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Remark: This post is inspired by a #kopitiam series I heard over BFM – scarcity of seafood, some reality food show and some of my experience that I encountered over past years.

Who do not love seafood? Malaysia certainly being blessed with many type of food that we can enjoy, not only with one cooking method but with a few varieties from different races. Before an actual meal is cooked, it involves processes such as buying the best ingredients from wet market.

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Wet market. Whom of you out there have not visited one. I remember back in those days when I was a kid, I was constantly drag by my grandma or mom to accompany them to market as part of more like a person to help them carry staff which they bought. It can be very heavy with some purchase of meat and seafood item.

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During the processes, you will certainly hear the most famous phrase from most buyers or auntie after checking out the price display on the deck which will the bargaining process. Most of these housewife,auntie, grandma have great bargaining skills that they are able to bargain either from price or if there are no discounts, they would get one or two items extra.

I was also constantly taught by both my grandma and mom that everything you buy from market must look at their weight when putting it on the weighing machine to ensure you get what you are looking for.  This is natural human behavior when we were at wet market at that time as thru the environmental influence.


What about when we go to fancy restaurant? We often got carried off on a great meal that we are looking forward after long day or a great gathering with friends and families. Upon ordering, we always order on what recommendation from the restaurant manager themselves and we just placed the order happily till we forgot the processes when I was thought in market where the environmental influence kicks in.

There are certain restaurant that will show you the seafood that you have ordered along with a scale before putting into cooking and some they just came out such as one of the restaurant that me and my best friend visited, we know they charged premium and we are happily being charged by it because of the quality and services. I am sure some of you felt  ripped off on certain occasions.

For me it is such as this two occasions:

1: traveling to Johor and my friend introduce me one her favourite place. Then by looking so many people ordering crab, we have decided to order and our carelessness was did not ask for the pricing per kg before ordering. When paying for our bills, it is sky rocket and we got no choice but have to pay (which I did not blog about it).

2: Used to be one of my favourite all time place to be, till I pay a visit back to them early 2015 and since then have promise not to go back because of quality of crab and price, where we felt the amount we ordered do not justify on the amount that came out (review).


It was not until this experiment kicks in, where I hunt a few restaurants and the results got my eyebrows raised as high as the sky through this findings. I am not too sure what had happen during the process, where now I am just as curious as a 3 year old kid on this.

  1. Crab Factory

crab factory (5.0)

crab factory (5)

2. Crab Hut

crab hut (2)

crab hut (5)

crab hut (4)

3. Crazy Crab


Crazy Crab 1

Crazy Crab 2

4. Just Seafood


Just Seafood 1

Just Seafood 2

5. Shell Out


shell out (2)

shell out (3)

6. Fatty Crab

Fatty Crab (2)

Fatty Crab (3)

There are some restaurant are just unique in a way and why I mention that is this new restaurant that open to its door to public 2 months ago are serving fresh seafood to you and there are no plates and cutleries being provided. To enjoy the maximum feel of the food is you have to eat it with your hand. Shell Out Seafood restaurant is inspired from US itself as the owner just came back from the states and decided to do something similar for us to try it out.

shell seafood (1)

Shell Out Seafood is one of another restaurant tug inside this busy area where carpark can be a huge problem during day and night, there will be more luck for us. 🙂

shell seafood (2)

Interior here are pretty, as they decorate in a way that we are dining in a mini fishing village that is indoor version, with wooden seating arrangement, fishing net as the wall and you can see crab, fishes on the net too.

shell seafood (3)

It also gives me the Taiwan feeling when I visited one of the cafe last round. They do provide alot of colourful pen for you to pen down anywhere in the shop to make it more creative design as part of their interior.

shell seafood (4)

Menu here is very straight forward as they serve most of the items with shell as mains. That’s how the name of the shop came about.

shell seafood (5)

Set lunch that they are offering are considering cheap. For all your seafood, you can pick the sauce that you would love to add in that comes with 4 types of flavour to add on, Cajun Sensation, Lemon Pepper, Butter Garlic, Spice Up – with 3 level and Shell Bang(which is all sauce mix into one)

shell seafood (6)

Before you eat, you will be given a neck napkins is to prevent the messy sauce flying over and landed on our shirt. We love their quote. Life is too Short to be Serious. Let’s EAT!

shell seafood (7)

