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During the first part of Sex and the City, I never thought that the movie would be so good till I watch it twice, I just love the style of the whole movie flow with all those successful ladies portraying fashion style, dine and enjoy. Mr. Big was one of my favorite characters in the movie. It was not until the announcement of the exciting deal at Milan and San Francisco in mid-Feb, the partnership between SKYY Vodka and the second edition of the Sex and the City film reached another city.

The fans of the much anticipated movie in Malaysia also joined in celebration during the launch of the limited edition of SKYY Vodka at the swanky Sultan Lounge in Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on May 26.


The celebrated fashion icon and Sex and the City 2 costume designer Patricia Field is the key figure in heightening the appeal for the brand’s international campaigns.

Besides serving as the spokesperson, she has been offering her designing talents to elevate the elements linked with the film directed by Michael Patrick King with the familiar foursome cast of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon.

In the first ever cobalt blue SKYY bottle’s iconic change, Field added the movie theme design on the limited-edition of SKYY Vodka Sex and the City 2 bottle.

The new illustrated bottle will be available at retailers around the world in May.

Field said: “Most stylish moments of Sex and the City were about the ladies dressed up bonding over fun cocktails out in Manhattan. SKYY Vodka has always been a brand with style. So, I was thrilled to create something special that celebrates those special ‘cocktail couture’ moments that truly are the essence of SKYY and Sex and the City.”

With Sultan Lounge was one of the chosen venue, I was looking forward for the day to come as I have wanted to come to this lounge for quite sometime, just that plans always failed on the very last  minute. Sultan Lounge is one of agreat place to hang out with their classy interior with modern swanky lights.

sex n city

sex n city (3)

Me trying hard to look unique in this board. . .

sex n city (4)

Me and Ester

sex n city (5)

sex n city (6)

Impress by walking through the unique pathway that looks like a 3D waterfall with a video shooting on the wall of it.

sex n city (7)

After walk through the fake waterfall, I fall in love with this longue with its modern hip, posh interior with a disco ball to pull out good ambiance.

sex n city (8)

In their VIP area, coverd with leather cushion comes with a few leather pillow and a wooden table with a light beeming out on the edge.

sex n city (9)

DJ deck area is cool that shape like a cloud to me..

sex n city (10)

Skyy Vodka ice sculpture logo.

sex n city (11)

and there are free flow of drinks for the night with special menu cocktail that inspire by the movie.

sex n city (12)

Glamour Girl – Carrie

sex n city (13)

Fabulous Flirt – Samantha

sex n city (14)


One of a unique combination of cocktail that I tried for the first time that, Vodka mix with 7-up then with some wine. Taste smooth, gassy yet good~

sex n city (15)

Pretty Princess – Charlotte

sex n city (16)

Busy Beauty – Miranda

sex n city (17)

sex n city (18)

and some finger food for the night.

sex n city (19)

Do you know that we must not drink with empty stomach? It will make us KO very fast, so eat some finger food to tahan for the night.

sex n city (36)

The event was officiate by the one of a simply gorgeous,  Stephanie Chai.

sex n city (37)


With sexy ladies that portraying the four main characters in the movie, Miranda, Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte with the limited edition Sex in the City 2 bottles. 


Follow by the short movie preview and brand of Skyy Vodka.

Back in those years when I was studying, I was expose to Vodka with the very classic type which is Absolute Vodka with my very very first shot of that night had make me phobia of drinking it again. Since then, they had an improve range of Absolute Vodka – Pears, Blackcurrant, Vanilla, Mandarin, Citron and started to like that range with certain mixture, it surely pull up the kick on it.

Not until recently, Sidney tag me along to this brand new launching of Vodka at Changkat Bukit Bintang which I get the opportunity to expose myself to this brand new taste of it. Actually, it is not a stranger to me as I have seen the bottle on the market but never tried it before and since there is an opportunity come with this alcohol range, of course I am interested. This area had since gain its name to local and internationally which to me had transform to something more like Bangsar in town area.

I did not manage to capture the bottle so I have to loan a picture the net. Tonight, there wont be a big happy family around, but I am gladly to present you 3 sexy, slender chics to you with exquisite succulent fruit taste.

‘Skyy Infusion Raspberry’, ‘Skyy Infusion Lemon’ and last but not least ‘Sky Infusion Passion Fruit’ Their new range is to create for those desire fruit would be one of their ideal choices with their classic bottle design and make over to skinnier, taller overall, with a taller neck to suit the current contemporary lifestyle.

Twenty One Kitchen and Bar was being the selected place to host this wonderful launching, as I previously tried to arrange a birthday dinner here with nice, dim interior yet simple and classy look that gives you a relaxing feel that’s being my selected restaurant here besides that, I love their house music playing on the next level.

As we proceed to the next level on the event floor, you will be warmly welcome by this two great representative for Skyy Vodka.

We were there early, and it that was not many people on that time. As the time past, the people just filled up the place like minutes.As most of the people are attacking on the free flow of vodka serving and mingling around to widen their networks.

I consider this as their VIP area filled sofa’s and pillow which make up a great area to have birthday partie.
DJ spin deck area.
Of course must take picture with them la~ if not feel guilty. :p
Then I walked around to scout for my very first glass of Vodka till I came across this. Fresh passion fruit that infuse with vodka in it, a great way of combination that with the sour’ness of the passion fruit and the strong taste of passion fruit vodka had make it a perfect combination to eat it.

With their Skyy Vodka range this are the flavors that I manage to kidnap from the waiter. ‘Citrus in Lime’(if not mistaken), ‘Citrus in Orange’ and ‘Raspberry with Ice and crush fresh raspberry’. Every mixer distinguishes its unique in the flavor and Orange and Raspberry is my preferred choice.
The very next round, I saw a waiter brought a bunch of these serve to one of the table outside and I also do request for it. Looks nice and something which I don see around in the bar. A shot of Vodka with Raspberry, Lemon and Passion Fruit and my favorite among those 3 are Raspberry.

As the night proceeding where there is more people had filled up the place, the emcee had do some talking and presenting the range of Skyy Vodka and the best part is there is lucky draw and its not one, its many. Sidney was being one of the lucky winners. Then there are a few performances that arrange by them. One of it are:

I was standing way back when this guy was doing performance with its magic trick and if I do not remember wrongly this guy is one of the best magician in Asia. He was walking around to show us his magic trick. Some were impress, some were guessing what’s his illusion trick and some weren’t impress as they were busy talking. I were impress.

He showed us his empty hand and then make into fist and shoved the cloth in it.

He asked you to look carefully as he showed you his empty hand again. The next thing we know he starts to pull the cloth from the mouth. Yeng. I ask him what is his trick he said, this is magic…speechless. . . . . !
Next trick he is going to be one of the character in X-men. His flame hand trick.

It was a great night with me enjoying the shots and meeting new people there. Used to wonder when I can attend this kind of event and here am I which thanks to Sidney for tagging me along to this first alcohol experience and I had put this vodka range into my drinking list of course you have to ask the bar tender to recommend which is the best mixer to go with, from there you will be amaze how the taste will be.

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