Shark Hero Conservation Run 2017


Shark Hero Conservation Run 2017 is taking place this year to raise awareness on the world’s most feared and misunderstood animal is battling for survival. Over 100,000,000 sharks will be killed this year – that’s 11,432 sharks killed every hour. And, there is no telling what will happen when we remove these critical apex predators from the world’s largest and most important ecosystem – our oceans. Like them or despise them, we need sharks on this planet.

The sharks are in desperate need of guardian angels, and we just might be their last hope. In this presentation, we combat the myths about sharks and expose the sad truth that many sharks, thanks to shark finning, are being rapidly chased towards extinction.

Let’s be a SharkHero today by participating in this event! They need us.


Shark Hero conservation run 1 (2)

Category & Fees

Category Type and distance Normal Fee
4km Adult (12yrs & above) Run – 4km RM 75
4km Children (Below 12yrs) Run – 4km RM 65

Shark Hero conservation run 1 (3)

Shark Hero conservation run 1 (4)

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Date & Time :18 Nov 2017, 5:00 PM

Venue: SunSuria City Sepang

For more details: http://www.sharkherorun2017.com

purchase ticket on: http://www.racexasia.com/event/shark-hero-conservation-run-2017/

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