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What is the daily rants you see in your Facebook, newspaper or your conversation with your friends or the new generation people are facing? One of the most common topic that every one face or discuss is the rise of living cost or the inflationary that happening at the moment is faster then what we can earn. Shell Easy Win



Imagine that you plan to buy a house in 2 years time that would need a downpayment of RM20,000 and you work very hard to save it as when 2 years later RM20,000 is very much different from what we have now.

Well, there is a way that you might stand a chance to walk away with RM40,000 and what can this value do to you? Might be able to put downpayment of the house that you have been looking for/ cars that you have been keen to change for the past 4 years? Or for me, will be lots and lots of food with traveling around the continent. . 😀

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If you are a loyalty customer of Shell you stand an advantage now and those who are not you can change to use Shell for this period of campaign.

What you need to do is rather simple:

How do I join?

  1. Spend a minimum of RM30 at Shell.
  2. Fill in the contest form and answer a simple question.
  3. Attach your receipt and drop your entry into the contest box at any Shell station nationwide.
  4. Stand a chance to WIN the Weekly Grand Prize of RM20,000!


Spend a minimum of RM30 on Shell V-Power to DOUBLE your winnings. Not only that, chances of you winning is higher if you use Shell V-Power!


1 x RM20,000


250 x RM300

Instagram Contest!

To all Instagramers ,this would be another great option for you to participate especially when you love #selfie! User with the most creative caption (with hastag #ShellEasyWin) with Polaroid Visual from either on the contest form/box/posters and you could win an additional RM 50. Like my contest below!


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