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Little did I actually know that, there is a hidden outlet in SS2 where by it is totally out of sight where the outlet can be seen outside if you look up and the door is hidden at the alley side to head up into the restaurant.

Smoking Hog is another porkie outlet in SS2 that is consider a hidden gem in the area. Tug in this bustling hawker, pasar malam and some cafe, there is this cozy restaurant that located in level 2 opposite McDonald that blow you away.

Smoking Hog (4)

As the lift door opens, I am totally surprise as it feels that I have just walk into another dimension. With a huge sign – Smoking Hog and a little friendly pet welcome you which is a little piggy that sits at the floor welcoming you.

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Smoking Hog (9)

The restaurant is specially build to the owners design with mezzanine floor and as upon walking up the stairs, you will be greeted by huge customize art painting.

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Smoking Hog (7)

Upstairs gives you the feeling its more for private function, as filled with different types of sofa and upon walking out to the balcony you will be greeted with their special customize smoked bbq pit on the left that you can definitely host a private party here. .

Smoking Hog (5)

Smoking Hog (6)

and overlook at SS2 ..

Smoking Hog (8)

back to the dining area, love how they play with its huge candle chandelier that is being melted with tons of candle to make its effect at the cooking bar area. .

Smoking Hog (10)

Smoking Hog (11)

Dining area is definitely very cozy as they have a pretty huge long table and at the side is filled with 2 comfy sofa for simple catch up with friends at both corner.

Smoking Hog (12)

Smoking Hog (13)

Love their alcohol range as the carry series of unique beer, with well know Japanese Whisky and food menu is pretty decent and food price, some of you might find it a bit steep.

Smoking Hog (14)

Smoking Hog (15)

Instead of fries, this one the cleverly replace it with their own version, SH. Salt & Peper Pork Finger @ RM 27. Serve with pretty generous services of pork fingers and comes in two slab. Fried to golden brown and its a must to dip with their special sauce.

Smoking Hog (16)

Caesar Salad @ RM 23 that serve with runny egg yolk.

Smoking Hog (17)

This would not be your typical type of salad as the house special salad known as Bacon with Takoyaki & KBO Salad @ RM 34, serve with their special salad sauce, with little surprise of kimchi, and takoyaki which is wrap with bacon and baby octopus at the top.

Smoking Hog (18)

One of their house signature starter is SH Signature Bacones @ RM 32.

Smoking Hog (19)

Wrap with 3 long roll of bacon, follow by deep fried then top with their house special ingredient. First few bites definitely is tasty and highly advisable to share with friends of 4.

Smoking Hog (20)

Not your typical burger as this is their Grilled Pig’s Tongue Burger. Love how they way they cook the tongue, texture is very soft and pork patty is just nice. @ RM 32

Smoking Hog (21)

When the name of the dish is called Egg Bomb @ RM 15, surely in the filling there is something to surprise you and not only that. I am impress with the platting too.

Smoking Hog (22)

When you cut it open, you will be greeted with runny egg yolk after it had deep fried and stuff with generous ingredients. Love the technique and how they preserve the egg yolk and this is one of my favorite dish. The base dip is something that you must pair with!

Smoking Hog (23)

If you love to test your palate, then Shishamo & Fruit Salad is something you can try as it taste on your acidity, fruitiness and saltiness.@ RM 28

Smoking Hog (24)

When comes to mains, this is one of my highly recommended dish as Baked Rice Cake Lasagna @ RM 25

Smoking Hog (25)

Not your ordinary lasagna as it is infuse with fusion version. The base of the thin layer is serve with rice hakka rice cake which is thinly slice and filled with generous amount of cheeze and pork. Flavor is well balance as the sweetness of tomato and saltiness of cheezy end is there.

Smoking Hog (26)

To be more adventurous, one of their best seller is  CW Berries Ku Ru Yok @ RM 39 is something to die for.

Smoking Hog (27)

It might looks weird to you but the taste will amaze you as its something new that you rarely discover as strawberry with pork belly? Trust me, the well balance taste is there and proper way to eat it is by slicing the man tau into half, then take a slab of super soft pork belly, add on bean sprout, onion and strawberry.

Smoking Hog (28)

It will be slightly messy but oh well, try it then you tell me. Might be a love and hate relationship but I am loving it.

Smoking Hog (29)

Have you seen a dish is being presented in this unique version where the smell of the dish deeply triggers your senses whereby even dinners next to us stand up and look at us, what is this special dish is about. D.Smoduck Fettucini Carbonara @ RM 39

Smoking Hog (30)

Jeng Jeng Jeng, serve in their house special smokey recipe and upon open the food cloches, there is where the smoked aroma is flying around.

Smoking Hog (31)

In love with this smoked fettuccine as I have never tried this version before. Smokiness of it sip into the fettuccine, as it is slightly creamy and its cooked to al dante and when runny yolk is poked thru, makes the taste even better.

Smoking Hog (32)

SH Speghettie Bolognese @ RM 35

Smoking Hog (33)

Bacon Matriciana @ RM 31

Smoking Hog (34)

It is not easy to find nice Tagliatelle and here is one of the place to hunt for. Spicy L & Seafood Tagliatelle @ RM 41

Love all the 4 different types of spaghetti as it brings different taste, texture and have their own character.

Smoking Hog (35)

At the end, do consider something to share which is their special Bacon & Egg ICe Cream @ RM 10. Some of you might scratch head, is that edible and I can assure you it taste awesome, as serve with 2 fried slices of bacon and in the ice cream is filled with finely chopped bacon from fried to fresh. Very aromatic and surely you could not eat it alot. It will turns out too much for you. A few bites is good enough.

When I am too stuff with the food up there, I could not deny to have this awesome, strong rum ice cream by myself. Just could not resist it! Havana Rum & Raisin Ice Cream @ RM 16. One of the reason I had this by myself, as their ice-cream is done by themselves.

If you are adventurous enough, Smoking Hog is definitely one of the place that will create curiosity, nice platting and a place to bring your palate to another level. Set back is that you might have to slightly dig deeper into your pocket.



The Smoking Hog
3rd Floor (above Professor
21 Jalan SS2/64
Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-7865-9239

Closed on Mondays

Operation hours:
Tues, Wed & Thurs: 12.00pm – 11.00pm
Friday: 12.00pm – 1.00am
Saturday: 9.00am – 1.00am
Sunday: 9.00am – 11.00pm

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