Fried Sweet Potato makes a good starter as its being introduce to us,  selling at RM 8.90 per basket. The Fried Fish Basket serves deep fried baby pomfret that is crispy inside out @ RM 10.90 per basket.

shell seafood (8)

When you do not have a proper dining area as they pave the whole table with a huge chocolate sheet of dining paper, and sauce are given to us. See what happen to the table and food. Turn into art pieces.


shell seafood (9)

Seafood serve here is very unique as I said they doesnt serve along with plates and the come in bag. It remind me of MacD shaker fries as this is seafood shaker. 😀

shell seafood (10)

Upon our order, it goes by gram. This is 250 g for 5 pax of us with Scallop in 1/2 shell with Butter Garlic sensation (mild) – The scallops were well marinated, shaken in the bag and till butter garlic paste, are landed evenly. Scallop is so fresh and the flavour is little spicy with lemon sour end. Obvious that they have added lemon in but its fragrant enough to make your engine once start, its hard for you to stop.. Its too little and I guess 500g would be a perfect fit.

Price: RM17.90/250g | RM35.90/500g

shell seafood (13)

 Another 2 item that came about is Prawns and Clam

shell seafood (11)

 Clam (LALA) in Lemon Pepper sensation (mild) – Fresh clams well marinated in lemon pepper paste, tasted really flavourful especially after squeezed in the lemon juices on it. It has mild peppery taste too.

Price: RM15.90/500g ; RM29.90/1kg

shell seafood (12)

Prawns here are so fresh that I love the texture of the meat, solid and light chewy, with the flavour added on Butter Garlic making it perfect in taste. Not too heavy flavoured, yet you can taste on the mild butter and garlic end. Do squeeze lemon into it, it brings the flavour out more prominent.

King Prawn in Butter Garlic sensation (mild) – @ RM28.90/300g | RM39.90/500g | RM75.90/1kg

shell seafood (14)

This is what we really mean when no tables and cutlers are given. Making sure our finger licking good sensation..keke

shell seafood (15)

Next is interesting as it pack with  jumbo sausages, corn (are all additional added items) with Crawfish (YABBIES) in Cajun Sensation + Butter Garlic + Lemon Pepper sensation (OMG lvl 3)

shell seafood (16)

The taste of it is very unique is like when you cook something fail then you add on whatever ingredient you have then it turns out to be goodFlavour is blended pretty well with sour, spicy, sour and mild sweet is tasted and its a must try for all of you. Spicy OMG lvl 3 is not really spicy after all. We thought that we gonna have huge drop of sweat and tongue go numb and its no where near that.

Price: RM45.90/500g RM78.90/1kg

shell seafood (17)

The most unique seafood that we have on table for that night is Japanese Snails in Cajun Sensation + Butter Garlic + Lemon Pepper sensation (mild) 

shell seafood (18)

I must say that the snails are huge and Caroline and Eric is like yew.. don want eat can ah . .

shell seafood (19)

Still need to try at least once. See its, really a huge snail, and the texture is pretty unique that the head part is pretty chewy, centerpart is pretty soft and the tail is really really soft till like taufufa already. Dip with more sauce and you wont feel it. Its like eating some unagi experience for me la.

shell seafood (20)

Crab in Cajun Sensation + Butter Garlic + Lemon Pepper sensation (mild) @ market price.

shell seafood (21)

This is how messy it had turn into by the end of the meal. If you are looking for some new dining experience, do come by this shop and its pretty interesting. Of course you can mix and play with the sauces which is available then my own preference, I would recommend Butter Garlic for Prawns/ Crabs follow by Cajun Sensation + Butter Garlic + Lemon Pepper sensation (OMG lvl 3) .

shell seafood (22)

Since all of us are here, we conteng conteng on their panel also.:D

Its a seafood restaurant and do expect to pay a bit more for this. Please please do order beer. Pairs so well. Yummz!

Shell Out Seafood Restaurant
16-1, Jalan PJU 5/15,
Kota Damansara,
(you can park inside Sunway Giza and Walk out, as its directly the same row with the mamak at Public Bank, few shops further up)
Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu (11:30am~2:30pm) (6pm~10pm) 
Fri (11:30am~2:30pm) (5pm~11pm)
Sat (5pm~11pm) 
Sun (6pm~10pm)
Tel No: +603 – 7497 1137
Facebook: Shell Out

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