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Sho Kushiage is indeed one of a more popular eatery in Sunway Pyramid that offers affordable Japanese Tonkatsu meal or in another way known as Japanese Deep Fried Pork Cutlet.

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Offerings in here is slightly fusion.

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Upon seated, you will be served with sesame seeds and a roller along with 2 mini side dish. With the roller, it is actually for you to grin on the seeds in clock circular  motion. To determine how fine the sesame seeds will be on personal preference. I have grinned mine to very fine as to near powdery form.

Right after that, you add in their Pork Chop Sauce – special homemade sauce using onion, tomato, apple and carrot mixed with dozen of spices.

*Purpose of this is to dip in your fried pork cutlet and enjoy the full aromatic mix taste of it.

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As on the side cabbage were given, it is unlimited refill and top with 2 sauce on the table.

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Japanese Calpis Original is one of my favourite drink for a simple refreshing drink to start off with. @ RM 5.90

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One of the best seller is actually Mini Hot Pot @ RM 28.90 with Buta soup base with pork slices. Soup is mild and clear and after add all the ingredients in, it taste better. Love the pork slices that dip with my sesame tonkatsu sauce.

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Fusion Cone Roll California cones @ RM 4.90 & Avocado Salmon Cones @ RM 5.50

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For simple starter, Goma Spinach would be recommended too. @ RM 5.90

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Crispy Mango Roll  @ RM  8.90

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Here comes the mains that we ordered, Daikon Pork Cutlet with Ponzu Sauce. Something to enhance the taste as it is where daikon with their ponzu sauce that gives you slight mild sourish taste that did just right by enhancing the taste of pork. @ RM 26.90

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Premium Pork Chop Cutlet is their signature as when we see the pork cut, we are in love with it. Cook to perfection where the pork is still soft, juicy and the fats at the top is just perfect! A simple sinful piece is a perfect piece. Dipping it with their tonkatsu sauce is just right. @ RM 32.90

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Premium Pork Chop Cutlet @ RM 32.90

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Another trendy dish is Cheesy Pork Chop Cutlet @ RM 26.90 – This is like pork gorden bleu except they are missing out a piece of ham. Love this too as a simple piece of pork stuff with cheeze that ooze out. Love the saltiness that combines with the pork.

***All the Pork set above serve with Free Flow Sheredded Vegetable, PIckels, Miso Soup & Steamed Rice

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Final dish is Pork Shogoyaki Rice @ RM 16.90. Pork slices that of nicely pan fried that you need to mix everything up in the rice to enjoy maximum taste of it. Would be a great simple bowl for lunch.


Sho Kushiage
LG2.28C – LG2.29, Lower Ground Two, Sunway Pyramid,
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway, 47500 Selangor.
Tel: 603-5613 6160
Fax: 603-5622 1770

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