marathon and of course its a marathon that I am looking forward for. Last year got chosen to be one of the influencer for Puma Night Run Cat Club.

Puma (1)

As for this year PUMA unveiled its most responsive shoe a few days before the run as this PWRCOOL version is packed with thermo-regulation technology that helps keep the body at an optimal temperature thus preserving energy.

Worn by the World’s Fastest Man, Usain Bolt, the PWRCOOL features superior cushioning material that disperses impact forces, while providing optimal responsiveness and energy return to make the everyday runner faster.

PWRCOOL footwear products feature a ComfortTemp tongue liner to regulate body temperature. The shoe’s minimal upper design offers lightweight flexibility and an incredibly comfortable fit.

Puma (2) The PWRCOOL is designed to keep the comfort of the athlete in mind. Athletes are kept comfortable in hot weather conditions, allowing them to maximise their workouts. In line with our Forever Faster mantra.

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On the actual run day itself, the whole field of Setia Alam Convention Center is turn into a mini carnival area with Puma massive logo all around the place.

Puma (5)

Official first group run starts at 7.30pm and runners are already flocking into this place as early as 4pm.

Puma (6)

This year, race kit including Puma run shirt, wrist band and a pair of socks.

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Puma (8)

Puma (9)

This is the latest addition fun area that they have added in. Puma own addition of American Ninja track.

Puma (10)

Puma (11)

With a few performances lining up, this cool duo caught my attention the most as the kid beat boxing along with him. Right after that follow with warm up session.

Puma (12)

Puma (13)

When the race about flag off, the weather do not look promising.

Puma (14)

Puma (15)

Not long after that, it was raining like cats and dog. Then the race was cancel moments after that for safety reason as the down pour was so heavy along with heavy thunder storm.

Puma (16)

Oh well, will look forward for next year then.

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