On Monday which is Hari MAlaysia I was lucky enough to obtain a pair of ticket from Xpax to watch one of the most popular yet upcoming boyband from U.K at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach on 17 September 2012 . Before it happen, I saw in my FB timeline that some of my friend wanted to go so badly yet clash with some of their events. At first I do not know who they are until I youtube on them and click some of their songs only realise that is some of those famous track that been listening too over the radio.

the wanted (1)

One of the concert that Xpax is one of the main sponsor

the wanted (2)

Huge Crowd packing up the place. . as we are slightly early and right before we reach the main area, I already can hear fans screaming and dance track being played at that time.

the wanted (3)

As I reach the main area and guess who is this dynamic duo, is no stranger than our cool local  DJ Goldfish and Blink as they spin off their remix with latest track and make every one dance off the ground. . *puts your hands up put your hands up!

the wanted (4)

Before The Wanted came out, Special guess appearance Kyle Patrick performed several songs that I am surpise to see most of the fans here know his songs too.

picture by tianchad

the wanted (5)

When Kylie finish his last track, all fans cheer for him and the fans start to hype up the area by chanting — The Wanted, The Wanted. . to encourage them to hit out.

the wanted (6)

After quite along wait – finally they came out as the Wanted 5 –  Max George, Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran that made the crowd gone crazy. I can hear those young girls behind me keep shouting, . . I love you guys, OMG! I want to go up and sing with you guys. The WAnted !!!!

the wanted (7)

Guess what makes the crowd even more crazy is when they announce that 5 lucky crowd will be going up to the stage.

These 5 lucky girls are in their dreamland as they were so happy, hug their idol, sing and dance along with them


of course I must show my support to those girls up there too . .*omg they got a chance too . .

The Wanted perform these songs for their MAlaysia Tour 2012

Lose my Mind
Heart Vacancy
Coldplay Medley
Say It on the Radio
Gold Forever
Chasing The Sun
All Time Low
I found you
Glad You Came


Saw Jayren too.. (photo credit to him)

AS the concert finishes and besides I know few of their famous track Chasing The Sun and Glad You Came , and left with knowing more of their songs. I felt so young again that night, along with 80% of the crowd age 18-20 years old. (sound so old like that me) :p

It has been quite a while since I last heard this term Boyband, was more like back into high school days, Boyband was a big hit, Boyzone, Backstreetboys and many more. Well, boyband had made it come back again with one of Britain’s biggest and most brilliant pop band, The Wanted that I am sure many of you would hear one of their familiar songs that often played over radio or even clubs with one of their latest single “Chasing The Sun”. Not only that, it even topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart also became a massive hit that made them number 1 in the UK and number 3 in the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Hot on the heels of their huge summer smash ‘Chasing The Sun’, and numerous dance floor hits like ‘All Time Low’, ‘Lose My Mind’, ‘Gold Forever’, ‘Lightning’ and ‘Glad You Came’, there’s simply no stopping the band! The Wanted have found record-breaking success at every turn, garnering over 50 million YouTube views, touring with Justin Bieber, performing at countless sold-out arenas and tremendous breakthrough success in USA.

Guess what? With their popularity widely spread across parts of the world, they surely have made Kuala Lumpur one of their stop onThe Wanted World Tour’ and it will be their first full-length concert in the country! One of they venue that will make it party rock hard will be at one of my favourite venue, Surf Beach – Sunway Lagoon, at 17th September that is organize by JS Concerts.

If you are a Xpax Member, then you would enjoy Xpax zone right in front of the stage with early bird pricing if you purchase it early.

I have been mentioning them and who are they actually. The Wanted is made up of 5 UK lads namely Max George, Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran and was formed back in 2009. They tasted early success when their debut album peaked at number 4 in the UK album charts and their debut single “All Time Low” even snagged the number 1 spot in the UK.

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